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City of Benicia makes Tinfow appointment official plus salary figures

Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Compensation for the position was determined by a compensation survey. Her fringe benefits are similar to those of the City’s senior managers. Ms. Tinfow’s compensation includes:

1. Base salary of $226,788/year;
2. A 2.75% increase on July 1, 2017 which is consistent with what some of the City’s employee groups will receive;
3. A 4% contribution to a 401a Deferred Compensation Program;
4. CalPERS retirement as a second tier “Classic” member in the 2 percent at 60 Plan. The City will pay the Employer contributions but she will pay the full Employee contributions (7%);
5. Sick leave will accrue at the rate of 8 hours per month; and may be cashed out in some circumstances;
6. 12 paid holidays;
7. 2 personal paid days;
8. 80 hours of vacation plus accrual of vacation at the rate of 13.3 hours per month. This may be cashed out in some circumstances;
9. 16 days of administrative leave some of which may be put into a 457 deferred compensation plan;
10.Health insurance like the senior managers receive;
11.$300,000 of life insurance; and
12.Dues and training as appropriate.

No housing allowance is being provided to Ms. Tinfow. It is not anticipated that she will move to Benicia.

Ms. Tinfow’s first date of employment is anticipated to be April 17.


Man Falls of Manor Cliff Friday Night, Fire Crews Respond

Saturday Jan 28, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Fire crews appear to be responding right by the 300 block Esplanade Sinkhole,

PACIFICA (KRON) — A search is underway in Pacifica for a person who fell off a cliff and into the ocean.

The search is happening in the area of Monterey Road and Manor Drive.

Police said the man who fell called 911.

KRON4: VIDEO: Crews rescuing person who fell off Pacifica cliff into ocean

Congresswoman Speier Announces Funding for Four Month Beach Blvd, Esplanade, and Milagra Outfall Studies:

Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

Congresswoman Jackie Speier announced this afternoon that the Army Corps of Engineers would be performing four month Federal Interest Termination Studies on Beach Blvd, Esplanade Ave & Milagra Outfall.

The three projects were funded for up to $150,000 total after which they would be considered as possible candidates for a full blown federal interest study including CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEQA (Natl Environmental Quality Act).

Should the city be approved for either of these three projects by the Army Corps of Engineers, the federal government would fund 65% of the cost and the City of Pacifica would have to fund 35% of the project, which would likely be through state or county grants.

Public Works and HMC Install 2000 Gallon Diesel Tank at Linda Mar Pump Station

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017

Public Works and HMC installed a 2000 gallon diesel storage tank at the Linda Mar pump station this morning.

Additional capacity allows the diesel engined storm sewer pump and compressors to run for longer periods of time, should storm events temporarily cut off fuel.

SF to put $350M Seawall Bond on 2018 Ballot, Budgets $10M to Study Best Upgrades`

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017

"San Francisco voters will be asked to allow $350 million to be spent on a first round of improvements for the city’s crucial but fragile Embarcadero seawall, officials said Monday.

That’s not nearly enough to strengthen the entire century-old structure, which runs from Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Creek and protects such areas as the Financial District from bay tides. But it would be an enormous boost for a project that eventually could cost anywhere from $2 billion to $5 billion.

Placing a $350 million bond for seawall upgrades on the 2018 ballot is included in the latest version of the city’s 10-year capital plan, which is updated on an annual basis. Such a bond would be the first large financial commitment to the effort, which is now in the early stages of planning.

“It’s a huge commitment (by Mayor Ed Lee’s administration) to put a bond like this on the schedule, and to do it so early,” said Elaine Forbes, director of the Port of San Francisco. “It will be our job to make the case to voters that this is an urgent need.”

A study done for the port last year found that a major earthquake could cause the seawall, constructed over decades of rock and concrete, to lurch and sag. Such movement would damage or devastate buildings along the Embarcadero as well as the utility lines below.

Since the study was released, City Hall has budgeted $10 million to begin detailed studies of how the seawall might best be upgraded and to find the vulnerable sections that might first need repairs. The studies will also look at whether the project should include making the seawall higher — a proactive but expensive response to projections that the bay’s average tides could climb more than 5 feet in the coming century."

SFGATE: $350 million bond would start process of fixing SF’s seawall

Rite-Aid Transitioning to Walgreens at LInda Mar Shopping Center in next 60 days

Wednesday Jan 04, 2017

Walgreens bought Rite Aid in a $17B deal early last year, and the Linda Mar Rite Aid will allegedly become a Walgreens sometime in the next 60 days.

Walgreens will likely offer a more contemporary product mix and some light healthcare services.

Cliffhanger 4: City Council to Approve $218,650 from Excess ERAF Fund #30 To Destroy 310 Esplanade

Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

On Wednesday the City is expected to formally approve payment to demolish 310 Esplanade almost a year after it was yellow tagged.

Four competitive bids were taken, and SV Demolition is likely to be awarded the contract.

AGENDA: City Council Meeting Weds Jan 04 2017

Get Goya the Whippet!!!

Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

UPDATE: Goya was found deceased on Sharp Park Beach within 48 hours of this posting.

Goya's owner thanks those who searched.
Goya the Whippet is a beloved neighborhood pet whose family won't rest until they get her back.

Contact them if you see Goya and they'll send the blue team for an extraction.

Esplanade Beach Trail's Switchback Sinkhole from Drone

Sunday Dec 18, 2016

52% of Mountain Lions Killed by Fish & Wildlife Livestock Loss Permits Had Cats or Dogs in their Stomachs

Sunday Dec 18, 2016

Outdoor writer Tom Stienstra is one of the reasons we read the SF Chronicle.
This week he mentioned coyote attacks on cats, and the statistic that "This year, the Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a report to the Fish and Game Commission that detailed the contents of the stomachs of 83 mountain lions killed with special depredation permits last year. The findings:

•52 percent had domestic animals — that is, cats or dogs — in their stomachs.

•18 percent had contents that were unidentifiable.

•9 percent had empty stomachs.

•5 percent had deer in their stomachs. "

Drilling down into the Fish & Wildlife statistics, San Mateo County had a record ten mountain lion permits issued in 2015, of which only three were killed. The next highest number of permits issued in a single year was 2 in 2013 & 2014, though there was a decade (2000-2010 when none were killed).

Some unique characteristics about this survey are that multiple permits per year and over several years may be issued with the goal of eradicating a single animal.

SFGATE: Night-vision camera catches coyote stalking house cat

FISH & WILDLIFE: Special Depredation Permits in San Mateo County

Cliffhanger 4! City Announces 310 Esplanade Ave to be demolished!

Thursday Dec 15, 2016

"PACIFICA — City officials announced Thursday evening they need to demolish a privately owned apartment complex that sits atop a retreating cliff on the northern end of Pacifica.

The building at 310 Esplanade Ave. was evacuated last winter because of coastal erosion. The city claims the owner of the building has neglected it since then.

Two apartment buildings directly south of 310 Esplanade were demolished in February and March."

MERCURY NEWS: Pacifica to demolish another clifftop building

MEETING re:2.1M Gal Sewage Tank at Community Center Thurs Dec 15 6:30-8:00pm

Tuesday Dec 13, 2016

THURS: Dec 15 6:30PM - 8:00PM
The City of Pacifica will hold a "Notice of intent to adopt a mitigated negative declaration for the City of Pacifica wet weather equalization basin project" meeting on:

PLANNING: Equalizatoin Basin Comment Period Dec 8 2016 - Jan 13 2017

OP-ED: Victor Carmichael on Fish & Bowl Development Decision at City Council Dec 12 2016 7pm

Thursday Dec 08, 2016


"Some areas of Pacifica are special yet always remain vulnerable to encroaching sprawl. Two of these are the Quarry and the Fish and Bowl. The defeat of Measure W kept the Quarry open space for now. Extraordinary efforts are required by the citizenry to keep the ambiance and allure of Pacifica intact. Property near the coast that is privately owned but is still open space is that way for a good reason. It usually contains environmentally sensitive features.

Proposed projects in these areas are inevitably presented in “greenest” of terms almost like the developers are doing the community a favor. And sometimes the first intrusion seems innocuous enough. This was the case with 2015 proposal by the developers Blackman/O'Connell for a tract in the Fish and Bowl area - four small studio apartments with earthen roofs nestled below the welcoming arms of large Monterey Cypress trees. The original proposal was indeed alluring. Four elevated studio apartments would be surrounded on all sides by open space - the yet-to-be-developed Fish parcels to the west, the undeveloped Bowl parcel directly to the north and never to be developed Caltrans right-of-way to the south. And to the west side of the units there would be a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean framed by protected sand dunes. What's not to like? The Planning Commission and eventually the City Council both approved it unanimously.

Of course there are always soreheads who oppose such things -- especially here in Pacifica. In this case a small neighborhood group, the Committee to Save the Fish and Bowl 2.0, saw things differently. They noted first of all that the ½acre parcel the units were to be built on was surrounded by seasonal wetlands. In fact back in 2003 the California Coastal Commission repealed the City of Pacifica issued CDP (Coastal Development Permit) on a 43-unit development in the adjacent 5.8-acre Bowl parcel mainly due to wetland proximity issues. This was a controversial and hard-fought battle on both sides with the developer, North Pacifica LLC, eventually suing every government entity in sight including the City of Pacifica and the Coastal Commission. None of the litigation was successful.

The proposed four studio units faced the same problem that the earlier project had. They were within the standard 100 ft. buffer zone (required by California Coastal Commission) of at least two known wetland areas. And in fact a third wetland area was later identified almost on the property itself, on the adjacent City owned Palmetto Avenue right-of-way.

Another factor also made it made it less than ideal. The head of a precipitous ravine on the ocean side of Palmetto Avenue is now but a few feet from the pavement (and the next ravine up, less than 300 yards north, has already reached the pavement of Westline Drive). Were some future meteorological event like an especially severe El Nino season or a stack of back-toback winter storms to occur, heavy rainfall could cause a collapse at the head of that ravine. The arterial Palmetto Avenue would suddenly be severed. The logical alternative route runs right through where the new project is proposed to go.

Aside from environmental concerns, anything built there would essentially open the door for further development of the entire area (which has miraculously survived the 50 years of intense suburbanization). It is the last remaining greenbelt in that end of town. Of course that argument holds no water against sacrosanct private property rights. Moreover the City claims that due to the small number of units involved it is categorically exempt from the CEQA process. This despite factors that should allow for an exception. Thus an EIR irrespective of the environmental issues that exist can even be considered.

For these reasons and others appeals were lodged with the Coastal Commission in June of 2015. And in July 2015 the Coastal Commission staff agreed that 'substantial issues' did indeed exist and issued a recommendation for a de novo review. After much rumination by the Coastal Commission (and meetings with the developer), they decided to allow the project. Another staff report was issued in March of this year. At the regular monthly meeting in Santa Rosa on April 13 the Coastal Commission formally approved their staff's recommendations. But instead of holding the developer to the standard 100' wetland buffer zone that the 2003 project was held to, the Coastal Commission reduced the buffer zone to 50'. This forced a major (and significantly less appealing) redesign of the project. A three-story (somewhat ordinary looking) apartment building would be crammed into the north most part of the property instead of the four smalls studio units. This would allow for 50' buffers for all surrounding wetlands including the large one to the north. The danger of the ravine affecting Palmetto Avenue was deemed as only a “low to moderate risk” and thus acceptable.

This unfortunate redesign did not sit well with Planning Commission when it was unveiled at their September 6, 2016 meeting with one commissioner calling it “a monstrosity. After much lamenting (and regret that the Coastal Commission had been called in) the Planning Commission voted to continue the issue until its late October meeting and requested the developer come up with a redesign. They suggested reduced height and bulk and smaller units. But at the October 17 Planning Commission meeting, the developer defiantly rejected the Planning Commission's suggestions and did none of the things suggested. They simply resubmitted their original three-story 3,169-square-foot plan. With minimal discussion and accepting the developer's claim that the constraints involved precluded any redesign, the Commissioners unanimously approved it. An appeal was filed and will be heard before the City Council at its next meeting.

If you possibly can, please attend the meeting and tell the Council you support the appeal and oppose approval of the project
– Monday, December 12 at 7 p.m., Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd. "

Pacifica Chamber CEO Vickie Flores Sets Record Straight on Mark Sturm Arrest

Friday Nov 18, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the update @Vickie_Flores & Riptide

"Mark Christopher Sturm was not, and has not served as, the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce accountant. Jolane Luhrs is the accountant for the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and has been for a number of years. Mark is a chamber member whose membership will be revoked if he is found guilty of these charges. The recent postings about Mark Strurm being the accountant for the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce are completely inaccurate and false. "

RIPTIDE: Pacifica Accountant Charged with Embezzlement

Pacifica Accountant Mark Sturm Arrested for Embezzlement from Zorba's Pizza Chain

Monday Nov 14, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Suspects are innocent until proven gulty. Victim was allegedly Zorba's Pizza chain.
"An accountant from Pacifica has been arrested after allegedly embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from a Peninsula restaurateur... Mark Christopher Sturm, the founder of Mark Sturm MBA Inc. in Half Moon Bay, was arrested Thursday at his business...

The case came to light after the restaurateur, who hired Sturm to provide accounting, payroll and tax service for three restaurants, discovered discrepancies in bank accounts, sheriff's officials said.

An audit determined Sturm had allegedly embezzled more than $55,000 from the accounts and did not pay required federal and state payroll taxes totaling more than $60,000, sheriff's officials said."

NBC: Pacifica Accountant Arrested on Suspicion of Embezzlement

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Mark Sturm profile

POLICE: Mountain Lion at 900 Alta Vista 3:45pm Sun 11/13/16

Sunday Nov 13, 2016

"On Sunday, November 13 at approximately 3:45 p.m., a Pacifican observed a mountain lion in a backyard in the 900 block of Alta Vista. The animal did not appear injured, was not aggressive, and ran away shortly afterward. Pacifica police responded to the area but did not locate the animal."

POLICE: Mountain Lion at 900 Alta Vista 3:45pm Sun 11/13/16

ELECTION 2016: Library, Quarry Fail, Vaterlaus & Martin Prevail!

Saturday Nov 12, 2016

Pacifica's $58M Measure N Library Tax fell 13% short of the required vote on Saturday despite no formal opposition.

The Measure W Pacifica Quarry ballot initiative fell by 28% with strong formal opposition.

Finally Sue Vaterlaus and Deirdre Martin emerged victorious in the Pacifica City Council race.

Pacifica suffered long lines for voters in several locations resulting in paper ballots being handed out at several polling locations causing an initial county backlog of counted votes.

City of Pacifica Issues Final Comments on Mary Ann Nihart Quitting Race for City Council

Saturday Nov 05, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The City Attorney has been pretty clear, Mary Ann Nihart has resigned and will relinquish her office.

"2. How will the vote be interpreted when the ballots are counted?

a. Councilmember Nihart's name will still appear on the ballot. If Councilmember Nihart is elected, her letter to the City Clerk effectively operates as a letter of intent to relinquish her office as of the end of her current term of office..."

CITY OF PACIFICA: Answers to Questions about Council member Nihart's Withdrawal from the Election

PRESS RELEASE: Statement from Deirdre Martin’s Campaign on the Hatch Act Situation

Friday Nov 04, 2016

"Statement from Deirdre Martin’s Campaign on the Hatch Act Situation

Deirdre Martin and her campaign are united in our belief that it is unfortunate that Mary Ann Nihart was disqualified from the city council election on the basis of the Hatch Act. Mary Ann Nihart works for the Veteran’s Administration and as a Federal Employee is not allowed to run in a partisan race. Local city council races only become partisan when candidates are endorsed by a party.

It has been a long standing tradition in Pacifica for candidates to be endorsed by parties. Mary Ann Nihart herself was endorsed by the Democratic Party when she ran in 2008. At that time she was not a federal employee, so there was no issue. Sue Digre was endorsed by the party in 2012.

With this election cycle, Mary Ann Nihart received many high profile endorsements. Deirdre Martin was also interested in having high profile endorsements, and she sought and received them from the Sierra Club as well as from the San Mateo County Democratic Party.

Mary Ann Nihart has known for years that this was an issue. Recently we learned that in the 2012 election, Mary Ann Nihart asked other candidates to not pursue the Democratic Party endorsement. This time, for reasons unknown to us, she did not do that. Mary Ann Nihart did not contact us and never asked us to not pursue the endorsement, nor were we even remotely aware of any Hatch Act implications related to Mary Ann Nihart's employment.

Deirdre Martin’s campaign first heard that there was an issue with the Hatch Act after our mailers, which included the Democratic Party endorsement, were printed and in the mail. At that time Mary Ann Nihart said to Deirdre Martin that this situation had nothing to do with her, and that we should continue to campaign, as this situation should not be our concern.

It is very disappointing that some people have chosen to blame Deirdre Martin for this situation, and that Mary Ann Nihart herself has not chosen to distance herself from those accusations. We have run a civil, collegial, and positive campaign from the outset and will continue to do so.

Cynthia Kaufman, Deirdre for Council Campaign Manager"

PRESS RELEASE: Statement from Deirdre Martin’s Campaign on the Hatch Act Situation

ASKED AND ANSWERED: Will Votes for Mary Ann Nihart Count?

Tuesday Nov 01, 2016

Pick up our local paper the Pacifica Tribune for the front page article "Nihart resigns from City Council race".

City Clerk Kathy O'Connell said this: "If Mary Ann Nihart is elected, Councilmember Nihart's letter to the City Clerk effectively operates as a letter of resignation or intent to relinquish her office as of the end of her current term of office.

If Nihart is re-elected, the city would follow its normal vacancy-filling process, she said. "The City Council could fill the vacancy either by appointment or by calling a special election," said O'Connell."


Saturday Oct 29, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We thank this council member for their service.

"Pacifica, CA: Today, Mary Ann Nihart, current Pacifica City Council member and candidate for reelection, announced that she is withdrawing from the 2016 City Council race in order to avoid a violation of the federal Hatch Act....However, early in October, an anonymous complaint was filed against my candidacy and further evaluation of the Pacifica City Council race resulted in my receipt of a “cure” letter. In this letter, Ana Galindo Marrone, Chief of the Hatch Act Unit, Office of Special Counsel...Accordingly, this letter serves as notice that OSC has reasonable grounds to conclude that your current candidacy in the partisan election for Pacifica City Council is in violation of the Hatch Act...Throughout the past month and a half I have worked diligently to be able to remain in the Pacifica City Council race. I have received the support of many other elected officials throughout the County and in the State, but in the end I have been forced to make a very difficult and troubling choice. Effective immediately, I am withdrawing from consideration as a candidate for the Pacifica City Council."

BLOCKBUSTER: Council Candidate Mary Ann Nihart Withdraws 10/31/16

YOUTUBE: Nihart: "I am running, I haven't been told I'm not running...lot of interesting other facts, rumor, gossip."

Council Candidate Mary Ann Nihart's Website Goes Blank. Facebook Endorsements Gone.

Saturday Oct 29, 2016

We'll continue to let Council Candidate Mary Ann Nihart's own words speak for her, but last night we were alerted her campaign website had gone blank and her Facebook endorsements were gone.

Nihart has previously stated:
"..I have three choices as I see it: Drop out of the race all together, ...Stay in and potentially suffer the disciplinary judgement of the Merit System Protection Board for public employees going through a disciplinary hearing...Look for new employment "

CAMPAIGN: Mary Ann for Pacifica Campaign Website

FACEBOOK: Mary Ann Nihart, Pacifica City Council

City Council Candidate Bridget Duffy: "I Am Not a Realtor!"

Wednesday Oct 19, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: No candidate in recent years has dragged the City's dark money candidate financing into the open like Bridget Duffy did this year... a proponent of Renter's Rights, Duffy has fought the San Mateo County Association of Realtors up and down the County for the last year, and frequently calls out the tens of thousands of NAR dollars going to local candidates Mary Ann Nihart and Sue Vaterlaus.

"It should be noted that our current council majority, which includes an incumbent asking for reelection, are all backed by the National Association of Realtors, as is Sue Vaterlaus, another candidate running for council"..."The Quarry ballot initiative was attained through deception, coupled with large amounts of developer money, and is falsely being advertised as a conservation measure. "

TRIBUNE: Op-ed by Dan Stegink: Vote No on Measure "N"-- it's the wrong library in the wrong place!

Thursday Oct 06, 2016

Thanks to all our users and the Pacifica Tribune for making our "No on Measure N" article one of the most popular articles on for the third straight week!

"Vote No on Measure "N"-- it's the wrong library in the wrong place! Due to cost and location, Measure "N" is an especially bad deal for seniors, children, Linda Mar, Manor and Fairmont residents.

Sanchez Library serves nearly half of Pacifica's residents. The City's own evaluation shows that it can easily be renovated. It's "mostly accessible... qualifies as a Benchmark Building... is structurally Life-Safe, and in general good condition."

One consequence of Measure N is that our beloved Sanchez Library in Linda Mar would be permanently shut down, destroying convenient neighborhood libraries forever. The proceeds from selling Sanchez and Sharp Park libraries would not go towards paying off the bond. How would car-less kids, seniors and disabled get to a distant central library miles away with the our infrequent bus service? A roundtrip to the library on SAMTRANS at the wrong time could take three hours.

A large group of seniors opposed to Measure "N" called "Citizens United to Defeat the Library Tax" meets every Monday at 6pm at Casa Pacifica.

Measure N means $58 MILLION plus in more borrowing, principal and interest! Pacifica homeowners would pay an average of $3000 each. There's no exemption for seniors or fixed/low income. Measure N would make living in Pacifica even more expensive.

Fairmont residents, already neglected by the City, won't be driving miles out of their way to pick up a library book on Beach Blvd. The Daly City library is more convenient. Why construct an expensive library in harm's way? Remember this year's giant sinkholes and collapses on Beach Boulevard less than 500 feet away from the site of the proposed library? The California Coastal Commission wrote, "... It's not accurate to say that the library's been vetted as safe from flooding at this point, ...", and further denied that they had even evaluated the project for coastal hazards like flooding. We witnessed the future in last winter's storm damage. Government maps show the proposed library location vulnerable to coastal erosion and flooding. We taxpayers would have to spend tens of millions to protect it.

City Hall makes some ridiculous promises about the new library - private bathrooms for staff... it will be open until 11PM on weekends, and it will even lend fishing equipment! What they don't say is they are raising your taxes to build City Hall a new Council Chambers!

Each election, City Council tries to raise our taxes, and each election the voters say "NO." Instead of a library at the beach, let a private hotel assume the risks and costs of sea level rise and provide tax revenue for Pacifica. Locate libraries where people can easily access them. Vote No on Measure "N" -- it's the wrong library in the wrong place! "

TRIBUNE: Vote No on Measure N – it’s the wrong library in the wrong place

TRIBUNE: City Council race takes new twist... ISSUE FOCUSES ON NIHART'S RUN FOR OFFICE

Wednesday Oct 05, 2016

"City Council member Mary Ann Nihart expressed a feeling of being in limbo at the last City Council meeting.

As a federal employee, she would be unable to run in a partisan election under The Hatch Act. Pacifica has always held non-partisan elections. However with the endorsement of Deidre Martin by the San Mateo County Democratic Party, the City Council election could be deemed a partisan election.

Nihart wrote to Jeffrey Adair, the chair of the San Mateo County Democratic Party, to ask him to reconsider the endorsement of Martin. Adair replied that the executive board will take no further action. This leaves Nihart in an unsettled spot, not knowing if she will be able to continue her campaign for City Council. She brought it up at the latest City Council meeting.

"I have not done anything wrong but I have engaged an attorney who will speak for me," she said during the council member's open time to speak.

Nihart did not return a phone call seeking comment, nor has the Tribune been contacted by her attorney."


Coastal Commission to Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Home Park: Redo your Coastal Hazards Analysis

Monday Oct 03, 2016

UPDATE: After discussion, the Planning Commission continued this meeting until Dec 5 2016.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last year's sale of Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park was one of the most expensive per lot sales in US history.

By the time the Coastal Commission had rejected the City's arguments that the plan was exempt from the Coastal Plan, the vast majority of 93 units had been evicted or moved, significantly reducing Pacifica's affordable housing segment.

They're back with a redone application the Coastal Commission states is not adequate.

"...(Coastal) Commission staff has read the supplemental response from the applicants (received September 27, 2016) regarding the concerns raised in Commission staff’s August 29, 2016 letter (attached, and also included in the City’s staff report). In addition we read the City’s staff report for the proposed redevelopment project at Pacific Skies Estates. As stated in the staff report and in the supplemental response from the applicants, appropriate setbacks were not analyzed assuming the absence of the existing revetment, so appropriate setbacks may be underestimated (specifically, the current proposed setback of 35 feet).

Pacifica’s LCP cites and incorporates Coastal Act Section 30253 (see LUP page C-10) which requires that new development (as a redevelopment of this park would be) minimize risks to life and property in areas of high geologic hazards, such as this project site. Further, it requires that new development assure structural stability and integrity, not contribute to erosion, or require protective devices that substantially alter natural landforms. If the appropriate setback for the proposed redevelopment assumes the existing revetment remains in place, then it is relying on a shoreline protective device for safety and is likely inconsistent with Coastal Act Section 30253. Because appropriate setbacks may be underestimated given the requirements of the LCP and the Coastal Act, and because the likelihood of an appeal to the Commission on this project is high, Commission staff still has outstanding concerns as laid out in the August 29, 2016 letter and would advise the applicant to re-do their supplemental analysis, taking into account all of the concerns cited in our August 29, 2016 letter. "

PACIFIC SKIES ESTATES: Application with non-essential 1997 documents removed

YOUTUBE: Green Flash & Whales off Pacifica

Thursday Sep 29, 2016

Green Flash is an rare event when those at sea level. Looking out to the ocean horizon at Sundown or Sunup see an instantaneous Green Flash Frequently associated with Hawaiian sunsets, but Shelter Cove residents have seen seeing the momentary effect several times this month.



SDSU: What are Green Flashes?

NIHART SPEAKS: "I can't say much...I've engaged an attorney to represent me and that attorney at the appropriate time will speak for me"

Monday Sep 26, 2016

"I just wanted to make a clarification to the public because I feel like you deserve this because there's been so much.

I can't say much, but I can tell you the Hatch Act was designed to protect public employees. It was to protect them from undue influence by superiors, by Congress, by other people and one piece of that is the issue of employees of the federal government not running in partisan races.

As many of you know there have been people who have run and have been federal employees.

I can't talk about this particular situation because I have only one-- I haven't done anything in any way shape or form that is wrong, and in fact I have a confirmation email to that extent from the people that can make this decision.

It's not in the State of California, it has nothing to do with the election, and there is a set of things that I needed to take care of to manage this.

I've engaged an attorney to represent me and that attorney at the appropriate time will speak for me."

Pacifica says Goodbye to 80's Superbike Legend Gennady Liumbimsky

Saturday Sep 24, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: #1 Kenny Roberts stole all the glory, but to fans of 80's superbike shootouts Gennady Liumbimsky was Pacifica sports royalty. Rest in Peace.

"...A memorial was held today at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church in Pacifica, California for Gennady Liubimsky, a former racer who died about three weeks ago...

Liubimsky was pronounced dead after being pulled from the Russian River near Healdsburg, California on Monday, September 5th, according to a report on The Press Democrat website. Friends said that Liubimsky was 62 years old and lived in Pacifica.

Liubimsky raced with the AFM and other California clubs before competing in AMA Nationals. His AMA career included finishing third in the 1979 AMA 250cc Grand Prix Championship, behind Freddie Spencer and Eddie Lawson, with a best race finish of third at his home track, Sears Point Raceway (now known as Sonoma Raceway)..."

ROAD RACING WORLD: R.I.P. 1970s-1980s AMA 250cc GP, F1 And Superbike Racer Gennady Liubimsky

PRESS DEMOCRAT: Man pulled from Russian River identified

Time to say goodbye? Mary Ann Nihart States She May Drop Out of Pacifica City Council Race, Believes both her Computer and City of Pacifica Computers Were Hacked.

Wednesday Sep 21, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow Mary Ann Nihart's mea culpa letter reveals she is likely to drop out of the Pacifica City Council Race:
"...3. Finally, I have three choices as I see it:

Drop out of the race all together, effectively changing the council in Pacifica without an actual vote of the people.

Stay in and potentially suffer the disciplinary judgement of the Merit System Protection Board for public employees going through a disciplinary hearing which may result in actions up to loss of employment, retirement, etc.

Look for new employment at 62 not in public service

All of which seem extreme, but this is where we are.:"

"To the members of the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee Executive Board

I am writing to respectfully request reconsideration of solely the endorsement in the Pacifica City Council race and moving of the endorsement to a neutral stance. My deepest apologies for doing this, but after my telephone conversation with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel this morning, I feel it is my only and last resort.

Attached, you will find an opinion from the U.S. Special Counsel that is on point for endorsement by county political committees. This was previously sent to me in 2012 with an email response that I am having our IT department search for from our General Counsel and the Special Counsel. At that time, I had forwarded the email to then chair David Burrutto. It surprised everyone in 2012, but Karen and I both refused endorsement and I was able to continue. Now after eight years of service, both on the Pacifica City Council as well as county-wide positions including C/CAG chair for 2 plus years, ABAG and SMCTA, I am faced with some highly difficult decisions. In 2008, when I originally ran for office, I was not a Federal employee in the Executive Branch and I was endorsed by the Democratic Party. That situation changed in 2010. In 2012, I asked for an opinion from the Special Counsel and was clearly told that there was no bright line but that if anyone was endorsed by a political party that I could not run. The attached decision was what I was given in 2012. I worked with David at that time, shared the email with him, and as I mentioned both Karen and I did not accept the endorsement.

Here are the facts for me in 2016 which to no fault of the Central Committee created a perfect storm of errors:

1. The week of August 22nd my computer was hacked. Not only did my email account begin sending spoofing emails, but a virus was implanted that wormed its way through my hard drive and wiped out my computer to such as extent that I was forced to purchase a new computer. (Incidentally, our City Computers were hacked at the same time).

2. Since I lost most of the emails that week, I decided to check with Sue Vaterlaus who is also running in this race to see what emails had come in. She found labor and several others but did not find one from the Democrats and she knew I was particularly looking for it as I would have resent the information about my Federal employment, declining the interview and requesting consideration by the committee the facts of the Hatch Act in this case.

3. Also the week prior in August, I sent an email to the SMCDCC at to inform you of my situation as a Federal Employee, but of course that is lost in the hacking incident so there is no evidence to provide you. I could show the bills from trying to fix my computer and then buying a new one, but that is as close as it comes. I erroneously assumed that my email had been shared with the committee or that the email from 2012 had been shared. Looking back I see the error, but of course in the blur of these endorsement processes, working full time and actually doing all the meetings of a seated council member, I did not see the problem at the time. I should have actually called and double checked. Rather in a totally egocentric way, I assumed that the endorsement committee had gotten the message and that we (the Candidates in Pacifica were not being contacted because of my situation.) Obviously, the Committee can chose to endorse away, but since in this race it would effectively decide the race, I just dont think it occurred to me as a possibility.

4. I did participate in a forum sponsored by the Pacifica Coastside Democrats, but this was a non-partisan forum with no endorsements as most of the Pacifica Democrats know my situation. As such, it no different than any other forum for the public. I did ask about the endorsement process and whether it was going forward and no one seemed to know what the county was doing.

5. I am so sorry in retrospect that I did not call to check with a live person and receive confirmation of my email. Since as a federal employee, I can not be involved in party politics while in office, I also did not know, nor have I looked for any social media contacts other than the webpage. However, I do know that you have a phone number and I should have called.

6. Finally, none of this came to my attention until Mr. Adair posted the endorsements and I was called last Friday by fellow Councilmember, Karen Ervin, who was very concern. As you know word spreads quickly, I apologize for any calls you may have received. No one except Peter Menard, my campaign manager, should be speaking for me and he did not even know until today. I accept no responsibility for other calls and can only apologize.

What I am doing now:

1. The simplest and clearest path would be for the SMCDCC to decide to remain neutral on this election. I understand that on face value this may not seem fair to the candidate who went through the process. It is also not likely that this candidate herself will consider forgoing the endorsement since it pretty much assures a win for her in this case. But, indeed this would be the most assured choice for the public, which is why I am asking for the Executive Board to reconsider and vote to remain neutral in this race.

2. In the meantime, I am asking for a waiver or opinion from the U.S. Office of the Special Counsel that my pre-existing election before I became a Federal employee be considered and the totality of the evidence be evaluated. The likelihood of this happening is slim as well, but if money or slate cards are sent out by the county that would be further evidence of party involvement and I ask that slate cards or monetary expenditures be at least held for a few days while this gets sorted out. The outcome may still be that I have to drop out, but at least I would have a final opinion. While they are not known for speed, last time I had a response in a week.

3. Finally, I have three choices as I see it:

Drop out of the race all together, effectively changing the council in Pacifica without an actual vote of the people.

Stay in and potentially suffer the disciplinary judgement of the Merit System Protection Board for public employees going through a disciplinary hearing which may result in actions up to loss of employment, retirement, etc.

Look for new employment at 62 not in public service

All of which seem extreme, but this is where we are.

As a first step, I beg you as an executive board to consider the ramifications of this endorsement and vote to remain neutral in the Pacifica election. Thank you in advance for your reconsideration and I await your response.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Nihart Pacifica City Councilmember and 2016 Candidate for Re-election"

32 Gallon Trash Rates: Pacifica $33.82, El Granada $20.28 Montara $29.35, HMB $23.92

Thursday Sep 15, 2016

For those unaware, Pacifica's trash contract is up for review this year and is renewable with a single letter from City Hall.

"From Pacifica down to Half Moon Bay, four different Coastside districts have jurisdiction over negotiating waste hauling prices — meaning that residents who live only a few miles apart may be paying prices for trash hauling that vary by as much as 67 percent.

In Pacifica, it costs residents $33.82 to have a 32-gallon waste bin hauled from their curbside once a week. Within the Granada Community Services District, residents pay just $20.28 for the same service. And Montara residents pay $29.35, while those who live in Half Moon Bay currently pay $23.92. The discrepancies are of interest as the city of Half Moon Bay continues to research another waste contract for its residents"

HMB REVIEW: Coastside waste hauling rates rise, vary widely in area

World Championships for Dog Surfing Visits Linda Mar Beach

Saturday Sep 10, 2016

Jonny Dorman's dog, Brandy, competes in the World Championships for Dog Surfing at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, Calif., Saturday, Sept.10, 2016. The event brought together dog surfers to raise money for charity, and to bring home the gold. (Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group)

MERCURY NEWS: 1 Surf’s up for dogs in Pacifica

Ghost Rail: The Ocean Shore Railroad

Thursday Sep 08, 2016

"From as early as 1873, there had been talk of building a railroad from San Francisco down to the burgeoning resort town of Santa Cruz and beyond. But the coast was rocky and unstable, and a serviceable road linking these areas had not even been built until 1866....

The railroad became popular with day-trippers, and began earning large profits -- some from the transportation of California’s plentiful fresh produce. In 1908, it made $270,000 and serviced almost 3,000 people every weekend. However, a portion of the railway between El Granada and Swanton was never completed. To bridge the gap, passengers were unloaded onto Stanley Steamer autobuses and taken to the next rail station. Accusations of mismanagement also plagued the Ocean Shore. In 1909, the San Francisco Chronicle bemoaned this fact, and blamed the company’s bond holders for its unfinished state...

But no amount of sightseeing wonders could save the Ocean Shore. The small towns that the original investors believed would flourish never grew. The redwood lumber and cement industries the railroad believed it would service went out of business or remained small. And most importantly, the first era of the railroad was passing. The automobile was the latest innovation sweeping the nation, and inter-state travelers began to prefer car trips over train trips. Devastating landslides (including one at the aptly named Devil’s Slide) and union strikes also contributed to the railroad’s demise."

KCET: Ghost Rail: The Brief, Troubled Life of the Ocean Shore Railroad

The Peebles Group's Starwood Aloft Hotel Proposal

Thursday Sep 08, 2016

The Peebles Group plan as rejected by City Manager Lorie Tinfow.

Peebles' plan was probably the most polished presentation.


Is 2212 Beach Blvd Going to be a Hilton at the Beach?

Wednesday Sep 07, 2016

We were the first to show you the original proposals on the 2212 Beach Blvd hotels, and now we're pleased to announce that Pacifica is likely to be the new home of a Hilton at the Beach.

"The Hilton on the Beach will have two stunning, elevated outdoor terraces overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Pedro Point Terrace and Crow’s Nest, with elegant soft seating areas under large sun umbrellas and with seating around majestic fireplaces and cozy fire pits. Guests can enjoy light snacks and a glass of Pinot Noir as they watch surfers catching waves and locals jogging along the beach and walking their dogs. As the temperature drops, guests can gather in front of the outdoor fireplace on the Pedro Point Terrace for an espresso or don a sweat shirt and circle the fire pit in the Crow’s Nest, where on a clear day you can watch gray whales as they migrate south, one of the most magnificent and accessible wildlife spectacles on earth."

HILTON AT THE BEACH: Beach Boulevard's Latest Suitor

Paciifcan Gennady Liumbisky Found Dead in Russian River Clutching Bucket

Tuesday Sep 06, 2016

"A man who was pronounced dead after his body was pulled out of the Russian River over the weekend was identified Tuesday as a 62-year-old Pacifica resident, Sonoma County sheriff’s officials said.

Gennady Liubimsky was spotted by a kayaker about 1:15 p.m. Monday in the Russian River, upriver from Healdsburg’s Veterans Memorial Beach, authorities said. He was clinging to a bucket and unresponsive, Sgt. Spencer Crum said.

Kayakers started bringing his body to shore and were helped by arriving emergency personnel. Related Stories Authorities investigating Russian River death

Officials said Liubimsky had apparently already died before the kayakers found him. They suspect he entered the river from a trail leading from Badger Park. Law enforcement officers found his vehicle in the park parking lot. "P

PRESS DEMOCRAT: Man pulled from Russian River in Healdsburg identified

1:30AM Thursday Earthquake Felt in Pacifica

Thursday Sep 01, 2016

Pacificans felt a light earthquake about 1:30AM Thursday morning that originated near Cobb, CA, N of Santa Rosa.

M2.6 - 4km W of Cobb, California
2016-09-01 01:30:16
UTC 38.826°N 122.779°W
1.5 km depth

USGS: Cobb, CA Earthquake 106 miles N of Pacifica

Coastal Commission Denies Vetting Beach Boulevard Property as Safe from Flooding or other Coastal Hazard Risks

Monday Aug 29, 2016

The ballot Argument for Measure "N" submitted by Eric Ruchames for the voter information packet stated that:
"The Coastal Commission and third-party experts thoroughly vetted Measure N to ensure our library is safe from flooding and sea-level rise"

We asked Coastal Commission if that was true and they replied:
"...Coastal Commission staff wrote the attached filing letter regarding the project-specific LCP amendment that would be required to build the multi-use development (including the library) at the Beach Boulevard site. The letter discusses required analyses we would want to see to assess whether all the development in this location would be safe from hazards such as wave uprush, flooding and increased sea levels (see “n” on page 5 of the attachment). It is not really accurate to say that the library’s been “vetted” as safe from flooding at this point, in the absence of the analyses we laid out in the attached letter.

Further, our District Manager, Nancy Cave, wrote a letter generally supporting the inclusion of a library in the plans for the redevelopment. Specifically this letter stated that, though a library is not a typical high priority, resource-dependent use, the library use at this site would be generally consistent with the land use designation of the property. However, this letter was silent on coastal hazard risks such as flooding..."

Stephanie R. Rexing
District Supervisor
North Central Coast District
California Coastal Commission

SMC Sheriff's Say Millbrae PD Did Not Handle Investigation of Teacher Misconduct In Timely Manner

Sunday Aug 28, 2016

"The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office has started a formal administrative investigation into the mishandling of an incident involving a Millbrae teacher and student.

According to sheriff's officials, two reports of an alleged sexual relationship between a teacher and an underage female student were reported last year and not investigated as expected.

"The Sheriff’s Office reviewed the cases and determined that the investigation initiated in October 2015 and again in February 2016 was not conducted in a timely manner," the agency said in a news release Friday. "The Sheriff’s Office has since started a formal administrative investigation into why the initial investigation was not completed.""

PATCH: Sheriff's Office Scrutinizes Handling of Alleged Millbrae Teacher Sex Scandal

San Mateo County Supervisor To-Be David Canepa Splits Environmental - Development Endorsements to Deirdre Martin, Sue Vaterlaus

Friday Aug 26, 2016

San Mateo County Supervisor candidate David Canepa was the unprecedented runaway leader in the June Primary election and is a lock to replace Supervisor Adrien Tissier.

He's done something else unprecedented, endorsing both Deirdre Martin and Sue Vaterlaus, but NOT third term incumbent Mary Ann Nihart.

We think his endorsements are likely to mirror eventual election results this fall.

Woman Walking Dog at Mori Point Threatened With Knife

Friday Aug 26, 2016

"Dog owners in Pacifica were on edge Thursday, a day after one woman encountered a man with a knife who she said threatened to stab her 11-year-old black Labrador.

The woman, who didn’t want to identify herself, reported the iancident to police. She said what the man said to her while she was walking on a hiking trail was chilling.

"He said, 'It’s there, so I can stab your dog if he gets anywhere near me," the woman recalled. "I felt threatened for my dog, for me and other folks around."

She took photos of the man and his knife and gave them to Pacifica police."

NBC BAY AREA: Dog Owners in Pacifica on Edge After Threatening Encounter

Get $750-$13,000 to Replace Your Wood Burning Stove from Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

"The Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program will provide funding to help Bay Area homeowners and landlords replace their residence’s wood-burning heating device with a qualifying electric heat pump or a natural gas or propane fueled device. Incentives will also be available to help residents decommission their fireplace.

To be eligible, homeowners and landlords must own a residential property that is located within the Air District’s nine-county jurisdiction. They must apply for approval of their project and receive a Notice to Proceed from the Air District before any work can begin. Approved projects will receive a reimbursement rebate after the project is successfully completed and verified. Applicants who have had any work related to their project performed before the Air District issues a Notice to Proceed will not be eligible for funding.

Incentives cannot exceed the actual cost of the project, and will range from $750 to a maximum of $12,000, depending on the type of project selected (see below for more information). Funding will also be prioritized for low-income residents, residents located in areas highly affected by wood smoke, and households exempt from Winter Spare the Air Alert burn bans because their wood-burning device is their sole source of heat. "

Bay Area Air Quality Management District: Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program

New Anti Measure W Website Launches

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

"The Truth is...

The Facebook Neighborhood Community Group called "Restore Pacifica Quarry" (1) was NOT started by residents in Pacifica, California. It was actually started, and is ran, by a PR Firm hired by developers and property managers of the Pacifica Quarry property.

A PR Firm called, FSB Core Strategies (based in Sacramento, Ca), hired by the Pacifica Quarry property owners/developers Preserve@Pacifica (based in Michigan) and property management company Eenhoorn LLC (also based in Michigan), are using the Restore Pacifica Quarry community page as a FRONT for misleading and deceiving residents into thinking it's about the quarry site restoration. In actuality, it's about development with a chance of restoration. "


31 Room Three Story Hotel Coming to Montara

Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

A 31-room, three-story hotel may be in the works in Montara, according to permit applications submitted this month to the San Mateo County Planning and Building Department.

On Aug. 5, Paul McGregor submitted applications for the major development on Main Street that would include underground parking and two residential dwelling units on the top floor of the hotel, according to the county website.

McGregor is a local developer who has built primarily single-family homes on the Coastside since the 1980s. This development would be his largest, according to Camille Leung, a senior planner at the planning and building department who is reviewing the application for completeness....

If the project is approved as the plans stand now, the hotel will be among the largest on the Coastside. “I’m not aware of any hotel project this size in Montara,” said Midcoast Community Councilmember Lisa Ketcham. "

HMB REVIEW: 3-story hotel proposed for Montara Prev Previous Azevedo celebrates 65 years Friends, fans gather for event Next Next Up Pair arrested in home invasion Authorities have arrested two C

Fogfest Makes Brief Boston Globe Mention

Friday Aug 19, 2016

If you visit the Bay Area in late September, don’t miss the 31st annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest in the city of Pacifica, located 15 minutes south of San Francisco. The free event, which takes place on the (historically) sunniest weekend of the month, Sept. 24 and 25, includes live music on three stages, more than 200 arts and crafts vendors, a parade and, new this year, a replica of the Jaguar-turned-hearse from the cult classic film “Harold and Maude,” the final scene of which was shot at the cliffs of Mori Point in Pacifica. Participants of all ages can join in a competitive 5-mile run or non-competitive 3-mile walk during the Fog Jog and Stride, see a sand sculpture as it’s created, and attend the Family Fun Fest, where they can make giant bubbles and paint a real car. 650-465-8645,

BOSTON GLOBE: Celebrate the Fog in the Pacifica

Pacifican and Olympic Fencing Manager Loses New Home and Business in Clayton Fire

Thursday Aug 18, 2016

" He helped the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team win four medals in Rio de Janeiro while he lost everything back home.

Matthew Porter, the equipment manager for the team, returned to Northern California Tuesday to find his home and business were among the hundreds consumed by the Clayton fire.

Porter and his wife Karen moved from Pacifica to the Copsey Creek subdivision in Lower Lake on June 1, just days before he reported to Brazil.

"It was where we were planning to settle down," Matthew Porter, 59, said in a phone interview Thursday. "It's quieter, a little slower and more out of the way than Pacifica."

MERCURY NEWS: Olympic fencing team armorer loses home in Clayton Fire

Two Alarm Fire on Lerida Displace Nine, Injures Three

Wednesday Aug 17, 2016

"The blaze was reported around 3:15 p.m. in the 1300 block of Lerida Way. Fire crews arrived to find heavy smoke and flames coming from the front of a five-car parking garage connected to four townhouses, according to the North County Fire Authority. The fire authority said crews contained the fire to the parking garage, but there was smoke damage to the homes. Three residents were examined for possible smoke inhalation, according to the fire authority."

MERCURY NEWS: Two-alarm fire displaces nine residents

Sharp Park Victim is Chia-yi Wu, a 63-year-old Woman from Moraga

Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

"The San Mateo County Coroner's Office has identified a body found in the water at Sharp Park Beach Sunday as Chia-yi Wu, a 63-year-old woman from Moraga.

Police responded Sunday to a 7:40 p.m. report of a body floating near the south end of the beach. Wu was declared dead on the scene after firefighters and a paramedic attempted lifesaving measures.

Joseph Spanheimer, spokesman for the Pacifica police, said Tuesday that the police department is not conducting a criminal investigation into the incident right now. He said the coroner's office is still investigating the cause of death. "

MERCURY NEWS: HomeBay Area NewsStory Body floating near Pacifica beach identified as Moraga woman

EVENT: Fri Aug 19 Whale Town! Why the Humpbacks Come to Pacifica

Monday Aug 15, 2016

FRIDAY AUG 19 at 7:00PM
COMMUNITY CENTER AUDITORIUM Join Pacifica Beach Coalition, Environmental Educator / Oceanic Society Naturalist Nicole Larson, and Izzy Szcepaniak, Biologist, Golden Gate Cetacean Research for an Evening of Whales!

Why have the whales come to Pacifica?
What do they eat and why are they so close to shore?
Who are the other whales we see?
What can we do to protect humpbacks and other whales?
What can we do to encourage their return to Pacifica?

Female Body Floating in Surf off Sharp Park Beach Sunday Night

Monday Aug 15, 2016

Unidentified Body Located on Sharp Park Beach Pacifica, CA- On August 14, 2016 at approximately 7:40 PM, officers from the Pacifica Police Department were dispatched to the south end of Sharp Park Beach on the report of a body floating in the surf. AMR Paramedics and North County Fire Authority were also dispatched to the scene. When units arrived, a paramedic observed a female body in the water and was able to pull her onto shore. Paramedics and firefighters began lifesaving measures but she was determined to be deceased. The San Mateo County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene and took possession of the body. At this time, the identity of the body is unknown. Investigation into the identity of the body and the cause of death is ongoing by Pacifica Police Detectives and the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office.

POLICE: Unidentified Body Located on Sharp Park Beach

Grass Roots Opposition to the $66M Beach Blvd Library Pops Up All Over Town

Friday Aug 12, 2016

Sanchez Adobe on Linda Mar Blvd to Undergo $1.6M Transformation into Education Center

Friday Aug 12, 2016

"A $1.57 million endeavor designed to make the 5-acre Sanchez Adobe site in Pacifica a regional attraction and educational center will be announced in conjunction with a groundbreaking ceremony Sept. 17, according to the San Mateo County Historical Association.

Among the improvements will be the conversion of the present ranger’s residence into a new interpretive center, exterior restoration of the adobe house and implementation of a furnishing plan to return the interior of the adobe house to its appearance as it was during its historic era (1840s) and new restrooms.

The Sanchez Adobe Historic Site is unique in that the first three eras of California history are represented here. The new interpretive center will outline all of these eras, providing visitors from around the world with all of California’s history in one place. The groundbreaking will be held at 2 p.m., as part of the annual Rancho Day Fiesta celebration, to be held from noon until 4 p.m. The Sanchez Adobe Historic Site is located at 1000 Linda Mar Blvd. in Pacifica. For more information call (650) 359-1462 or go to"

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Reporter's Notebook

State Bill to Bar Backroom Developer Deals at Coastal Commission Survives, with Edits

Friday Aug 12, 2016

"A stalled bill to prohibit behind-the-scenes communications at the California Coastal Commission survived in the Legislature Thursday, but lawmakers weakened it with amendments that would allow the controversial practice to continue for developers and elected officials...

The bill, however, emerged from the committee with five amendments, including one that would — in effect — allow private ex parte communications to take place between developers and coastal commissioners during visits to project sites.

Another revision would let commissioners continue to have ex partes with elected officials, who are acting in their official capacity.

As amended, the ban would remain in place for environmental groups, government officials who are not elected, lobbyists and any other member of the public interested in a matter pending before the commission.

“I am concerned that several of the amendments may have departed from the intent and purpose of this bill, which was to curb lobbyist and developer influence, level the playing field for all Californians and restore transparency and trust in the Coastal Commission,” said Jackson, who cautioned that she has not seen the final versions of the changes."

LA TMES: Lawmakers weaken bill to ban behind-the-scenes communications at Coastal Commission

Pacifican Danny "The Beast" Barrett Scores First Goal for US Rugby in Loss to Fiji

Wednesday Aug 10, 2016

"The U.S. men’s rugby team was eliminated from medal contention after losing to top-seeded Fiji 24-19 on Wednesday.

Pacifica native Danny Barrett, who is nicknamed “The Beast,” evaded several defenders to score the first try of the match for the United States. Moments later, Osea Kolinisau responded with a try for Fiji to even the score at 7. Despite being down a man, Fiji scored a try on the final play of the first half to go into halftime leading 12-7. "

NBC: U.S. Men’s Rugby Eliminated From Medal Contention, Pacifica's Danny Barrett Scores

Pacifican Charles Brust Dies While Mountain Biking on Tahoe Rim Trail

Tuesday Aug 09, 2016

"CARSON CITY - Authorities say a California man has died after collapsing while hiking along the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The Nevada Appeal reports that 64-year-old Charles Brust of Pacifica, California, was riding his bike on the Tahoe Rim Trail when he collapsed Monday morning.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says a retired paramedic began CPR and continued until Tahoe Douglas firefighters and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies arrived."

RENO GAZETTE JOURNAL: Calif. man dies on Tahoe Rim Trail

LETTER: Pacifica Bill Collins Calls Out $10,000 per Pacifica Household Pension Oblligation Debt

Tuesday Aug 09, 2016

August 9, 2016

Dear Pacifica City Council members:

You may have noticed that CalPERS' investment returns have performed below their target, and that means Pacifica will receive another bill for our share of the unfunded liability.

About seven years ago, Pacifica borrowed to pay CalPERS' first bill, although a few of us then cautioned Council that borrowing without dealing with the underlying problem is "kicking the can down the road," as they say. The staff who recommended the borrowing are no longer on staff, (and the Council has seen 80% turnover), but we're still making the payments, including high interest costs. The staff report never mentioned the other options to Council, and nobody asked.

Pacifica has few options to reduce its exposure to repeated billings: hire fewer staff, limit salaries (a factor in computing pensions) and/or reduce pension formulas to new hires. Beyond your control are CalPERS' investment returns, how long staff work and how long they collect a pension. Some cities have reduced their pension formulas. Is Pacifica still paying the highest formulas allowed under state law?

Pensions cannot legally be reduced for current employees, only new hires.

As of 2013, Pacifica owed nearly $10,000 in pension debt per household. Council should ask staff for the current number.

When the CalPERS bill comes, please do not incur new debt to pay it off. Such short-term decisions can lead to bankruptcy. Those of us who plan to live here decades into the future should not be saddled with excessive, unsustainable borrowing.

Bill Collins

Slingbox founder, local entrepreneur found dead: Coroner says Blake Krikorian died after paddleboarding at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica

Friday Aug 05, 2016

" Blake Krikorian, a Hillsborough resident and founder of the popular mobile media viewing service Sling, was found dead after paddleboarding at a Pacifica beach, according to the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office. He was 48.

Krikorian started the company which invented Slingbox, a technology allowing users to remotely stream and access their home television service from their phones or computers.

His body was found next to his car around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3, at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica after he had finished paddleboarding, said county Coroner Robert Foucrault, who characterized his death as an “unfortunate accident.” "

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Slingbox founder, local entrepreneur found dead: Coroner says Blake Krikorian died after paddleboarding at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica

1PM Weds Body at Linda Mar Beach

Thursday Aug 04, 2016

Several users reported seeing police/fire respond to an unresponsive body on the beach yesterday (Weds Jul 08 2016) aftn.

We'll update when we know anything more.

32 Foot Juvenile Humback Found Dead on Pescadero Bean Hollow BeachBeach

Monday Aug 01, 2016

Bean Hollow beach is roughly 30 miles S of Linda Mar Beach.

"For the second time this month, scientists are performing a necropsy on a humpback whale found near Bean Hollow State Beach in Pescadero. Scientists believe both animals likely died as the result of being struck by a ship.

On Monday, a team of six scientists from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco arrived at the beach to find the carcass of a 32-foot juvenile female humpback. They report fractures to the back of the animal’s head that are consistent with hitting a ship as well as a cut on the right flipper. The flipper injury would indicate a previous entanglement of some kind, according to the Marine Mammal Center."

HMB Extends Allied Waste Contract for One Year, Hires Consulatant to Analyze New Contract

Monday Aug 01, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Recology of the Coast pays the City of Pacifica an annual lump-sum fee of approximately $805,000. Their contract expires this year but can be renewed with a single letter from the city manager/council.

Recology has consistently raised Pacifica garbage rates despite a bizarre late-year tactic in which they made a rate reduction, largely seen as an attempt to make their service look more price competitive in a contract year.

"The Half Moon Bay City Council voted unanimously last week to extend the city’s long-held franchise agreement with Allied Waste for another year. The extension comes with an 11.6 percent rate increase that will take effect at the first of the year.

The city’s garbage hauler said the increase is warranted for a number of reasons. In part, it’s because there are more than 500 additional residents who have chosen to use the 20-gallon service at $11.32 instead of the 32-gallon service that costs $23.22 per month. "


"The city of Half Moon Bay is hiring a consultant to assist with the solicitation, selection and negotiation for a new solid waste agreement that would begin in January 2018.

It has selected R3 Consulting Group Inc. after the Half Moon Bay City Council voted at its July 19 meeting on a contract not to exceed $111,000."

HMB REVIEW: City hires consultant to sort waste agreement

HMB REVIEW: City Council extends trash contract a year

Mysterious Anti-Quarry Website Stir: Paul Heule & Eenhorn Build Apartments. Period.

Saturday Jul 30, 2016

"...In this stage, despite all the granola crunchy feeling goodness on the website, the fact remains that these parties are telling the truth selectively or not at all. This is not a “Save the quarry” or “Restore the Quarry” – this is “We want to build apartments in the Quarry”. Apartments are where they make their money, and compared to the festering suckhole that is Michigan, the California market must look really good. THE quarry does NOT need “restoration” – that would mean putting most of a very large granite rock back – and what is being proposed is not a “Restoration”, it is simply “Development”. Despite the “Green” feel to thier slick marketing, all of that touchy feely eco-goodness could be started today, if they just didn’t need to slap up a couple of hundred “Low income” oceanfront apartments to do it.

Our on line research quickly shows that Eenhorne is little more than an apartment management outfit. They do not own or operate hotels or retail outlets, they run apartment complexes. Below is his bio, cribbed from the Eenhorne webpage. From the bio, I am sure he is very good at making money from apartment complexes, and he certainly should continue to do that – in Detroit or maybe Flint."

PACIFICAQUARRY.ORG: Rezone the Quarry 9212 report released, or, It’s not the size, it’s the frequency

IAN BUTLER LETTER: Tribune Owner Ignores Realities of Climate Change

Saturday Jul 30, 2016

Tribune owner and publisher Sherman Frederick’s editorial on climate change (7/27/16) is an embarrassment to anyone with an intact sense of reason and/or access to Google.

His argument can be summed up as “Never mind that virtually all scientists agree that climate change is real, human caused and a threat to our way of life, the federal government still has air conditioning, therefore global warming is a hoax.” A two-minute Google search reveals that on March 19, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 mandating that all federal buildings achieve zero net energy by 2030.

In the past seven years, tremendous progress has been made toward that goal, including thousands of solar-panel retrofits and construction of the world’s largest zero-energy building. Moreover, if Obama had banned all air conditioning in federal buildings as Mr. Frederick suggests, I guarantee you he would have been the first to complain about government overreach.

In the meantime, Pacifica is the poster child of communities struggling with the real-world effects of climate change, as our coastline is hammered by sealevel rise. It's shocking that in 2016 a newspaper publisher would display such a degree of willful ignorance. As a former Tribune columnist and editorial board member, I urge Mr. Frederick to keep his shallow and poorly informed opinions to himself; they only sully the reputation of a once-venerated newspaper.

Ian Butler

YOUTUBE: Ian Butler's Fog Bless Pacifica Anthem

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Sherman Frederick's Jul 28 2016 Climate Change Column

Ana Reepen Found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter in Bruce Bernor Death

Thursday Jul 28, 2016

On August 2, 2015, Beloved Pacifican Bruce Bernor lost his life in a horrible wrong-way car accident, and yesterday a jury found Ana Reepen, the driver of the other car, guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter with two enhancements. has done the heavy lifting on this story and along with legal-watcher Alan Wald, deserves the credit for almost all the news emanating from this trial.

Reepen's defense never contested the vehicular manslaughter charge, instead focusing on the two enhancements that carried the most prison time: Driving while impaired (blood alcohol count of .08 percent or greater, and acting with reckless disregard for another's life.

Reepen was found guilty of both enhancements and will face sentencing that will likely include prison time.

Thanks again, Riptide!

VIDEO: Shark Enjoying a Tasty Seal on Linda Mar Beach

Tuesday Jul 26, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: We have contacted a shark expert who stated this was likely a sub-adult great white shark. Thanks to KRON4 & photogrpaher for the video.

KRON4: Shark spotted eating a seal at Pacifica beach

WARNING: Graphic photo

Monday Jul 25, 2016

Riptide has the story but about 11:35AM Sunday Jul 24 2016 a shark tore apart a seal at Linda Mar Beach, sending surfers scrambling for the beach.

Photos courtesy of Mark Macias

Police report details:
"11:44 Hazardous Condition
Occured at Linda Mar Beach on Cabrillo Hwy, Pacifica. Shark attacked a seal in the water /huge pool of blood/ lots of people still in water/ south end near boat docks/ rp will contact the officers and show them where. Disposition: Log Note Only"

Peninsula Clean Energy Meeting Jul 27 2016 7:00PM Sharp Park Library

Sunday Jul 24, 2016

Quarry Ballot Initiative Would Approve 206 Apartment BUILDINGS in the Quarry

Saturday Jul 23, 2016

We first told the public this at the May 9 City Council meeting but it's official based on the City's 9212 document:

The Quarry Ballot Initiative would approve up to 206 apartment BUILDINGS in the Quarry.

108. What are multi-family units? Are they apartments? Condos? Houses?

The Initiative uses the term "units of multi-family housing." However, it does not define the term. The term “multiple dwelling” is defined in the Pacifica Municipal Code as “a building, or portion thereof, used and designed as a residence for three (3) or more families living independently of each other and doing their own cooking in such building, including apartment houses, apartment hotels, and flats, but not including automobile courts, motels, hotels, or boardinghouses” (see PMC Sec. 9-4.235).

YOUTUBE: 8:33 of May 9 City Council Meeting- 209 Units Means 209 Apartment Buildings

Pacifica City Council Agenda Jul 25 2016 p171 Q 108

$33.5M City Library Bond Passes Unanimously

Thursday Jul 21, 2016

In a 4-0 vote at a special session last night, the Pacifica City Council unanimously passed their approval of a Nov 2016 library bond.

Congresswoman Speier Steps Up to the Plate for Pacifica: Demands FAA Preserve Offshore Routes Affecting Pacifica

Thursday Jul 21, 2016

Glen A. Martin Regional Administrator FAA Western-Pacific Region

Dear Mr. Martin:

My understanding is that the FAA is contemplating the deletion of the OFF,SHORE Departure from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). If this is true, I wish to go on record as respectfully and vociferously objecting.

The OFFSHORE Departure is the type of routing that can substantially reduce the noise impact in Pacifica, Montara, Moss Beach and EI Granada. Repeatedly, my staff has emphasized to you and to the FAA in general that this type of route is what is needed as a concrete way to reverse the mistake of concentrating flights over Pacifica and communities south of Pacifica as a consequence of Next Gen.

It is also my understanding that the OFFSHORE Departure is considered an "old fashioned" way of managing air traffic because it is not an RNAV procedure, but there is nothing to preclude its continued use at this time. I respectfully suggest that the OFFSHORE routing can be easily converted into an RNAV procedure. It's self-evident that any choice to eliminate the OFFSHORE Departure will be a breach of the trust that exits between the community of Pacifica and areas to the south, my office, and the FAA because once a procedure is abolished it takes years to get a new one approved. It is breathtaking to contemplate such a step by the FAA despite the extended conversations that my staff has had with the FAA about the need to mitigate the stunning concentration of noise events that arose as a consequence of NextGen. I have also told residents of Pacifica that the OFFSHORE routing should be given serious consideration as a template for future southbound departures because of its relatively lower noise impact over land.

Thank you for your consideration of this letter. Please reply with your written assurance that the OFFSHORE Departure is not going to be abolished, that it is a candidate for being upgraded to an RNA V procedure and that a similar routing for other future departures will be given full and fair consideration.

All the best,
JS/bp-kw cc: Michael Huerta, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
Cliff Lentz, Chair, SFOAirport/Community Roundtable
Sue Digre, Mayor, Pacifica

CONGRESSWOMAN SPEIER: Letter to FAA Regarding Offshore Routing

HMB Kayaker has Close Experience with Humpbacks

Thursday Jul 21, 2016

A kayaker had a stunning close encounter with humpback whales Sunday afternoon in Half Moon Bay, California.

Eddy Willis was out kayaking when he encountered the whales, lunge feeding. It was a foggy day; he describes the whales he met as “gentle.”

He says he wasn’t fearful. “To me, I love whales, I love sharks. … It’s an adrenaline rush more than anything.”

Willis is on a coastal tour -- fishing from the ocean somewhere new every day.

He was born in California and lives now in Nevada, working for the Department of Wildlife.

He catches, tags and releases the lingcod. He says he’s ever-more “conservation-conscious” since starting work with Nevada’s wildlife department.

KIRO 7: Kayaker has stunning close encounter with humpback whales in Half Moon Bay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dan Stegink on $33.5M Library Bond

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

"I strongly urge the public to attend this Thursday's (July 21 at 7:00pm) $33.5M 2212 Beach Blvd library bond reconsideration meeting at Council Chambers and propose instead a smaller bond that would improve library services, protect the neighborhood library system and Save Our Sanchez Library.

In the last six months, the World has seen Beach Blvd torn apart by coastal erosion, and I support either renovations of both libraries, or a two thirds smaller $10-$12M new library at a much safer location (the city-owned parking lot on Francisco between San Jose & Salada) combined with the repair and staffing of the beautiful Sanchez library, not the $33.5M Taj Mahal we're being force-fed.

Anyone who mailed a letter or bought a stamp at our single open post office last year knows that neighborhood distribution systems like neighborhood post offices and neighborhood libraries are what works best and are most accessible.

Kudos to council member John Keener for being a capable watchdog of the public's stretched bank accounts. City Manager Lorie Tinfow was curiously unable to answers his questions on how much interest the public would pay on the $33.5M bond (the real answer is at least $50M) or what the Sharp Park and Sanchez Parcels are currently appraised at. The fractional loan offered from San Mateo County was mistakenly heralded as "someone else's money".

The Walnut Creek firm FM3's survey results showed a likely election day bond debacle - 67% of likely Pacifica voters near the Sanchez Library were opposed, 66% believed the bond hurts senior, and 67% near the Sanchez Library were opposed, and 71% believed Coastal Erosion was the most serious problem facing Pacifica.

The City should Save Our Sanchez Library while restoring staffing to 2015 levels of 74 hours per week, slice the size of the new library bond by two-thirds, and require any matching ballot initiative to mandate sale proceeds from the existing Sharp Park library pay back the bond.

It's never too late for the City of Pacifica to be a good steward of its voter's money.

-Dan Stegink
LInda Mar resident"

76 Gas Station on Terra Nova Robbed, Two Arrested

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

" Two men were arrested for allegedly breaking into a closed gas station and taking cigarettes in Pacifica early Monday morning, police said.

Christopher Mezynski, 18, and Julian Millbrae, 23, were arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary and criminal conspiracy, police said.

The men allegedly broke into a 76 gas station at 765 Oddstad Blvd., where officers responded to a burglary alarm activated shortly before 12:30 a.m., police said.

The men allegedly forced their way into the business and stole cigarettes, according to police.

Arriving officers found the suspects allegedly running away from the gas station, according to police.

Mezynski was placed in custody right away while Millbrae was apprehended after a short foot pursuit, police said.

Millbrae was also arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, police said.

Both men were booked into San Mateo County Jail, according to police."


Pacifica City Council to hear Library Reconsideration Thursday Night 7pm at Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd 2nd Floor 2

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

Tonight's Pacifica City Council Session will solely address the proposed $33.5M ($60M with interest) Pacifica Public Library Bond.

Surprisingly, no mention is made of the legal mistake that occurred on July 11 when the City Attorney and Staff mistakenly announced the bond had passed.

CITY COUNCIL AGENDA: Thurs July 21, 2016 Library Bond Special Session Agenda

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Post 0.6% Gain, Falls Far Short of 7.5% Goal

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: Bad news for Pacifica taxpayers who where shocked to learn last year that our public employees had a whopping $28M in unfunded pension benefits.

Expect that number to rise again for the 2016 financial year that ended June 31, 2016, as our pension fund returned an average of 0.6%.

" SACRAMENTO — The California Public Employees’ Retirement System says its investment earnings were essentially flat in the last fiscal year, falling far short of the 7.5 percent target.

The nation’s largest public pension system on Monday reported earnings of 0.61 percent for the fiscal year that ended June 30. The fund had $295 billion in assets at the end of the year.

CalPERS officials blame volatile financial markets and global economic conditions for the soft investment gains. CalPERS Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos says in a statement that CalPERS is proud to have positive earnings during a year of turbulent markets.

Its stock portfolio, which makes up half of the total assets, lost 3.4 percent. The losses were offset by gains in private equity, fixed income, real estate and infrastructure. "

DAILY JOURNAL: California pension fund posts small gain, misses target

California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) 1.4% Pension Return Falls Short of 7.5% Goal

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

" SACRAMENTO — California’s teacher pension system says its investments earned 1.4 percent in the last fiscal year.

The figure released Tuesday falls short of the 7.5 percent target for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System. But CalSTRS officials say they’re still on track to pay down the system’s unfunded liability by 2046, as required under a plan adopted by the Legislature two years ago.

CalSTRS lost money in global stock markets but made up for it with gains in its private equity, real estate and fixed income portfolios.

The CalSTRS investment fund had just under $190 billion when the fiscal year ended June 30. The pension system serves 900,000 teachers and their families.

The state’s other big pension fund, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, reported a 0.62 percent gain last year. "

DAILY JOURNAL: California teacher pension fund grew 1.4 percent last year

2016 Pacifica Library Issues Survey from Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates of Walnut Creek

Thursday Jul 14, 2016

1. 67% of voters near the Sanchez Library are opposed.
2. 66% of responders believe it hurts Seniors
3. 72% stated in the past year or so no one else in their household has been to the library
4. 71% believe Coastal Erosion is the most serious problem facing Pacifica
5. More people think the City of Pacifica’s finances are NOT generally well-managed than well managed.
6. "While housing, coastal erosion and the drought are voters’ top concerns, the condition of the Library is not seen as nearly as pressing."

SURVEY: Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates 2016 Library Issues Survey


Thursday Jul 14, 2016

JULY 14 2016


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Pacifica, CA) 14 July 2016-

At its July 11, 2016 meeting, the Pacifica city Council considered a resolution to place a bond measure on the November 2016 ballot to fund construction of a new public Pacifica Library. On July 12, 2016, the City Attorney's Office became aware that the Assistant City Attorney had not advised the Council that the resolution failed to receive the four votes required to pass. State statutes require a two-thirds affirmative vote of all Council members to place a bond measure on a ballot. In the case of the five member Pacifica City Council the requirement is four (4) affirmative votes regardless of the number of Council members participating in the meeting.

The Council's decision on the bond measure received a 3-1 vote, with three votes in favor and one oppposed; one Council member recused herself. (Elected officials who own property within 500 feet of a City project must recuse themselves from voting on the project.) The Assistant City Attorney did not advise the Council that a majority of three out of four votes in favor of the measure was insufficient to meet the statutory requirements needed to place the measure on the ballot.

"I apologize on behalf of my office for failing to advise the Council at the meeting that the votes cast were not sufficient," said City Attorney Michelle Kenyon of the firm Burke, Williams & Sorensen. "I want to acknowledge the mistake, and take any and a11 steps necessary to assist the City Council with its ability to properly consider the decision of whether or not to place the library bond measure on teh November 2016 ballot."

Under State law, the City Council may hold a special meeting to reconsider this matter and will do so on July 21, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd. The agenda packet for the special meeting will be available on the City's website by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 15, 2016. For more information, please contact City Attorney Michelle Kenyon, at (650) 738-7409 or via email at


US Congresswoman Jackie Speier rips sheriff's appointment, calls process 'rigged'

Wednesday Jul 13, 2016

"Overriding the strenuous objections of two Peninsula congresswomen, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to appoint Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos to replace his boss, Sheriff Greg Munks, who will retire at the end of the week for health reasons.

In a joint letter to the board, Reps. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, and Anna Eshoo, D-Menlo Park, urged the supervisors to conduct a search for Munks' replacement. Doing so, they said, would alleviate the perception that the sheriff stepped down before his term ended in 2018 to clear a path for his right hand man.

But the board voted 3-2 to go ahead with the appointment. Supervisors Adrienne Tissier, Don Horsley and Warren Slocum argued Bolanos was an ideal candidate who would keep the Sheriff's Office moving in the right direction. Supervisors Carole Groom and Dave Pine dissented.

"I think it's an excellent department, and I don't know, why would I look outside to find somebody when I have somebody already that I have confidence in?" said Horsley, who served as county sheriff for 14 years before retiring in 2006. Munks, Horsley's undersheriff, ran unopposed to succeed him."

MERCURY NEWS: HomeSan Mateo CountyStory Rep. Jackie Speier rips sheriff's appointment, calls process 'rigged'

SMC Appoints Candidate and Under Sheriff Carlos Bolanos to Serve Last Four Months of Sheriff Greg Munks' Term

Wednesday Jul 13, 2016

San Mateo County Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos has been appointed to fill the remaining two years of retiring Sheriff Greg Munks' term as Munks steps down because of health issues, county officials said this week. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors made the appointment Tuesday, on a vote of 3-2 in favor of hiring Bolanas. Bolanas said in a released statement that he was "honored" to take on the role, which is effective July 17.

PATCH: There's a New Sheriff in Town, Pacifica! Board of Supervisors Names New San Mateo County Sheriff

City Settles Missing Hickey Manhole Cover Lawsuit for Undetermined Amount... Walnut Creek Firm Represents Contractor

Monday Jul 11, 2016

Plaintiff John Straight apparently settled a missing manhole lawsuit on or about July 1 2016.

Plaintiff John Straight was represented by Dolan Law Firm of San Francisco.
Defendant City of Pacifica was represented by Selman Breitman LLP of San Francisco.
Defendant Cratus Inc (Contractor) was represented by Stephen J Schori of Law Offices of John Biard in Walnut Creek.


Wrong Way Accident Victim Bruce Bernor's Family Files Suit Against City of Pacifica & Caltrans

Saturday Jul 02, 2016

Almost a year ago, on July 25, 2015 at 6:45pm, Pedro Point businessman Bruce Bernor was killed in a wrong way collision near the Sea Bowl.

On Friday, his mother, JEANNE NICHOLSON has filed suit against "the City of Pacifica, State of California-Caltrans; and Does 1 to 50".

One of the central arguments of her case is that a guard rail mounted on the center concrete median created an optical illusion that it was essentially the far right shoulder for Southbound traffic.

SMC SUPERIOR COURT: JEANNE NICHOLSON v the City of Pacifica, State of California-Caltrans; and Does 1 to 50

November Ballot has 17 Ballot Initiatives - Only 1 in 3 Will Pass

Saturday Jul 02, 2016

California voters will face a long and weighty list of statewide ballot measures this November — 17 measures in all made Thursday’s fall election deadline and they include big decisions on the death penalty, marijuana use and taxes on the wealthy. “It’s incredible the amount of substance and complexity on the November ballot,” said Mark Baldassare, president of the Public Policy Institute of California. “It’s going to be overwhelming for voters to deal with.”

Among the issues voters will decide are whether Death Row inmates should be executed faster or not at all in two competing measures. Other initiatives would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, require background checks for ammunition sales, overturn a 1998 initiative that banned bilingual instruction in public schools and overhaul the state’s prison parole rules to allow inmates to be released earlier.

“There is something on the ballot for everyone,” said Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation. “A lot of them are on topics people have debated a long time and voters are likely to have a strong opinion on.”

Alexander said the crowded ballot will be just as difficult as ever for proponents to earn voter approval, with 1 in 3 initiatives typically passing.

SF GATE: November ballot crowded with weighty measures

Dungeness Crab Traps Endanger Whales on West Coast

Saturday Jul 02, 2016

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A blue whale found tangled in plastic rope off California has become a symbol for a little-known but growing hazard faced by the ocean's largest creatures along the U.S. Pacific Coast - commercial crab traps dotting the sea floor and drifting astray by the thousands.

Scores of entanglements in crabbing gear, which constrict and can ultimately kill marine mammals, have been reported up and down the West Coast over the past few years, posing a new risk to whale populations that have been on the rebound.

Humpback whales, an endangered species, and gray whales are the most frequent victims. A high-profile entanglement and rescue attempt on Monday off Southern California's Dana Point involved a blue whale, also endangered.

Traps called crab pots, used in fishing for Dungeness crab, a popular seafood delicacy, are often the culprit.

Wildlife officials, conservationists and scientists cite several possible factors for the trend, including a recent warming of ocean currents that may have altered whale migration and feeding patterns, putting them in closer proximity to crabbing operations."

YAHOO: Crab traps pose growing threat to whales along U.S. West Coast

City Council Votes Unanimously to Require 9212 Report on Quarry, Will Take Public Questions by Email Until Weds July 6 2016 at:

Tuesday Jun 28, 2016

Tonight, the Pacifica City Council voted unanimously to direct staff to produce a 9212 Report on the Pacifica Quarry, and will take public questions to be grouped and answered in an FAQ at until July 6 2016

The City Council further decided unanimously by minute declaration to insert the entire ballot initiative in the Voter Information Pamphlet at a cost of approximately $1400.

UPDATE: Pacifica Spent $893,000 in Interest on Pension Obligations in 2015-2016

Monday Jun 27, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Pacifica has announced we pay $893,000 annually in pension obligation interest.

This does not include any additional on the A$28M in underfunded pension obligations CALPERS advised Pacifica we owed as of Jul 1 2015, and any new amounts in three days when our fiscal year ends again.

Note that the discount rate crisis occurred because the system wasn't functioning properly, and CALPERS/PARS achieved investment returns far below 7.5%.

Pacificans for a Scenic Coast, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives and the Center for Biological Diversity Urge U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria to invalidate all Approvals Related to Widening Highway 1 in the City of Pacifica

Monday Jun 27, 2016

"The Pacificans for a Scenic Coast, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives and the Center for Biological Diversity continued to push for summary judgment, urging U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria to invalidate all approvals, biological opinions and environmental assessments that cleared the way for the widening of Highway 1 in the city of Pacifica.

The environmental groups fired back at Caltrans’ cross-motion for summary judgment, insisting that the department’s environmental assessment didn’t use the best scientific data on conservation measures and didn’t properly address pedestrian safety, construction traffic or take a hard enough look at mitigation, in violation of the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

“Caltrans attempts to justify its failure to use the best scientific data available in the consultation with [the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service] by implying the duty only lies with the consulting agency,” they said in a brief. “However, Caltrans may not dodge this duty.”

The project would widen Highway 1 to three lanes in each direction. Proponents have said the project would have no significant environmental impact, and that regulators have met their obligations to study the effect it would have on the environment. But environmental groups have raised concerns that the project would destroy 10 acres of habitat for the endangered San Francisco garter snake and the threatened red-legged frog, according to court documents."

LAW 360: Enviros Reinforce Bid To Halt $50M Calif. Highway Project

San Francisco Tenant's Rent Increased From $1,800 to $8,000 a Month

Monday Jun 27, 2016

"It's being called one of the largest rent increases ever in San Francisco.

A North Beach tenant recently received notice from his landlord that the rent on his apartment was going up from $1,800 a month to $8,000.

Neil Hutchinson, who has lived in the building at Columbus and Scotland streets for six years, has been hit with a rent increase of 344 percent.

...Last year, Bernal Heights tenant Deb Follingstad made headlines when she posted a notice from her landlord on Facebook stating that her rent is jumping from $2,145 to $8,900. The post was shared thousands of times by people who were shocked by the increase."

SF GATE: North Beach tenant's rent increased from $1,800 to $8,000 a month

Friday 10AM Great White Sighting off Linda Mar Beach

Friday Jun 24, 2016

"As temperatures begin to climb and people expected to hit the coast this weekend to beat the heat, police are warning beachgoers about a possible shark roaming in the waters off Pacifica. According to police, a white shark was spotted at around 10 a.m. off of Linda Mar Beach. “While shark sightings are not frequently reported, we do realize the Pacific Coast is part of the natural habitat for white sharks,” police said."

KRON 4: Great White Shark spotted off Pacifica beach

City Council Agenda Jun 27 2016

Friday Jun 24, 2016


1. Approval of Disbursements for 06/08/16 through 06/14/16
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to approve attached list of disbursements for 06/08/16 through 06/14/16. City Council Regular Meeting 2 June 27, 2016

2. Approval of Minutes
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to approve the minutes of the regular City Council meeting held on June 13, 2016.

3. Proclamation Confirming Existence of Local Emergency of the Pacifica Coastline from Westline Drive to the End of Beach Boulevard.
PROPOSED ACTION: Accept current photos as of June 21, 2016 (Attachment 2) and move to continue proclamation confirming the existence of local emergency.

4. Approval Contract Renewal with the Davey Tree Expert Company for Tree Maintenance and Emergency Tree Maintenance Services
PROPOSED ACTION: Approve the Renewal of Agreement Between the City of Pacifica and Davey Tree Expert Company for Tree Maintenance and Emergency Tree Maintenance Services for Fiscal Year 2016-17 (Attachment 1); and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement.

5. Supply and Install New Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks at Linda Mar & Sharp Park Lift Stations
PROPOSED ACTION: Approve the Agreement between the City of Pacifica and Service Station Testing for the supply and installation of two new fuel tanks for the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant; and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement.

6. Proposed Resolution Establishing the Appropriation Limit for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Pursuant to Article XIIIB of the California State Constitution.
PROPOSED ACTION: 1) Move to approve the use of percentage change in California’s Per Capita Personal Income growth (5.37%) and the County of San Mateo population growth (0.91%) and, 2) adopt the Resolution for the Appropriations Limit for fiscal year 2016-2017.

7. A Resolution Approving Agreement Between the City and State Coastal Conservancy for Grant Funds for Preparation of Final Design Plans, Permit Applications and Environmental Documents for Public Access Trail Improvements Along 400 Esplanade Avenue.
PROPOSED ACTION: Adopt a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica Approving Agreement Between the City of Pacifica and State Coastal Conservancy for Grant Funds (Attachment 1) for preparation of final design plans, permit applications and environmental documents for public access trail improvements along 400 Esplanade Avenue; and authorize the City Manager to execute all documents associated with this grant.

8. Resolution Establishing Various Public Works Department Positions Authorized in the Adopted 2016-17 Operating Budget
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt a resolution establishing various positions and salary ranges related to the reorganization of the Public Works Department authorized in the 2016-17 Operating Budget that was adopted on June 13, 2016. City Council Regular Meeting 3 June 27, 2016

9. Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica Accepting the Report of Sewer Service Charges for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 and Directing the Filing of Charges for Collection by the County Controller.
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt the "Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica accepting the report of Sewer Service Charges for Fiscal Year 2016-2017, and directing the filing of charges for collection by the County Controller. CONSIDERATION
10. Certification of Signatures of an Initiative Petition; Adoption of Resolution Calling and Giving Notice for Holding a General Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Requesting Consolidation of the General Municipal Election with the Statewide General Election, and Submitting to the Voters an Ordinance Proposed by Initiative Petition to Amend Ordinance No. 391-C.S. to Authorize a Future Rezone of the Quarry Which Could Include Residential Development, Under Certain Conditions; Direction to Staff to Prepare and Release an Impact Study Including a Fiscal Analysis and Analysis of Potential Land Use Impacts.
PROPOSED ACTION: Adopt the attached Resolution; and Direct staff to prepare and release an Impact Study of the “Pacifica Initiative Amending Ordinance No. 391-C.S. to Authorize a Future Rezone of the Quarry Which Could Include Residential Development, City Council Regular Meeting 4 June 27, 2016 Under Certain Conditions" including a fiscal analysis and analysis of potential land use impacts.


Will Realtor Sue Vaterlaus be the SAMCAR Candidate Running for Karen Ervin's City Council Seat?

Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

We believe Realtor Sue Vaterlaus is likely to be the SAMCAR (San Mateo County Association of Realtors) City Council Candidate attempting to replace City Council Member Karen Ervin who will not be running this fall.

Vaterlaus, the 2010 SAMCAR President, was extremely involved in fighting Rent Control/Rent Stabilization in San Mateo County this year, and was not reappointed to the Planning Commission in a bizarre session earlier this year after her first term expired.

SAMCAR has a long history in Pacifica politics:

Mike O'Neill:

Karen Ervin:

Len Stone:

San Mateo Library & Congresswoman Jackie Speier Welcome First Naturalization Ceremony

Saturday Jun 18, 2016

"...In the San Francisco office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services alone, thousands become naturalized citizens each month. Emilia Bardini, director of the USCIS San Francisco Asylum Office, led the oath of allegiance that ushered in a new group of voters, potential jurors and participants in American democracy....

For the first time, the San Mateo Public Library hosted a naturalization ceremony where people from 15 different countries joined to take their oath, contemplate what it means to be an American and celebrate with family. State officials, local dignitaries and U.S. Rep Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, joined to commemorate the ceremony that melded a celebration of Flag Day this past Tuesday as well as World Refugee Day this coming Monday. Speier remarked on the nation’s history as a melting pot of cultures and noted the diversity amongst those who committed themselves to becoming an American. “Natural born citizens don’t go through this process, but going through this process and seeing what you are bearing witness to, is pretty profound. It says a great deal about your commitment to our country,”


Pacifica School District Board Work Study June 22, 2016 at 6PM- 8PM

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

The Pacifica School District will host a Oddstad School Project Board Work/Study Meeting at their Reina Del Mar headquarters on June 22, 2016 from 6PM-8PM.

This project would likely be to create school district employee housing on the old Oddstad school property.

Summer of Whales Continues at Manor Post Office

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

For the seventh straight day whales have made a feeding appearance off Pacifica, with locations primarily in Linda Mar Beach but extending up to Manor, like the five humpbacks feeding by the Manor Post Office this morning.

Average Pacifica Homeowner will Pay $2790 for New Library Plan, Median Home Buyer this Month will Pay $5451.00

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

We asked San Mateo County what the average home in Pacifica was assessed at and the answer for 2015 was $403,044.

That means the average homeowner in Pacifica would pay approximately $2790 over thirty years under the proposed Library general obligation bond plan.

It's likely 6% more due to the 2016 turnover but for now we'll keep it simple.

Homeowner costs will be significantly higher for homes with more valuable assessments and the median new homeowner will be asked to vote to tax themselves an additional $5451.00 each over the likely thirty year lifespan of the bond.

Summer of Whales Continues at Manor Post Office

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

For the seventh straight day whales have made a feeding appearance off Pacifica, with locations primarily in Linda Mar Beach but extending up to Manor, like the five humpbacks feeding by the Manor Post Office this morning.

County’reserves dwindling: 2018 Recession Predicted-- Board of Supervisors to consider $1.7 billion General Fund budget

Thursday Jun 16, 2016

"San Mateo County is dipping into its reserves by nearly $62 million to balance next year’s 1.67 billion General Fund budget that the Board of Supervisors will vote on next week.

The county now has $154 million in reserves, the lowest level in 10 years.

This significant reduction in our reserves is worrisome because we should be replenishing our revenues, not depleting them.

Economists predict a mild recession in the next 18 to 24 months which is why it is critically important we take the steps now to maintain our future fiscal strength,County Manager John Maltbie wrote in a statement.

The 2016-17 recommended budget for all funds, such as the Road Fund and others, totals $2.6 billion with 5,438 positions and $322.3 million in reserves. The board will vote on an updated budget from Maltbie that includes an extra $219 million in spending from September largely due to increases for capital and infrastructure projects, rollovers and Measure A funding. Missing from the budget, however, is a $40 million proposal to convert an unused downtown Redwood City jail into Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

The county has spent significantly in recent years on major projects such as a new $200 million correctional facility and $50 million dispatch center, said Supervisor Don Horsley. Replacing the Cordilleras Mental Health Facility will also cost $100 million, Horsley said.

"Where is all the money coming from? Horsley said." The county has a lot of projects it needs to complete, he said, but they need to be prioritized. "There may be a significant downturn in 2018," Horsley said about the economy."

DAILY JOURNAL: County’s reserves dwindling: Board of Supervisors to consider $1.7 billion General Fund budget

CBS NEWS: Linda Mar Beach Surfers Share Once in a Lifetime Experience with Humpback Whales

Tuesday Jun 14, 2016

"The whales didn’t mind the surfers and the surfers didn’t mind the whales. Everybody seemed to get along just fine....A group of surfers had a once in a lifetime experience that was captured on video last weekend when they encountered whales feeding off the coast of Pacifica."

CBS NEWS: Continuing Coverage | WATCH: CBSN Live | LISTEN: KCBS Radio Lucky Pacifica Surfers Have Close Encounter With Humpback Whales

UPDATE: Confirmed ! Rumor Mill: Which Pacifica City Council Member May Have Had Enough?

Monday Jun 13, 2016

UDPATE: It's true. We first ran this story more than two months ago April 8 and can confirm City Council member Karen Ervin will NOT be running for re-election.

We'll have an update next week with the name of the realtor-sponsored candidate who will be attempting to replace her.

We've heard rumors since late last week that a Pacifica City Council Member has privately been advising confidantes that they've had enough of the show, and will be voluntarily terminating their relationship with the City.

Again, it's a rumor but its sources have been historically accurate, and we thank this council member for their service.

We've reached out to the party and are awaiting a reply.

All Four Local Ballot items pass easily: Measure D: Yes (76.38%), Measure E: Yes (73.52%), Measure AA: Yes (71.49%), Proposition 50: Yes (79.93%)

Wednesday Jun 08, 2016

8:05pm Mail in Election Votes Show all Local Measures Passing

Tuesday Jun 07, 2016

Update: At 9:28PM we have projected that all four ballot measures will pass.

8:05pm Mail Votes Update:

Measure D (11.3% reporting): 71.98 (yes) 28.02 (no)

Measure E (9.9% reporting) : 69.37 (yes) 30.63 (no)

Prop 50 (14% reporting) : 80.74 (yes) 19.26 (no)

Measure AA (14% reporting): 69.33% (yes) 30.67% (no)

New Library Survey: Would your household vote to pay $5451.00 in new taxes for a new $35.5M Pacifica Library?

Saturday Jun 04, 2016

The new 30 minute Pacifica Library Bond survey reveals the median new homeowner will likely be asked to vote to tax themselves an additional $5451.00 each.

$790,000 = Median home sale price (per Trulia)
$23 per $100,000 of assessed property valuation
$35.5 million = Cost of new Library
30 Years = Term of Bond

Read all 83 questions on the Jun 3 2016 GlobalTestMarket Pacifica Library Survey without taking survey:

The most common question on the thirty minute, 83 question survey (repeated three times):

"the PACIFICA PUBLIC LIBRARY EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE AND SAFETY UPGRADE MEASURE, which would build a new Pacifica Public Library to better serve residents by issuing $35,500,000 in bonds at legal rates, requiring financial audits, citizens' oversight, all funds for the Library. If the election were held today, please indicate how you would vote: Select one [Yes, No, Don't Know]"

Read all 83 Questions on the 30 Minute Pacifica Library Questions WITHOUT Taking the Survey

See all our "Underwater Library" stories about the New Pacifica Library

Harmony @ One Drone Video

Friday Jun 03, 2016

SFGATE: New FAA flight paths bombard Pacifica with noise

Thursday Jun 02, 2016

"...FAA information that came to light for the first time last month revealed that about one of every six planes flying over the city is coming from Oakland International, said Dan Stegnick of the noise advisory group. The Oakland planes fly even lower than SFO jets and closer to SFO than many of OAK's own flights, even though they are supposed to be giving SFO a wide berth.

... Prompted by a surge in noise complaints, the FAA is currently studying changes to flight paths that could give Pacifica and other Peninsula communities some relief, but their final recommendations are not expected for many months if not years.

Some of the suggestions that have been deemed feasible and earmarked for further study are:

— Reduce vectoring, eliminate early turns over land. Focus on leaving aircraft over water as long as possible.

— Push the SSTIK route farther over water.

— Begin a nighttime south departure.

— Adjusting NITE (a nighttime route) air traffic to eliminate early turns over land between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier, whose 14th District includes Pacifica, is co-sponsoring legislation to fund a study on the impact of airplane noise and air pollution on residents' health."

SF GATE: New FAA flight paths bombard Pacifica with noise

HMB to Host General Plan, Local Coastal Land Use Plan Update Meeting Tonight 6:30pm Thurs Jun 2 2016

Thursday Jun 02, 2016

"The city’s General Plan Advisory Committee will host two meetings this month to discuss and gather input on the draft Local Coastal Land Use Plan, or LUP — a state-mandated document covering a range of city facets from the preservation of open space to accommodating transportation demand and the centerpiece of the city’s General Plan.

Half Moon Bay is just one of two cities throughout the state that is entirely located within the Coastal Zone — meaning the Coastal Commission must ultimately approve the LUP which has more rigorous requirements than a typical general plan, said Jill Ekas, the city’s senior management analyst working on the plans...

The first public hearing begins 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 2, at 537 Kelly Ave. Another meeting will be held Thursday, June 30. Visit for more information and to review the draft LUP. "

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Half Moon Bay outlines goals, plans: Public input sought for city’s General Plan, Local Coastal Land Use Plan

CalPERS Chief Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy & Fraud

Tuesday May 31, 2016

"Fred Buenrostro, 66, of Sacramento, CEO of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System from 2002 until he was forced out in May 2008, pleaded guilty in July 2014 to conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud. He agreed to tell federal and state investigators everything he knew about the scandal and related instances of corruption, as well as the bribes paid by Alfred Villalobos, who committed suicide in January 2015 as he was about to go to trial.

Prosecutors said that from 2004 onward, Buenrostro accepted $200,000 in paper bags and a shoe box from Villalobos, along with paid business trips, while steering CalPERS investments to companies that paid Villalobos up to $50 million. After leaving the 1.8 million-member pension fund, he became a paid consultant to one of Villalobos’ companies, then refused in March 2010 to testify to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which was investigating CalPERS. A month later, prosecutors said, he received $50,000 from Villalobos in a purported loan that he never had to repay."

SFGATE: Ex CalPERS chief sentenced to prison for bribery scheme

Lawsuit of the Day: Luigi Latorella (Luigi's Pizza) vs Seabowl filed May 27 2016

Sunday May 29, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: While this accident occured almost two years ago, but the court filing is from two days ago.

Plaintiff incorporates facts preyiously set forth as if set forth herein at length herein. At approximately· 9:45 p.m. on the date of loss Mr. Latorella was lawfully operating his 2004 Nissan Sentra eastbound on Sharp Park Road in Pacifica, California. Defendant Rosa was operating a 1993 Ford Econoline 250, owned, or provided to him, by Sea Bowl Pacifica, Inc. On the date of loss, Rosa was traveling behind Mr. Latorella before, slamming into the rear of Mr. Latorella's car. Rosa immediately fled the scene of the collision. Prior to the impact, Mr. Latorella received no warning signs of the impending collision, no horn, no skid. Mr. Latorella was wearing his seat belt at the time of impact. Upon impact, Mr. Latorella sustained serious physical injuries and immediately after the impact, sever emotional distress. Mr. Latorella's car was a total loss. Rosa caused this accident and then exacerbated Mr. Latorella's damages by immediately fleeing the scene of the accident.

Each defendant contributed to the negligent, reckless, careless, and unlawful operation of the motor vehicle, operated by defendant Rosa, which he negligently drove into plaintiff's motor vehicle, in violation of safe and reasonable vehicle operation procedures and California Vehicle Codes, causing the collision and the resulting injuries to Plaintff, including but not limited to physical injury, emotional injury, loss of use of property, medical expenses, general damages, property damage, loss of earning capacity. Rosa also caused severe emotion distress to Mr. Latorella by immediately fieeing the scene of the collision without care for Mr. Latorella's condition, or need of assistance, after the collision. Rosa fled the scene without identifying himself, or exchanging information with Mr. Latorella.

Defendants' negligence and Rosa's intentional acts were a substantial factor in causing harm to Mr. Latorella.

Plaintiff suffered damages in an amount according to proof.

LAWSUIT: Luigi Latorella vs. Seabowl

Asked and Answered: How Much was the Entire Parcel Tax and What Was it Spent On?

Saturday May 28, 2016

We've graphed how the entire $8.8 million Pacifica School District Parcel Tax from 2008-2015 was spent:

86% Teacher Salaries ( $7,537,178 )
08% Counseling Program ( $660,367 )
03% BTSA- Beginning Teacher ( $302,017 )
03% Literacy/Math Coaching ( $279,130 )
00% Geometry Districtwide ( $11,700 )
00% Teacher Sci Development ( $6,510 )
00% Homework Club ( $4,242 )

(note: 2009 PSD Parcel Tax annual report was not available and is not included).

Asked and Answered: What was the Parcel Tax Spent on in 2013 & 2012?

Saturday May 28, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've had some email requests yesterday requesting information on parcel tax expenses beyond 2014.
Keep the questions coming at

Here's the State of California annual report on PSD parcel tax expenditures for 2013:

$1,514,498 Teachers Salaries
$0,143,099 Counseling Program
$0,005,200 Geometry Districtwide
$0,000,400 BTSA- Beginning Teacher

...And 2012:

$766,500 Teachers Salaries
$016,806 BTSA- Beginning Teacher
$103,545 Literacy/Math Coaching
$121,276 Counseling Program

2013 PSD Parcel Tax Annual Report

2012 PSD Parcel Tax Annual Report

Asked and Answered: How Much do Pacifica Teachers Make and How do they Rank?

Friday May 27, 2016

We've been flooded with emails asking questions about the school bond and the number one question boils down to:

"What is the average salary of Pacifica teachers?"

The answer is $66,134 (2014 average salary with a 2% per year bump).

Pacifica teachers are the 2nd lowest (Pacifica School District) and 5th lowest (Jefferson Union School District) paid teachers in San Mateo County.

Of course, total compensation includes salary and benefits, and curiously Pacifica teachers have some of the most expensive benefit packages in SMC.

That said, expensive benefits don't always mean the best benefits, and the low annual turnover of Pacifica's approximately 400 teachers means we probably have an older workforce that has more expensive medical coverage.

Measure D: Pacifica School District Revenues, Expenditures, and Historical Parcel Tax Spending

Thursday May 26, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: You asked for it, you got it. We'll have the Measure E $60 per year JUHSD parcel tax numbers next week for comparison.

Voters in the June 7 primary will decide on the Pacifica School District annual $118 per parcel tax for ten years.

Financial Impact: $1180 per homeowner/parcel ($118 per year x 10 years).

Those interested in how the parcel tax and Pacifica School District budget was spent in 2015-16 can check out the pie charts below.


88% Teachers Positions ($1,125,000)
06% Counseling Program ($ 75,546)
06% BTSA - Beginning Teacher ($ 75,000)
00% Outdoor Education (Science) ($0)
00% Library Media ($0)


36% Teachers
27% Benefits
13% Classified
10% Services
07% Administration
05% Instr Mats/Books
02% County Costs

2015-16 REVENUES:

39% LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula)
23% Property Taxes
12% EPA
06% Mandated (CCSS)
06% State SPED
04% Parcel Tax
03% Federal
04% Other State/Local
02% Lottery
01% Lease/Interest
00% CA Clean Energy

Pacifican & City of San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer Won't Run for SMC Sheriff

Wednesday May 25, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pacifica Palindrome Wizard Alan Wald remarks: "n/a: Susan."

San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer announced Tuesday she would not embark on a campaign to secure the title of San Mateo County sheriff in the 2018 election. Manheimer, who has more than 30 years of policing experience, considered running for the county’s top law enforcement position after Sheriff Greg Munks announced in November he would not seek re-election. Munks’ early announcement prompted San Mateo County Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos to quickly throw his hat in the ring and Manheimer to announce she too would consider the elected position. Still more than two years before countywide voters will have a say, other candidates may rise to the surface. But taking on a campaign and leaving the San Mateo department ultimately led Manheimer to decide to focus on her family and continuing serving as the local community’s chief.

DAILY JOURNAL: San Mateo police chief won’t seek sheriff job: Susan Manheimer opts not to run in 2018 election

The City Attorney's Review of the 2006 Quarry Initiative

Wednesday May 25, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Q&A starting on page 22 of the 83 page doc and is probably the most valuable.

We think the Pacifica City Attorney (a subcontracted law firm) should again answer written questions from the public on the current quarry ballot initiative including:
"What happens if the current developer goes bankrupt a day after the ballot initiative passes?"

Remember: Anything other than the exact text on the ballot initiative is irrelevant. The developer can promise everyone the moon or a pink pony, but only the exact legal text on the ballot initiative matters.


1. Table of Contents
2. Elections Code Section 9212 Report on "An Initiative to Authorize the City Council to Approve a Mixed-Use Residential Commercial Development on the Rockaway Quarry"
3. Questions & Answers
4. Exhibit 1: Text of Initiative
5. Exhibit 2: Text of Pacifica Ordinance No. 391- C.S. (Codifying 1983 Ballot Measure)
6. Exhibit 3: Zoning Code Article 12
7. Exhibit 4: Rockaway Beach Specific Plan
8. Notes

LEGAL ANALYSIS Q & A: Pacifica City Attorney Review of 2006 Quarry Initiative

State Sen Mark Leno's Bill 1413 Aims to Make it Easier for School Districts to Build Worker Housing like the Oddstad School Project

Monday May 23, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Leno's 1413 would allow school districts to use surplus property for worker housing, particularly relevant for Pacifica's upcoming Measure D & E votes in two weeks. The $118 & $60 annual school parcel tax to be extended for ten years, would fund the Oddstad School Housing Project, which will almost certainly be green lit if Measure D passes.

" As interest and momentum builds across the Peninsula to build workforce housing for school teachers and faculty, a San Francisco senator is looking to supplement the effort through new legislation. State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, authored Senate Bill 1413, which aims to clear the path for school districts interested in using surplus property to build affordable housing projects and help educators live in the communities where they teach. The bill, which Leno said he expects will reach the Senate floor next week, could have particular resonance in San Mateo County as a variety of local school districts have expressed interest in building housing projects as a means of offering staff relief to the constantly escalating cost of living. Leno, who represents some communities on the northern tip of San Mateo County, said he believes the bill could be a tremendous asset locally where so many school districts are struggling to attract and retain quality teachers. “It’s not news that the entire Bay Area has a serious housing crisis, both in availability and access, and it is becoming ever more difficult for people to live anywhere near their place of employment,” he said. “It has special impact on school districts, because it is becoming ever more difficult to find teachers who will put up with the fact of having to spend between 50 and 60 percent of their income on housing.” "

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Teacher housing gains legislative support: Bill clears path for school districts to build residential projects

Full City Council Agenda May 23, 2016

Friday May 20, 2016


1. Approval of Disbursements for 05/01/16 through 05/13/16
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to approve attached list of disbursements for 05/01/16 through 05/13/16.

2. Approval of Minutes
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to approve the minutes of the regular City Council meeting held on May 9, 2016.

3. Proclamation Confirming Existence of Local Emergency of the Pacifica Coastline from Westline Drive to the End of Beach Boulevard.
PROPOSED ACTION: Accept current photos as of May 17, 2016 (Attachment 2) and move to continue proclamation confirming the existence of local emergency.

4. The California State Department of Education Increase to the Child Care Divisions General Contract CCTR in the Amount of $32,762 for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.
PROPOSED ACTION: Authorize the City Manager to sign the 2015-2016 amended contract with the State of California Department of Education #CCTR-5247.

5. The California State Department of Education Increase to the Child Care Divisions State Preschool Contract (CSPP) in the Amount of $9,228 for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.
PROPOSED ACTION: Authorize the City Manager to sign the 2015-2016 amended contract with the State of California Department of Education #CSPP-5482.

6. The San Mateo County Office of Education Decrease to the Child Care Divisions State Preschool Contract (CSPP) in the Amount of $145,059 for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.
PROPOSED ACTION: Authorize the City Manager to sign the 2015-2016 amended contract with the San Mateo County Department of Educat ion.

7. Resolution of Intention to Continue the Business Improvement District Program and Levy the Annual Assessments for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
PROPOSED ACTION: adopt the resolution entitled "A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica Confirming the Annual Report of the Advisory Board of the Pacifica Hotel and Business Improvement District (BID) and Declaring the City Council&srquo;s Intention to Continue the BID Program and Levy the Annual Assessments for Fiscal Year 2016- 2017 at the Same Rate as Levied in Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Without Change" and sets the date of June 13, 2016 for the Public Hearing on the annual levy of assessments on hotels within the BID.

8. Adoption of Resolution Supporting the City of Pacifica Submitting an Application for the California Coastal Commission Local Coastal Plan Planning Grant Program.
PROPOSED ACTION: Adopt the Resolution Supporting the City of Pacifica Submitting an Application for the California Coastal Commission Local Coastal Plan Planning Grant Program and authorize the City Manager to execute any documents required for the grant program.

9. Adoption of Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a Vac-Con Truck from Municipal Maintenance Equipment Company.
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica Authorizing the Purchase of a Vac-Con Truck from Municipal Maintenance Equipment Company in the amount of $390,751.50; and authorize the City Manager to sign the purchase contract. City Council Regular Meeting 3 May 23, 2016

10. Adoption of Resolution Supporting the City of Pacifica Submitting Applications for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
PROPOSED ACTION: Adopt a Resolution Supporting the City of Pacifica Submitting an Application for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and authorize the City Manager to execute any document/s required for the grant application.


11. Resolution of the City Council of the City of Pacifica Adopting the City of Pacifica 2016- 2021 Capital Improvement Program
PROPOSED ACTION: Continue the item to the next City Council meeting of June 13, 2016.

12. Public Hearing to Consider Recommended 2016-2017 Fees and Charges
PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt a resolution approving the proposed 2016-2017 Fees and Charges


13. Development of the 2016-2017 Budget City Council Regular Meeting 4 May 23, 2016
PROPOSED ACTION: Provide direction to staff related to development of the 2016-17 Budget.

14. Pacifica Police Department 2015 Annual Report
PROPOSED ACTION: Accept the Pacifica Police Department 2015 Annual Report

15. Progress Report on the City of Pacifica Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
PROPOSED ACTION: Accept report and provide feedback.


FAA Releases Phase One Initiatives Regarding Airplane Noise Over Pacifica

Monday May 16, 2016

FAA has just released their long-awaited Phase One Initiatives regarding airplane noise in Northern California:

Thurday May 19 at 7:00PM there will be a meeting at Pacifica City Council Chambers regarding these initiatives.

Pro-Development Quarry Owner's Group Rep Jeff Flint States They have Submitted Signatures to Pacifica City Clerk's Office

Monday May 16, 2016

"Signatures Submitted to Place Rockaway Quarry Proposal on November Ballot

PACIFICA, CA - Just shy of 3,200 signatures were submitted to the Pacific City Clerk today to place a measure on the November ballot in Pacifica, giving voters the power to decide on the proposed plan for restoration and limited development on the Rockaway Quarry site. In order to place this measure on the ballot, no fewer than 10 percent of all registered voters were required to sign a petition calling for the proposed project to go on the ballot, meaning just over 2,200 valid signatures were required. Pacifica law requires any residential development at the Quarry to be voted on by residents.

“After over a year of planning, public input, and meetings with elected officials, community leaders and local groups, we’ve come up with a balanced plan that will restore the Quarry land and provide new recreation, hospitality and housing in Pacifica, through responsible and limited development,” said Paul Heule, managing director of Preserve@Pacifica LLC, the owners of the site.

The plan calls for 75 percent of the 86-acre site to be preserved as permanent open space. The proposal includes reclaiming the old quarry site, shoring up fragile hillsides, and restoring coastal wetlands along Calera Creek. Trails would be built out to connect Rockaway Beach to Mori Point, and a Creekside Park would be created.

The ballot measure does not rezone the property nor grant any entitlements. Instead, it grants voter approval to the Pacifica City Council to review the plan, within strict limits on the size and scope of development. The maximum development the Council could approve would be a 200 room hotel, 13,000 square foot conference center, 35,000 square feet of retail and office, and no more than 206 residential apartment units. 25 of the units would be live-work units, and 20% of the remaining units would be designated as affordable. The measure would require the City Council to confirm that green building standards be used, and that a traffic mitigation plan be adopted and all traffic fees paid before any building permit issued. “This plan is much smaller than previous proposals, and we believe consistent with the majority of residents are open to some sensitive development at the Quarry,” said Heule.

The City Clerk will transmit the signatures to the San Mateo County Registrar of voters. If signatures are verified for 10 percent of Pacifica voters, the initiative will go to the City Council to be placed on the ballot. "

$2.7M Harmony @ One's Cousin 4096 Fassler Ave On Market through Coldwell Banker

Friday May 13, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: This looks like the parcel S of Harmony @ One, likely subject to same conditions.

"Stunning lot that has been approved for a 4300 SF home with separate guest house. We have preliminary plans for house and guest house. Property is located within the Harmony @ One subdivision, but is not governed by the HOA. 2-acre flat parcel that sits at the top of the hill with views of the Pacific Ocean. "

REDFIN: Harmony @ One's 4096 Fassler on Chopping Block for $2.7M

Pro-Development Quarry Event Draws Small Group

Friday May 13, 2016

A Pro-Development Quarry Event at Nick's Rockaway Beach drew about 33 people last night including all sides of the argument.

Quarry developers did not address whether the "multi family housing unit" term legally described an apartment unit or an apartment building. The answer is both, and a potential hole in the ballot initiative argument you could drive a truck through.

A quick fact check on the Quarry owner's repeated claim that Pacifica Schools would directly benefit from Quarry development shows that claim to be unlikely.

Pacifica last year had $1.6M and $1.7M (2015 & 2016)in excess ERAF (educational revenue augmentation funds) it chose to spend on other things like the $5M Palmetto Streetscape, so the likelihood of additional funds going to schools is questionable at best.

At any time in the last thirty something years- including today, the developers could have built Hotel or Commercial on the site. They simply chose not to.

Hotels generate 12% of revenue for the City, Commercial typically returns a paltry 0.75% to the city, and infrastructure for residential apartments is typically subsidized by taxpayers ($17M for a new 2.1M gallon sewage tank behind the Pacifica Community Center last year alone).

FBI Bugged Alameda Courthouse in Mortgage Bid-Rigging Investigation

Friday May 13, 2016

Federal agents planted hidden microphones and conducted secret video surveillance at Alameda County’s Rene C. Davidson Courthouse for ten months, despite having no court warrant.

The surveillance operation was part of an investigation into alleged bid rigging at foreclosed property auctions where thousands of houses and apartment buildings were sold by banks....

...the FBI planted hidden microphones inside light fixtures on the courthouse’s exterior steps to capture the conversations of people attending the foreclosure auctions. Cameras and microphones were installed in parked Alameda County vehicles next to the courthouse. The FBI even hid a microphone in the AC Transit bus stop on Fallon Street, and dropped a bugged backpack next to a statue inside the courthouse.

EAST BAY EXPRESS: FBI Hid Surveillance Devices Around Alameda County Courthouse

Pacifica Historical Society's Rummage Sale Today & Tomm May 13 & 14

Friday May 13, 2016

Nobody loves the Pacifica Historical Society more than us. Don't miss their legendary rummage sales today 9am!

Capital Budget 2016-17 from 05/12/16 Pacifica City Council Meeting

Thursday May 12, 2016

Capital Budget 2016-17 from 05/12/16 Pacifica City Council Meeting:

FUNDS 16,22, 30, 34, 38:

CB5 Palmetto Streetscape, Phase I
CB6 2212 Beach Boulevard and New Pacifica Library Projects
CB7 Collection System Project FY2016-17
CB8 Wastewater Treatment Facility and Pump Station Condition Assessment
CB9 Sanitary Sewer Service Charges and Sewer Connection Fees Rate Study
CB10 Pier Repair
CB11 Rockaway Beach Revetment Repair
CB12 Westline Drive Sinkhole Repair
CB13 500 Block Esplanade Rock Revetment Repair
CB14 Beach Boulevard and Salada Avenue Sinkhole Repair
CB15 Beach Boulevard and San Jose Avenue Handrail and Column Lighting Repair

FUNDS 12, 22, 34, 38
CB17 Fund 12 - Highway 1 Improvement Fund
CB18 Calera Parkway and/or Highway 1 Transportation Improvement Project
CB19 San Pedro Creek Bridge Replacement
CB20 Frontierland Parking Lot & Turn Around Improvements
CB21 Snowy Plover Fencing and Signage at Pacifica State Beach
CB22 Brighton Pump Station Upgrade FY2016-18(Formerly Brighton Pump Station Upgrade FY 2015-16
CB23 OCE Settlement! Supplement Environmental Project
CB24 Collection System Capacity Improvement Projects
CB25 Equalization Basin Project
CB26 Collection System Rehabilitation and Replacement Projects
CB27 Lateral Grant Assistance
CB28 Digesters
CB29 CCWRP Pump Replacement
CB30 CCWRP SCADA and PLC Upgrade (Formerly CCWRP SCADA and PLC Upgrade FY 2015-16
CB31 Calera Creek and Wetlands Maintenance
CB32 CCWRP NPDES Permit Renewal
CB33 CCWRP Roof Improvements
CB34 Beach Boulevard Seawall Repair
CB35 Beach Boulevard Seawall Repair
CB36 West line Drive Slope Repair
CB37 Sinkhole Repair

CITY OF PACIFICA: Capital Budget 2016-2017

Uoyakutei Japanese Restaurant Coming to Burned Out Prime Rib Location at 4408 Pacific Coast Hwy

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Please welcome Uoyakutei Japanese restaurant coming to the recently rebuilt Prime Rib Location at 4408 Pacific Coast Highway.

Sushi, Sashimi & Fish Tacos.

Quarry Developer Eenhorn's Lawsuit Against City of Grand Rapids Revived Despite Flooding Agreement

Tuesday May 10, 2016

"A lawsuit against the city of Grand Rapids sparked by historic flooding is moving forward....

In a decision released Friday, The Michigan Court of Appeals said Plaza Towers can proceed with its lawsuit against the city over damage caused by flooding in April 2013. ...

A judge previously threw out the lawsuit, citing a 1989 agreement between the city and Plaza Towers that protected the city from damage caused by flooding.

However, the Court of Appeals ruled that agreement only protects the city from damage related to the sewer running beneath Plaza Towers. The court ruled the lawsuit was unrelated to the sewer system, so the Kent County case should continue."

CHANNEL 8: Plaza Towers flooding suit against GR revived

MICHIGAN LIVE: City bites back on Plaza Towers flooding lawsuit, blames damage on 'faulty building design'

Realtor arrested for alleged $1.5 million scam of elderly

Tuesday May 10, 2016

"Three elderly people were each scammed out of about half a million dollars by a real estate agent who promised them cheap homes in Santa Clara County but pocketed the cash and never turned over the houses, authorities said Tuesday.

One of the victims, a 73-year-old man, told sheriff’s deputies that the woman, Geana Or, approached him with an offer to buy two homes that were approaching foreclosure and instructed him to write cashier’s checks in her name, officials said. Between January and March last year, the man wrote her 10 checks totaling $475,000, according to Sgt. James Jensen, a sheriff’s spokesman...

Deputies arrested Or on May 1 on a $1 million warrant. She has since bailed out of jail...

Detectives believe there may be additional victims and asked anyone with information to call (408) 868-6631.

SF GATE: Realtor arrested for alleged $1.5 million scam of elderly

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Pacificans rally against quarry development

Saturday May 07, 2016

"As every Pacifica household received a piece of mail this week from the Quarry developer, “Preserve @ Pacifica,” reactions have been less than favorable.

Signs against the proposed development and the proposed voter initiative have sprung up all over town, while those who seek to gain enough signatures on a petition to put the initiative on the ballot are traveling door to door through neighborhoods and setting up tables in front of supermarkets.

Several local residents called the Tribune last week to oppose both the methods the developer is using to bring his project to Pacifica and the project itself.

“This developer is coming off as a conservationist. It’s very deceiving. I was really shocked,” said Kerri Dukas.

Chaya Gordon is a Rockaway resident who feels the developer is trying to overturn the Pacifica ordinance requiring a vote of the people on residential units in the Quarry. “In 1983, the voters passed a city ordinance that requires approval by the voters for any residential development. Therefore, any other development is not subject to the voters. This latest proposal is a developer who demonstrated they have a lot of money to produce materials. They want to very deviously bury in this ‘plan’ the inclusion of 206 residential units. The only thing they need a vote on is the residential units. The quarry is a totally inappropriate place for this development. The coastal zone is subject to flooding from sea level use. “The moneymaker will be the residential units. Nothing else has to be built. Putting a four story building there? That would be ridiculous. Their material is intentionally misleading about this. The initiative is not the plan. They made no mention of the hotel bungalows. They have no legal obligation to do what they are proposing. They are doing nothing about traffic. Try to imagine hundreds more cars every day from the residents and the employees. That would push the bottleneck. It would create a permanent traffic nightmare.

“The initiative states it will ‘eliminate the public vote requirement for any future rezone.’"

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Pacificans rally against quarry development

World Famous Gorilla BBQ Expanding Offices into Vintage at Heart 2130 Coast Hwy

Saturday May 07, 2016

UPDATE: Gorilla BBQ will likely be using the former Vintage at Heart as Office and Storage- the Rail Car will continue to be a landmark.

Few signs off the highway pull more traffic than Gorilla BBQ.

Their thriving business in delicious pork products has leased the building next door formerly the beloved Thrift at Heart store which moved online in November (find them at Vintage at heart thrift).

Gov Brown Raises Smoking Age to 21 as of June 9 2016

Saturday May 07, 2016

""Under the bills, the state will become the second in the nation to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. The five bills signed by the governor Wednesday will go into effect June 9." “This is a huge victory for public health in California and a big hit to Big Tobacco’s ongoing efforts to addict a new generation to the neurotoxins of nicotine,” said Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who authored the bill signed by Brown that regulates e-cigarettes the same as tobacco products."

SF CHRONICLE: Brown signs bill to raise legal smoking age in California to 21

Padraig Michael Hughes Sentence to 90 Days & Three Years Probation for Robbery with Pliers, Etc

Saturday May 07, 2016

"PACIFICA -- A Pacifica man will serve three years of supervised probation and three months in jail for trying to rob five teenagers with a pair of pliers and then crashing into a parked car during his getaway, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office. The sentence, handed down Thursday by Judge Elizabeth Lee, follows 19-year-old Padraig Michael Hughes' no contest plea March 17 to one felony count of attempted robbery and one misdemeanor count of hit and run."

MERCURY NEWS: Pacifica: Man who used pliers in attempted robbery sentenced

Letter to the Editor: Correction: Sharp Park berm not “legally mandated” to be maintained

Wednesday May 04, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We always welcome well-written letters to the editor at Keep them coming.

Correction: Sharp Park berm not “legally mandated” to be maintained

This is a response to the Tribune’s My Turn on April 20.

I would like to correct an error about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species “biological opinion” for Sharp Park operations, regarding the maintenance of the earthen berm (“seawall”) and road top along the beach.

The Biological Opinion is in effect a federal permit, with terms and conditions, that enables the City of San Francisco to operate Sharp Park despite adverse effects (“incidental take”) to endangered wildlife. The Biological Opinion includes a description of the project and the conservation measures proposed by the City of San Francisco.

On page 19 of the Opinion, the Service lists as a description of the project one of those City-proposed conservation measures (31) which include a recommendation to maintain the road surface of the berm for maintenance vehicle access, but not repair or armoring of the berm itself. In fact, the City, quoted by the Service, states that SF Parks and Recreation “does not anticipate hardening or further armoring of the sides of the seawall”.

None of the actual legally binding “terms and conditions” of the Opinion mention a seawall or berm, and none include a requirement to maintain the seawall as a flood control structure. San Francisco is not “legally mandated” by the Service to “maintain and repair the berm and the roadway”. San Francisco, not the Service, has proposed maintenance of the road surface only.

The berm was not an engineered flood control structure, and was not originally constructed under any permits, or with any engineering standards or designs. Thus, its maintenance as a flood control structure by order of federal agencies is not possible. No federal agencies have legally mandated or even recommended its long-term maintenance. The U.S. Geological Survey has indicated the inevitability of shoreline retreat and erosion of the Pacifica shoreline under current conditions and future sea level rise. In reality, with sea level rise, over time Sharp Park Beach will disappear with continued maintenance of the berm.

As for the sediment study, it offers four or five choices (based on benefit cost analysis, geology, etc.) for each section of Pacifica’s coastline. What it doesn’t offer are “favored options”. Local government will decide what is “favored”. The sediment study is actually interesting reading for those citizens who care about Pacifica’s future.

Let readers draw their own conclusions about the accuracy of the remainder of the statements in the April 20 article.

Stan Zeavin
Linda Mar

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Paul Slavin: Coastal plan’s aim for Sharp Park sea wall

SAVE ROCKAWAY LIKES "Pacifcans for Rezoning the Quarry"

Wednesday May 04, 2016

"What set me off is not the potential for voter fraud, it’s the damn name. Seriously. If they called themselves “Pacificans for Rezoning the Quarry” or “Pacifica Residents That Think Low Income Apartments and Lots of Traffic On The Beach are a Good Idea” I would be ok with it. Hell, I’d shake the hand of the man with the stones to call a spade a ***damn shovel."

SAVE ROCKAWAY BEACH: Pacifica Residents for Preserving the Quarry – Seriously?

Cutting the Cord: In Praise of the $53 RCA Yagi TV Antenna for Linda Mar & Rockaway

Tuesday May 03, 2016

UPDATE: If you've got experience with a similar or better antenna, let us know at

A month ago someone emailed us a question here so we did a little research and purchased is $53 RCA Antenna from Amazon and recommend it.
We looked online at a few antenna maps and in Lower Linda Mar we pointed the level antenna at the Harmony@One development. (North of that in Rockaway, point for downtown San Francisco).

This RCA is marked as an outdoor antenna but we put it in the attic (it's a little more rugged than most indoor ones. )

Long story short made short we bought one and installed it in Linda Mar and at another location in Rockaway. Worked like a charm. We've only tested it in lower Linda Mar and Rockaway so my successes have been with those two neighborhoods, but as Linda Mar is about as far away from the majority of antenna positions you can be in Pacifica, it would likely work in many Pacifica neighborhoods.

NOTE: Product description states: 34.5 x 33.1 x 24.2 inches

By the time you get the bracket on it needs at least 46 inches of space to install.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, here is the complete list of the 41 channels this antenna receives well in lower Linda Mar at 7:30AM today.

An additional three marked "* poor reception" are probably achievable if you aimed antenna to optimize these specific channels to the detriment of others.

02-1 KTVU HD
02-2 KTVU SD
02-3 Movies
02-4 Buzzr
04-1 KRON HD
04-3 GET TV
05-1 KPIX TV
05-2 Decades
07-1 KGO HD
09-1 KQED HD
09-2 KQED +
09-3 WORLD
11-1 KNTV TV
11-2 COZI TV
20-1 KOFY HD
20-2 METV SD
20-3 VIETV
20-4 VFTV
26-1 KTSF D1
26-2 KTSF D2
26-3 KTSF D3
26-5 KTSF D5
26-6 KTSF D6
32-1 KMTP DT
32-4 WTV
32-5 NTD
32-6 KPOP
38-1 MMAX
38-2 Sino TV
38-3 KTNC
38-4 Comet (* POOR RECEPTION)
38-6 Works (* POOR RECEPTION)
44-1 KBVW DT
48-3 KSTS HD
60-1 KCSM
60-2 KCSMF24
60-3 JAZZ TV

AMAZON: RCA Yagi TV Antenna

EVENT: Vet's Walk 5k May 29 2016 9:00-11:00AM

Tuesday May 03, 2016

EVENT: Rotary Club of Pacifica and the American Legion will be hosting the second annual "VETS WALK/RUN 5K" on Memorial weekend
ADMISSION: $25 per runner/walker
DATE: May 29th, 9am-11am
LOCATION: Rotary Plaza 1220 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica CA 94044 Walkers, runners, families and friends are encouraged to come out to support our vets. Beginning at Rotary Plaza, walkers/runners travel a 5K route through Linda Mar and return to the plaza. Those interested may Register for the event at or on-site the day of the event for $25 per runner/walker. Registrations and donations may also be mailed to the Pacifica Rotary Endowment Fund (PREF), P.O. Box 1551, Pacifica, CA 94044.

Two thirds of the proceeds from the Walk/Run for Vets event will support Pathway House, a nonprofit organization providing residential treatment for Afghan / Iraq era Vets suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The American Legion will provide refreshments for walkers and runner on the course and Pacifica’s Police Department, along with Rotarians, will ensure a safe route for all participants.

For additional information about the Walk/Run for Vets or sponsorship opportunities contact Rotary Club of Pacifica President Victor Spano at 415-481-2935.

EVENT: Pacifica Sports Club Breakfast of Champions May 14 2016 at 9:00AM

Tuesday May 03, 2016

EVNENT: The Pacifica Sports Club will honor several local athletes at its ‘Breakfast of Champions’
DATE: Saturday May 14
ADMISSION: $10 per person
TIME: 9:00AM LOCATION: The Pacifica Moose Lodge. Program. Admission is $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the door the day of the breakfast. Please join us.

EVENT: Jim Moore Band to play at Chit Chat Cafe, Friday May 6 2016 at 7:00-9:30PM

Tuesday May 03, 2016

EVENT: Jim Moore Band to play at Chit Chat Cafe
DATE: Friday May 6 2016
TIME: 7:00-9:30PM
LOCATION: 5 W Manor Dr Pacifica CA 94044

Senior Services around County like Meals on Wheels Could be Eliminated

Sunday May 01, 2016

"Changes are being cooked up to programs that deliver meals to the homes of Peninsula seniors...

There are different service levels because Meals on Wheels in San Mateo County is administered by a patchwork of different organizations.

In Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, for instance, Meals on Wheels programs — run by their respective cities — deliver hot meals to clients five days per week, and each visit from a volunteer driver is akin to an informal wellness check, as the drivers are trained to notice signs a client might need help.

But in some other Peninsula towns, some Meals on Wheels clients are served by the San Mateo County Medical Center, which delivers a week’s worth of frozen meals with each weekly drop-off...

That leaves Daly City, Colma, South San Francisco, and Brisbane in need of providers, and it is not clear which organizations might step into those roles...

That level of service is less than ideal, said Jim Lange, Pacifica’s senior director of client services, who noted Meals on Wheels drivers are often the first to realize a senior might need medical or social services intervention.

“We’re often there before the paramedics,” Lange said.

It can be hard, and even frightening, for some seniors to admit they need help, Lange said. And the positions of friendship and trust occupied by Meals on Wheels personnel can enable them to persuade seniors to accept help when family members and authorities have failed to convince them.

“Last week, a client was refusing help until Ann showed up,” Lange said, referring to program coordinator Ann Cooney... Cooney suspects there are seniors in need who are not currently being served. The program coordinator noted Daly City and Pacifica each have roughly the same number of Meals on Wheels clients, yet Daly City has more than twice Pacifica’s population, and presumably a lot more seniors who would qualify for the program.

“There’s a gap between need and service delivery,” Cooney said. “So my question is, how can we work together to close that gap?”


Letter to the Editor "Concerned Pacifican" Says Quarry Petition Misleading

Friday Apr 29, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have confirmed that 10,000 copies of the Quarry brochure were mailed out.

We frequently protect the identities of known contributors who wish to remain private citizens. This letter summarizes more than fifty emails we have received regarding the quarry brochure with significantly less profanity.

"Everyone seems to have been mailed a packet from Pacifica Residents for Preserving the Quarry. Whether or not you're in favor of having 206 apartments built right next to the Rockaway Beach area, the information that accompanies the enclosed petition is misleading.

Pacifica Residents for Preserving the Quarry is not a local environmental organization. Rather, it is funded by the people wishing to develop the quarry. They also fund astroturf-type solicitors that have been appearing at major grocery stores seeking signatures for the petition.

If you sign the petition, you're calling for an initiative on the November ballot that would allow up to 206 residential units (apartments) near the Rockaway end of the quarry property.

A vote of the people to approve housing in the quarry was democratically established years ago, hence a ballot measure is required to proceed. There have been several attempts in the past to develop the area with housing, but all of them were rejected by the voters of Pacifica.

The initiative also mentiocns a hotel with a conference center, and retail/commercial space, both of which would generate tax revenue for the city, although there is no commitment to build them, and the initiative is not required. The 206 apartments are the chief money-makers for the developer, and if the initiative passes, they are almost certain to be built. At least 36 apartments would be affordable to persons making less than about $99,000/yr.

The initiative provides that at least 75% of the quarry will be open space, however much of the area must already be protected or restored by the developer, with or without housing.

The most unusual provision says that no further public vote would ever be required to build housing in the quarry, so long as the development is consistent with what is laid out in the initiative. This would seem to allow a sale of the development rights for housing.

Among the objections to the initiative are traffic. Residents and customers of the apartments, hotel, and retail establishments will enter and exit either by a new quarry road that parallels the creek, or by surface streets in Rockaway Beach, which are poorly equipped to handle additional traffic. They will then access Highway 1 at either the Fassler/Rockaway or Vallemar intersections. This will add significantly to the congestion during commute times.

Another objection to the initiative concerns recreation. The quarry is a very popular space for walking, running, biking, and dog walking. Most of those folks would be traveling beside the new road through the quarry. With the hotel, housing, and retail establishments in the area, dogs would seem to be especially unwelcome.

If you have already signed the petition, but didn't realize it was for housing in the quarry, you can withdraw your signature. You must file a written request with Kathy O'Connell, the City Clerk, that includes your name, address, and signature. No reason is necessary, but you may wish to note that you found the materials or people circulating the petition to be misleading. Drop it off in person at City Hall, or mail it to:

     Kathy O'Connell, City Clerk
     170 Santa Maria Ave.
     Pacifica CA  94044

Concerned Pacifican"

Martin's Beach Access Headed to Trial... Could Set Precedent for Shelter Cove Access

Friday Apr 29, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The outcome of this trial could set a legal precedent for public's access to Shelter Cove Beach on Pedro Point.

A state appeals court in San Francisco Wednesday ordered a trial in San Mateo County Superior Court on whether there is right of public access to the popular Martin’s Beach near Half Moon Bay.

A citizens’ group, Friends of Martin’s Beach, alleged in a Superior Court lawsuit that actions by the previous owners, the Deeney family, beginning in the early 1900s created a dedication, or right, of public access to the beach...

In a 52-page ruling, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeal said that the group had alleged adequate facts to allow a trial on that claim.

“We conclude Friends has alleged facts sufficient to state a common law dedication claim,” Justice Therese Stewart wrote for the court.

DAILY JOURNAL: Appeals court orders Martin’s Beach trial: Right of public access at Half Moon Bay property at issue

SMC SHERIFF: Will not cite Martin's Beach accessors for trespassing

9 Months-Pregnant Woman Shot in Back of Head Outside Casa Pacifica on Terra Nova by Ex-Boyfriend

Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

UPDATE: 25-year-old Pacifica resident and Casa Pacifica Manager Marissa Johnson was nine months pregnant when she was shot in the back of the head today.

Miraculously, Johnson survived and will not need to have an emergency delivery.

The shooter was believed to be an ex boyfriend of the victim, but not the father of Johnson's baby.

At or about 8:11AM Wednesday a pregnant woman sitting on a park bench outside Casa Pacifica at 1060 Terra Nova Blvd was shot by a male assailant who fled the scene.

Early police reports showed three incident scenes, and officers combed the scene on both sides of the street for additional shell casings.

Fact-Checking the New Quarry Website

Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We decided to fact check one of the fundamental premise(s) of the Quarry opposition website- that the developer has almost exclusively apartment development experience and is most likely to build apartments.

We culled 14 international job listings for Eenhorn and found only apartment building-related employment... and one corporate pilot position.

Property Manager (Georgetown Estates, Battle Creek, MI)

Seasonal Groundskeeper (Meadowview Apartments, Springboro, OH)

Housekeeper (Porter Spring Valley Apartments, Austin, TX)

Maintenance Technician (Limewood Apartments, Battle Creek, MI)

Seasonal Groundskeeper (Westfield Club Apartments, Lansing, MI)

Leasing Specialist (Arrowhead Apartments, Grand Rapids, MI)

Leasing Specialist (Meadows Apts, Kalamazoo, MI)

Security Officer (Plaza Towers Association, Grand Rapids, MI)

Seasonal Groundskeeper (Windridge Apartments, Grand Rapids, MI)

Maintenance Technician (Briargate Apartments, Portage, MI)

Maintenance Technician (Westfield Club Apartments, Lansing, MI)

Maintenance Technician (Pineridge Apartments, Walker, MI)

Property Manager (Greenwycke Crossings - Monroe, MI)

Mysterious Anti Quarry Development Website Appears - Says Quarry Developer has no Hotel, Only Apartment Development Experience

Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We first saw on PacificaRiptide today, if this is your site and you'd like to be credited or talk about it, please let us know at

"In this stage, despite all the granola crunchy feeling goodness on the website, the fact remains that these parties are telling the truth selectively or not at all. This is not a “Save the quarry” or “Restore the Quarry” – this is “We want to build apartments in the Quarry”. Apartments are where they make their money, and compared to the festering suckhole that is Michigan, the California market must look really good. THE quarry does NOT need “restoration” – that would mean putting most of a very large granite rock back – and what is being proposed is not a “Restoration”, it is simply “Development”. Despite the “Green” feel to thier slick marketing, all of that touchy feely eco-goodness could be started today, if they just didn’t need to slap up a couple of hundred “Low income” oceanfront apartments to do it."

Save Rockaway Beach - Send Lawyers, Guns and Money!!

Eenhorne site

Body on Road at Hwy 1 near Devil's Slide Trail

Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

UPDATE: CHP is stating this is not a pedestrian death but a single vehicle accident where driver was ejected onto road.

"A pedestrian was hit by a car and killed on Highway 1 in Pacifica Tuesday morning, according to California Highway Patrol.

The crash happened around 3:26 a.m. near Devil’s Slide Trail, authorities said.

CHP issued a Sig-Alert at 4:16 a.m. and estimated that the roads on Old Pacific Highway Trail would remain closed for at least two hours."

KRON 4: Pedestrian hit, killed by car on Hwy 1 in Pacifica

HMB Measure F: Taxpayer Protection Act would Require Council Supermajority for Bond Issuance

Monday Apr 25, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: A nascent Pacifica movement to place a similar TaxPayer Protection Act measure on the November ballot is coalescing around concerns about the Beach Blvd Library Project.

Pacifica has its own tortured history with low flying lease revenue bonds including the current lease back of the Pacifica Police Station and Community Center until 2037.

The doomed November 2016 $35M public library bond hasn't even been filed, yet the City is already researching alternative means of funding that would bypass voters.

" Half Moon Bay voters will again consider another citizen-initiated Measure F in the June election and, as in years past, it’s proving to be just as controversial.

A group of residents proposed the Taxpayer Protection Act, which would require a supermajority of the council to approve certain types of financing, and specifically lease revenue bonds, to fund city projects....

Proponents contend elected officials are reckless with city funds, a similar assertion during the Main Street bridge debacle that led to another citizens initiative passed in June 2014, coincidentally also titled Measure F. Now, supporters are focused on lease revenue bonds, which can incur high interest costs. ...

Supporters contend it would only apply to lease-revenue bonds and pointed to the council agreeing 4-1 to take out this form of financing to fund Half Moon Bay’s new library — a $22 million collaboration for which the county agreed to pay for half.

But the city no longer plans to use lease revenue bonds as the Board of Supervisors agreed to loan it the money instead.

Yet that hasn’t satisfied Measure F proponents’ concerns and they argue Half Moon Bay needs a higher threshold for certain financing decisions. "

DAILY JOURNAL: Measure F: Supermajority sought for Half Moon Bay council to issue bonds

SEC Municipal Advisor Rule Notice: the City of Pacifica will rely on the advice of its registered municipal financial advisor for any bond issuances

Councilmember(s) Undecided on Pacifica Quarry Plan - Could go to City Council Vote

Sunday Apr 24, 2016

"Pacifica voters previously rejected plans to build homes on the site in 2001 and 2006.

...Local activist and former Mayor Peter Loeb said the developer’s signature gatherers recently appeared in front of a local market.

Loeb claimed the hand-painted sign the petitioners displayed seemed specifically designed to obscure the professional nature of their campaign, and create the impression it was an amateur effort.

“It looked very grass-rootsy,” Loeb said. “Extremely deceptive.”

City Manager Lorie Tinfow said if the developer obtains signatures from 10 percent of Pacifica’s voters, the City Council would then have only two available courses of action. The Council could vote to enact the initiative, or it would have to place the measure on the November ballot.

...Mayor Pro Tem Mike O’Neill said he hasn’t taken a position on the development or the ballot measure, but he acknowledged Pacifica can be a tough place to get any new construction project approved. “Pacifica is wary of developers, whether local or out of town,” he said.

EXAMINER: Old rock quarry in Pacifica a possible site for housing development

City of Pacifica Releases Proposed 2016-17 General Budget

Friday Apr 22, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Curiously this is the first budget to include no graphs... so we built them ourselves.

Note: Public Works ($2.8M) will be assimilating the five times larger Wastewater Dept ($14M) this year, essentially giving tham an instant $16.8M budget.

City of Pacifica 2016-17 Proposed $30.7M Budget

1. ***Police and Fire combined is 49.8% of the General Budget***
Police services increase to $9,186,300 or 29.9% of General Budget
Fire services increase to $6,098.000 or 19.9% of General Budget

2. Transfer from Sewer Facility Construction Fund totaling of $794,000 to cover Pension Obligation Bond (POB) repayments.

3. Planning Department budget increases by $930,000

BUDGET: 2016-17 Proposed General Budget

What SF's Tanaka Design Group has Planned for the Palmetto Streetscape

Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: (Just click on the map to see a larger version) Today's images are just from Salada to Santa Maria, but we'll be sharing the whole project online with the best blog in town, so check there or check back if you're looking for a particular street.

Blueprints of the Palmetto Streetscape were displayed at last night's EDC meeting.

The city got a $1M grant for this project and took $1.5M from the gas tax-funded 2008 COPS Lease Payment Fund to start Phase 1 of this project.

It's estimated at $5M and will run from Clarendon to Paloma.

58 year old Pacifican Michael O'Brien ID'd as Victim in Highway 101 Hit & Run

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

" A 58-year-old driver who died after a hit-and-run collision on Highway 101 earlier this month in Redwood City has been identified as Pacifica resident Michael O'Brien, according to the Santa Clara County medical examiner's office.

The California Highway Patrol is asking for the public's help to find the driver who fled after the April 6 collision on Highway 101 just south of Woodside Road.

The vehicle was described as a light brown minivan with the partial plate "4AYY---," CHP Officer Art Montiel said.

Around 1 p.m., the suspect vehicle, initially described as a 2000 light brown Toyota Sienna, allegedly clipped a 2006 silver Scion driven by O'Brien, according to the CHP.

O'Brien, who the CHP initially said was a New Hampshire resident, then lost control of his car, causing it to strike the center divider and roll over. "

DAILY JOURNAL: Man who died after hit-and-run was Pacifica resident

Endangered Esplanade Ave Home to be Jacked off Foundation Today, Moved to Different Location

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

A family in Pacifica is taking drastic measures to keep their dream home intact.

The Pacifica cliffside was the site of major damage in January as storms caused high tides and erosion.

The couple's home is set off Esplanade Ave.

Tuesday, a moving company will begin lifting the home off its foundation, partly by using hydraulic jacks. The decision was to do that or demolish the house that is now on dangerous ground.

The home will be moved somewhere permanently later this week.

NBC: Family to Move Pacifica Cliff Dream Home to New Location

Surprise Sunday Sewer Soaking for Linda Mar Beach-Goers

Sunday Apr 17, 2016

About 4:22PM on Sunday April 17, 2016, a packed Linda Mar Beach was treated to a bizarre sewer flow (sanitary or storm) that dumped thousands of gallons of sewer water onto the beach for about eight minutes.

The sewer flow came exclusively from the southernmost sewer drain pipe by the Linda Mar Pump Station, and soaked a group of Linda Mar beach goers enjoying the sun.

We'll update you when we hear back from the city.

STIENSTRA: 20 Orcas Hunting in Monterey Bay

Sunday Apr 17, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've been getting reports of gray whales from Pedro Point and personally witnessed both Orcas and Gray Whales off Devil's Slide earlier this week.

"An estimated 20 orcas have arrived in Monterey Bay this month to hunt gray whale calves, often within short range of whale watching boats out of Moss Landing.

Every spring, Monterey Bay attracts gray whales on their journey north to their feeding grounds in Alaska. From April into early May, orcas from up and down the Pacific Coast arrive to swarm the whales in attempts to separate the cows from their calves and when successful, coordinate attacks and wild celebrations on the surface. It can last for hours."

SFGATE: Orca attacks highlight season’s coastal activity

Bad 'Sheba'! How Bernie Sifry's Dog Sheba Bit (and Hospitalized) Former Mayor Pete DeJarnatt and the Six Figure Lawsuit that Followed.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: This suit was filed on Mar 11 2014 and a conditional settlement was filed June 19 2014 for the sum of $100,000.

We have no knowledge of this case other than what can be gleaned from the docket but legitimate cases that settle this quickly frequently settle for policy limits.

On or about August 8, 2012, on Mori Point, "Sheba", "A dog owned by the Defendant (Bernard Sifry) launched an unprovoked attack upon the Plaintiff (Pete DeJarnatt), biting Plaintiff' s right wrist, resulting in a severe infection requiring Plaintiff' s hospitalization and resulting in permanent weakness and disability to Plaintiff' s right wrist and arm. The subject dog had prior history of unprovoked attacks upon other persons and prior complaints filed against the Defendant by state and/ or local authorities...Sheba had already previously bitten at least two other individuals other than DeJarnatt, while "Sheba" was under Sifry'S custody and control.


SCREW JOB. How Rockaway & Linda Mar Pay Three Times the Building Permit Fees of those North of Sharp Park

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

Linda Mar & Rockaway residents and businesses may have wondered why their new construction permits cost $4,445 per bedroom while the same permits for anyone North of Sharp Park Golf Course's Southern edge cost only a third ( $1,485) of that.

The answer is that you are being taxed for Highway 1 Improvement Fees where the City of Pacifica has judged you to be in a "Primary Impact Area". Of course you can mitigate those costs by never improving your property or listing newly constructed rooms as "offices" not bedrooms, and building the closets out after final inspection, but it's absolutely an inequitable tax.

Technically the divider is: "southerly of the southerly line of Sharp Park (City and County of San Francisco) and its extension easterly and westerly, as shown on "Exhibit A" following this chapter. " Read the muni code below.

MUNI CODE: Sec. 8-15.05. - Traffic impact mitigation improvements: Disposition of Revenues

Recent Pacifican Nicole S Fitts Brutally Murdered, Daughter Missing

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

A recent Fairmont resident Nicole S Fitts was found brutally murdered in San Francisco and her daughter is missing.

"San Francisco police say they’re exhausting every lead to find a missing two-year-old girl, whose mother turned up dead last week.

The body of 32-year-old Nicole Fitts was found in McLaren Park last Friday at the corner of University and Woolsey. Now family and friends are desperate to find her little girl Arianna...
...Police won’t say how she died, but sources inside SFPD tell us Fitts body was severely beaten and that it was a gruesome murder.

I was just boggled, you know. I couldn’t understand how this could happen because they seem like really nice people,” said Dana Galloway who used to live next door to Nicole and her daughter in Pacifica. “I mean, mom was a little strict, but you know, I talked to the daughter quite a bit and she seemed like a really sweet girl and she went to school just down the road.""

KTVU: SFPD exhausting leads in bizarre homicide case with missing 2-year-old

Planning Commission, Economic Development Committee & Library Committee Appointed Replacements

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

At the April 11, 2016 Pacifica City Council meeting, the following commissioners and committee members were appointed.

Rich Campbell
Jack Baringer
Tom Clifford

Tonia Boykin

Trish Sholl
Vanessa Powers
Jerry Crow
Barbara Eikenberry

Ginny Jaquith

MAP: Population Density Maps of San Mateo County

Sunday Apr 10, 2016

Whether you're planning new highways or airport flight paths, population density maps are relevant, yet rarely used.

Click the link below for a larger image of San Mateo County.

MAP: Larger Population Density Map of San Mateo County Area

EVENT: Join Fair Rents 4 Pacifica in Welcoming Candidate Deirdre Martin Thursday April 14 at 6-8PM

Saturday Apr 09, 2016

Fair Rents 4 Pacifica is excited to bring the community together to meet Pacifica City Council Candidate, Deirdre Martin.

Join them for refreshments, meet their local candidate, learn about where she stands on major issues and her vision for Pacifica.

Trust in Government, Highway 1, Fair Rents, and Sea Level Rise

THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 2016 6:00 to 8:00 pm 180 EUREKA SQUARE, PACIFICA, CA at the Event Space near Longboard Margarita Bar

FACEBOOK: Fair Rents 4 Pacifica

Monday City Council Agenda Highlights Housing Element, Pavement Condition Index

Friday Apr 08, 2016

UPDATE: See if your street will be repaved 2016, 2020, or never by clicking here:

Monday's City Council Meeting will highlight the housing element of the general plan and the pavement condition index.

The three largest checks we will write are:
$133,700.08 Publie Employees Retirement System (PERS)
$83,000.00 TIDES Pacifica Resource Center
$11,345.27 Flyers Energy LLC (likely fuel costs)

Pacifica City Council Agenda April 11 2016

Eyes on the Road as Joint Task Force to Issue "Cellphone while Driving Tickets" Tommorow, Thurs April 7 2016

Wednesday Apr 06, 2016

Pacifica's lone police motorcycle will have lots of company tomorrow as a joint San Mateo County task force composed of motorcycle officers from San Mateo, Burlingame, South San Francisco, and Redwood City descend on Pacifica to enforce distracted driving violations.

While technically the tickets will encompass the following behaviors, we expect the ones that are actually traffic violations to be enforced most frequently.

Using a cellphone or smartphone
Eating and drinking
Talking to passengers
Reading, including maps
Using a navigation system
Watching a video
Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player

POLICE: Pacifica Police Department Joins the National Campaign to End Distracted Driving

TONIGHT 7PM at Council Chambers Pacifica Quarry Conceptual Plan Study Session for Planning Department

Thursday Mar 31, 2016


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of the City of Pacifica will conduct a study session on Monday, April 4, 2016 at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard, Pacifica, to consider the following:

CONCEPTUAL PLAN FOR DEVELOPMENT OF THE PACIFICA QUARRY, filed by Elizabeth Shreeve of SWA Group, agent for property owner Preserve at Pacifica, LLC. The conceptual plan includes a hotel and conference venue, multi-family housing units; retail and office space; recreational trails; and, permanent open space. The concept includes development on approximately 22 acres of the 86-acre site.

A study session will allow the Planning Commission to receive input from City staff and the public regarding this potential future development application. The study session is open to the public, although it is not a public hearing and the Planning Commission will take no formal action.

Questions may be directed to the Planning Department, 1800 Francisco Boulevard, Pacifica by contacting Christian Murdock, Associate Planner, at (650) 638-7341 or Anyone interested may appear and be heard at the time and place noted above. The City of Pacifica will provide special assistance for disabled citizens upon at least 24 hours advance notice to the City Manager's office (65) 738-7300. If you need sign language assistance or written material printed in a larger font or taped, advance notice is necessary. All meeting rooms are accessible to the disabled.

Failed Starwood Takeover by Anbang could Affect Pacifica Marriott Offers

Thursday Mar 31, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: 3 of 7 RFQ submissions for the hotel project at 2212 Beach Blvd included possible Marriott hotels.

If the Anbang offer for Starwood fails and they took their second highest bidder Marriott, they would instantly have both the capacity they need and significantly less investment cash.

" China's Anbang Insurance Group will walk away from its proposed takeover of Starwood Hotels, multiple outlets reported Thursday. Starwood shares fell about 4 percent in after-hours trading. Marriott, which competed with the Anbang-led consortium for Starwood, also saw its shares drop about 4 percent in after-hours action...

Anbang had fired the latest shot in the bidding war, offering $14 billion for Starwood against Marriott's $13.6 billion proposal. Just two days ago David Loeb, a senior research analyst at Robert W. Baird, told CNBC he did not think Marriott would sweeten its offer, and Starwood shareholders likely preferred Anbang's all-cash deal."

CNBC: Anbang walking away from Starwood deal: Reports

Pacifica Senior Housing Crisis Makes Wall Street Journal

Thursday Mar 31, 2016

"As young, high-earning workers flock to the San Francisco Bay Area, they are pushing up housing costs for everyone. But particularly hard-hit are people like 80-year-old Lois Plymale.

A former state unemployment insurance reviewer, Ms. Plymale thought she and her dog Mr. Chips would always have an affordable home at the Pacifica apartment building where she settled two decades ago. But after years of paying modest rent increases, the widow saw the monthly rent on her small one-bedroom apartment rise nearly 20% to $1,850 in October, roughly four times the national average rate.

“Being on a fixed income, that just shocked me,” said Ms. Plymale, who is cutting back on groceries and feeling anxious about the prospect of more rent increases."

WALL ST JOURNAL: As young, high-earning workers flock to the San Francisco Bay Area, they are pushing up housing costs for everyone. But particularly hard-hit are people like 80-year-old Lois Plymale

Peebles Corp would Build 100-150 Room Aloft or Tribute Hotel

Thursday Mar 31, 2016

Corporation: The Peebles Corporation
Figurehead: Donahue "Don" Peebles Peebles
Operator: Aloft or Tribute Hotels Target Market: SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest)
Business hotel Hotel Rooms: 100-150
Residential: Yes, undefined
Entrance orientation: Facing Ocean

BEACH BLVD: Peebles Aloft or Starwood RFQ Response

They're Out! Village Partners, Builders of "W" Hotel at Hollywood & Vine and Neptune Marina at Marine Del Rey Won't be Considered for Beach Blvd Project

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

Hollywood & Vine "W" Hotel Developer Village Partners did not make the City's cut to finalists for the 2212 Beach Blvd Project.

Village Partners proposed a 100 to 150 room hotel with the entrance facing the ocean/pier.

Village Partners appeared to be the only applicant that preferred not to phase the construction of building podiums.(see diagram).

We suspect the City is asking the developer to prepare the podium for the library project independently of the $35M library project intself.

BEACH BLVD: Village Partner's Proposal

Pacific Skies Estates Ceases Redevelopment Work, will Submit Coastal Development Permit to City of Pacifica

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

Sometime in March 2016, Pacifica Skies Estates ceased all redevelopment work and submitted a Coastal Development Permit application to the City of Pacifica.

This Coastal Development Permit application will probably be heard by the Planning Commission in April.

Coastal Commission to Hear Fish Bowl Appeal April 13 2016 at Veteran's Auditorium, 1351 Maple Avenue Santa Rosa

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

Appeal No. A-2-PAC-15-0046 (Blackman/O'Connell, Pacifica)

Appeal by Victor Carmichael, The Committee to Save the Fish and Bowl and Hal Bohner of City of Pacifica decision granting permit with conditions to David Blackman and Mike O'Connell for construction of 4 detached 450 sq.ft. apartment units on vacant lot, on 4000 block of Palmetto Ave., Pacifica, San Mateo County. (PF-SF)

COASTAL COMMISSION: Pacifica Fish & Bowl Appeal April 13, 2016

Ferry Service & High Tea: AF Canta's Broughton Hotel Proposal - 123 Rooms, 62 Condos, 42 Residences

Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

Developer: AF Canta
Capital: Red Diamond Capital LLC Co-Developer: Heritage Realty Group
Management of Property Broughton Hotels
Design: Kollin Altomar Architecture
Underwater Library Feature: Rotated 90 degrees onto Sewer Pump Station

Hotel: 123 Rooms
Condo: 62 Units
Parking: Hotel 128 Spaces
Parking: Restaurant 20 Spaces
Parking: Condo 94 Spaces
Parking: Library: 60 Spaces
Target: Corporate Business Travelers
(44.7% 1-4 days duration, 55.3% 5+ days duration)
PLUS: Recc 42 additional residential units

Full 2212 Beach Blvd, Pacifica, CA AJCANTHA RFQ Response

See Kamla Hotels RFQ on Riptide today!

CA Minimum Wage Likely to Rise $1 Each Year to $15 Per Hour

Sunday Mar 27, 2016

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California legislators and labor unions have reached a tentative agreement that will take the state's minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour, a state senator said, a move that would make for the largest statewide minimum in the nation by far.

"This is not a done deal," Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, told The Associated Press on Saturday. "Everyone's been operating in good faith and we hope to get it through the Legislature."...

If the Legislature approves a minimum-wage package, it would avoid taking the issue to the ballot. One union-backed initiative has already qualified for the ballot, and a second, competing measure is also trying to qualify.

Leno did not confirm specifics of the agreement, but most proposals have the wage increasing about a dollar per year until it reaches $15 per hour."

SF GATE: Deal reached to take California minimum wage to $15 an hour

Bye Bye Denny's Building as Chipotle & Panda Express Come to Linda Mar Shopping Center

Saturday Mar 26, 2016

Panda Express and Chipotle restaurants will join Linda Mar Shopping Center after demolition of the old Denny's building at Linda Mar begins sometime next month.

Panda Express will occupy a 2200 sq ft Linda Mar Frontage in a rectangle parallel to the street while Chipotle will occupy a 2000 sq ft rectangle behind Panda Express adjacent to the Payless Shoe Store.

Panda Express ($2.2B revenues, 2014) and Chipotle ($1.2B revenues, 2014) will both have a small patio seating area on the North side of the building, while a small maintenance/garbage building will face Highway 1. says Chipotle pays $9.41/hr and Panda Express pays $9.37/hr.

Expect an early November opening for Chipotle and a mid October opening for Panda Express.

PACIFICA.CITY FLASHBACK Sept 19 2015: We predict Linda Mar Denny’s to become a Panda Express location shared with another company.

Seven Submitted Designs for the 2212 Beach Blvd Project

Friday Mar 25, 2016

In response to a records request we filed 24 days ago the City of Pacifica released seven submissions for 2212 Beach Blvd as part of the Monday Mar 28 2016 City Council Agenda.

Seven 2212 Beach Blvd Proposals

EVENT: Sea Level Rise Pacifica's Choices Mar 24 at 6:30PM Community Center

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

UPDATE: Standing room only event that peaked at over 137 attendees.

Sea Level Rise: Pacifica’s Choices

Thursday evening at 6:30, Pacifica’s Environmental Family and the Pacifica Climate Committee will welcome the public to participate in a conversation about how sea level rise will affect Pacifica for decades to come. The event at the Community Center will focus on adaptation strategies to sea level rise that must be considered for the future of Pacifica.

While this winter’s El Nino damage is the result of recurring cycles that we have experienced fairly regularly throughout Pacifica’s life as a city, we can use our heightened awareness of the ocean and its power to begin as a community to explore our choices for the future. Join the PEF and PCC to learn about our options, the tools now available and how we can reduce our risks.

Pacifica's Environmental Family:

Compromise? Is this the New Library Location Developers, Environmentalists, Realtors and Highway 1 Crowd Can All Agree on?

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

UPDATE: 32/35 in favor, and thanks to the Pacifica Tribune and Riptide's John Mayburry for the link.

Sometime in the last week we sat down with a prominent, very pro- development realtor who laid out his plan for the City.

Half the conversation topics were non-starters, but one idea was very good:

Placing the new Pacifica Public Library in the empty city-owned parking lot on Francisco between San Jose & Salada just N of Pacifica Thai Cuisine.

We ran the idea by twenty three different regular contributors to, both far left far right, and right down the middle. Shockingly, twenty one of them agreed on the location only.

Cost, payment terms, whether to kill Sanchez library, and bond or county funding were all potential deal-breakers for various parties, but the location seems to enjoy rare bipartisan support.

HMB Ritz Carlton Purchased By Chinese Insurance Giant...World Economy Knocks at Pacifica's Back Door

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

In an eerie echo of last December's purchase of HMB Ritz Carlton by current owner Blackstone Group, they are reselling the property as part of a package for $6.5B to Chinese insurance giant Anbang.

Anbang is in the middle of a $20B purchase spree planned for this year, in an attempt to hedge against a likely devaluation of Chinese currency.


HMB REVIEW: The Ritz Gets Sold Again

Vote "Yes" on Measure D Pacifica School District Parcel Tax

Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

Find Great City of Pacifica Jobs at

Monday Mar 21, 2016

Ever wonder how to get a good job with City of Pacifica?

Well, they don't list them on NextDoor or Craigslist, but over at:

The latest posting is for: Admin Clerk in Public Works $3,938 – $4,776 per month This is a full-time 37.5 hours per week position ONLY THE FIRST 75 APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Applications must be received by Friday, April 1, 2016 at 1:00 PM

City of Pacifica Jobs at

Pacifican Katarzyna Trzopek Qualifies for US Olympic Fencing Team

Monday Mar 21, 2016

Princeton's Kat Holmes and Californian Katarzyna Trzopek have earned the final two spots following this past weekend's Budapest Grand Prix. Holmes and Trzopek join sisters Kelley and Courtney Holmes on the epee team.

Holmes took the year off from college competition in an attempt to compete in Rio. She earned her spot with a 6-0 result in pool competition. Trzopek held off four other American fencers to qualify.

Fifteen of the 17 Olympic fencing spots for the U.S. are in place. The full team will be announced next month.

ESPN: United States epee team for Rio Games set

Pop Star Justin Bieber Visits Linda Mar Beach, goes fishing on HMB's Huli Cat

Saturday Mar 19, 2016

Pop star and #2 on the Billboard 100 singer Justin Bieber visited Pacifica's Linda Mar Beach briefly Friday between Oakland and San Jose concerts.

Bieber also visited Half Moon Bay and spent a few hours enjoying Huli Cat Sportfishing.

HULI CAT: Sportfishing and Charter Boat

BILLBOARD: #2 Justin Bieber

Which International Pop Star was at Linda Mar Beach Yesterday?

Saturday Mar 19, 2016

On of the biggest pop stars in the world was at Linda Mar Beach yesterday and went virtually unnoticed.

We'll have the photos and the story on Tuesday morning.

Sharp Park Golf Course Flooding from Sunday Mar 13 2016

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

For the third time this year, part of Sharp Park Golf Course experienced significant flooding.

Public works crews manned huge pumps and pumped the rainwater through two 6" hoses over the seawall back into the ocean.

San Mateo County Ocean Side North Maps Show New Library, Palmetto Streetscape as Only Pacifica Areas Underwater

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

San Mateo County showed these maps briefly at their Sea Level Rise forum, but only posted them online in the last few weeks.

Download the full size PDF, and take a look at how Pacifica's planned new downtown could be underwater... according to San Mateo County, that is.

San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Maps

Keeping Beach Blvd Storm Sewer Drains Clean a Constant Chore for Public Works

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

Amid the giant rusting fangs of the failing Pacifica Pier, a spotter kept watch on incoming waves, while a Public Works employee shoveled out Beach Blvd storm drains by hand about 2:00PM today.

With heavy surf moving tons of sand around every day, workers have been forced to clean out drains on a regular basis to prevent Beach Blvd from flooding.

This location is within a thousand feet North of where Pacifican Larry Moore tragically drowned about a month ago.

Dark Secrets: City Leveraging 2008 Deal to Lease Police Station and Community Center to Deutsche Bank to Pay for Palmetto Streetscape

Sunday Mar 13, 2016

UPDATE: While the stated intention was to save us $2M in interest, this deal ended up costing us more money than had we not consolidated our debt into a single loan but done nothing. at all.

Each of the separate funds were individually 25% revenue-supported by the Gas Taxes, and after that the General Fund.

It was a Pawn shop of a deal when Pacifica had no credit and money was tight in 2008 so we probably won't speculate further about why Pacifica did it, but transparency is essentially when using public assets as collateral until 2037. Statistically four of our five council members probably won't still be with us by the time this is loan is paid off.

Long story short, Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart recused herself for a conflict of interest, Mike O'Neill, Karen Ervin, and Sue Digre voted to give the Palmetto Streetscape $1.5M of the funds, and John Keener voted against.

In 2008, the City of Pacifica leased the rights to use our Police Station and Community Center to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company until 2037 for $19.5M. (p21) in a deal that was never made public.

We still owe $16.7M in principal and lease the properties back on annual basis using the first 25% of the gas tax funds and other monies.

Monday's City Council agenda consideration item #3 obscures that dark secret with the language:
"Accept the report, direct staff to allocate the approximately $1.5 million in funds from the 2008 issuance of Certificates of Participation to the Palmetto Streetscape project;".

P10 defines the purpose:
The proceeds of the Certificates are being used to (i) fund an escrow to cause the mandatory tender and Conversion (as described below) of all outstanding City of Pacifica, 2006 Certificates of Participation originally executed and delivered in the principal amount of $15,725,000 on May 16, 2006 (the “Original Certificates”), as originally described in the official statement relating thereto dated May 9, 2006 (the “Original Official Statement”), (ii) provide funds relating to the acquisition, construction and equipping of certain City public street improvement projects (the “2008 Improvements”), (iii) fund certain costs relating to termination of a swap agreement relating to the Original Certificates, (iv) fund capitalized interest, (v) fund or otherwise satisfy the Reserve Fund Requirement, and (vi) pay the costs incurred in connection with the execution, delivery and sale of the Certificates. See “THE FINANCING PLAN” herein.

The Original Certificates were executed and delivered primarily to refund and defease three (3) of the City’s previously issued lease obligations, and also to finance the acquisition, construction and equipping of certain previous City public improvement projects (collectively, the “Original Improvements”), as further described under the caption “THE FINANCING PLAN” herein. Proceeds derived from the sale of the Original Certificates were also used: (i) to obtain an insurance policy (the “Certificate Insurance Policy”) issued by Ambac Assurance Corporation (the “Certificate Insurer”) guaranteeing the scheduled payments of principal of and interest with respect to the Original Certificates (including the Certificates), (ii) to finance a reserve fund surety, and (iii) to pay the costs of executing and delivering the Original Certificates. See “THE FINANCING PLAN” herein."

P21 defines the collateral: Public Safety Building and Community Center.

In tommorrow's Consideration Item #3, City Council is being asked to "direct staff to allocate the approximately $1.5 million in funds from the 2008 issuance of Certificates of Participation to the Palmetto Streetscape project", even thought that is not the intended purpose of the fund, and indeed nowhere in the document does the word Palmetto even appear.

The document is 266 pages long, email us anything else you find at

ORIGINAL DOCUMENT: City of Pacifica 2008 Certificates of Participation Leases Public Safety Building and Community Center to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company for $19.5M

What Kind of Rebar Are We Using in the $400,000 Repair of the Santa Maria Seawall Sinkhole?

Sunday Mar 13, 2016

The repair cost of the seawall sinkhole on Beach Blvd at Santa Maria was estimated to be $400,000.

In an effort to determine the likely longevity of the repair, we took a look at the type of repair materials used in last week's photographs.

On day one, a stack of bent rebar from PJsRebar in Fremont, CA laid at the intersection of Beach Blvd and Santa Maria.

But was it stainless steel or just regular carbon steel rebar?

Photographs from subsequent days show the same yet to be installed rebar already rusting, indicating it is not stainless steel.

We recommend stainless steel rebar in all future seawall and pier repairs.

Asked and Answered: If Stainless Steel won't Rust, why Did the First Seawall Railing Fail so Badly?

Sunday Mar 13, 2016

The original (first) seawall railing was not stainless steel, it was simple galvanized carbon steel.

Galvanized is just regular steel dipped in a hot zinc coating, which fails rapidly with minor scratches. The oxidized zinc coating actually expands to about four times the area of surrounding concrete, cracking mount holes almost universally where the railing was anchored to the concrete.

The second, current railing was installed in 2001, and is 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel (shown in the photos here), was fitted in newly-drilled holes in the concrete, and is still faring quite well.

Any areas of rust or failure are due to the poor quality of the fittings the new railing was inserted into, not failures of the railing itself.

For example, the connecting collars are not stainless, rather they are chromed carbon steel and rusted immediately.

Likewise, the mounting collars in the concrete that the new railing was inserted into were carbon steel, which rusted, expanded, and cracked the concrete yet again.

There are huge variances in the grades (quality) of stainless steel... the $200 grill you bought at Home Depot or the globe topped cigarette butt holders installed on the beach last year rusted immediately because they had too low a concentration of chromium or nickel. The proper quality Marine Grade stainless lasts almost indefinitely.

We can't change anything that was done decades ago, but we can change how we spend half a million dollars fixing the current problem.

Original Seawall Contract from June 25, 2001 Shows Type 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Railings

Your Seawall is Rusting Away Like an Old Car Because We're Not Using Stainless Steel Rebar in our Concrete

Sunday Mar 13, 2016

Corrosion. It's what's killing the Pacifica Seawall (and Pier).

Walk halfway out on the pier, turn around to face the shore, and North to South you'll see vertical streaks of brownish red where rusting carbon steel rebar is exposed to salt water.

Some places on the seawall the rebar has s completely rusted through-failed completely, it just hasn't fallen into the ocean yet.

Concrete can be made waterproof but most is water-permeable... you could carry a concrete bowl of water around with you all day, but your shirt would get wet.

Likewise, water-permeable concrete allows saltwater through the face of the seawall to the steel rebar beneath.

With fresh water, the alkaline PH (12-14) of the concrete would slow the corrosion of the rebar, but saltwater penetration hastens the corrosion by allowing chloride ions to directly attack the metal. The chemical reaction of the oxidation occupies twice the volume of the steel itself, cracking the concrete and exposing the rebar several inches underneath.

Rebar close to the edge of a concrete panel opens a hole in the seawall and rebar halfway through a panel typically cracks open the face of the panel.

The answer may be using Stainless Steel rebar (which won't rust) in all our seawall and pier patches. The material has a higher initial cost, but essentially lasts forever, and should probably be used on all seawall repairs we perform in the future.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Rebar in Seawall Construction

Room With a View: Workers Punch Through 320 Esplanade to Ocean

Saturday Mar 12, 2016

About 3pm Saturday, a lone wall of windows on the North side of the building was the only thing standing between the road and the ocean.

Workers attempted to keep the wall on the cliff, but as soon as the excavator touched the header beam it fell off the cliff onto the beach below.

First Bite: 320 Esplanade Cliffhanger Falls to The Claw!

Saturday Mar 12, 2016

320 Esplanade fell to the claw just before 9AM this morning.

Several news crews took footage, drone operators caught the scene from above, and Sam Singer Associates Alex Doniach handed out glossy color printouts of the cliff face with a small red circle on them.

City Manager Lorie Tinfow and Public Works Director Van OCampo were on hand to give interviews.

Sharp Park 7-Eleven Robbed at Knife Point

Friday Mar 11, 2016

Pacifica, CA-
On March 11, 2016 at approximately 5:41 A.M., officers from the Pacifica Police Department were dispatched to the 7-eleven convenience store located at 100 Clarendon Road for an armed robbery with a knife that had just occurred. The suspect went behind the counter and stole several types of California Lottery scratcher tickets. The suspect then fled the store on foot towards Lakeside Drive.

The suspect was described as an unknown race male, approximately six feet tall, wearing a black hat, blue pants, and red framed sunglasses. The clerk was not injured.

This investigation is ongoing.

Refer to case number 16-779.

Daniel Steidle
Chief of Police

$7.5M Cash Infusion for Sonoma Shore's Harmony at One Project

Thursday Mar 10, 2016

Fresh off the sale of the first Harmony at One property, Sonoma Shores LLC has acquired $7.5M in new funding related to the project.

SMC RECORDER: Deed of Trust

Harmony at One: Billionaire Bijan Khosravi Buys into the Pacifica Dream

Thursday Mar 10, 2016

Meet Billionaire Bijan Khosravi, Forbes Columnist, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, and the first purchaser of a lot on Harmony at One's APN 022150470 for $2.2M.

In late 1999, Bijan Khosravi struck gold. He had just sold the California company he co-founded, fiber-optics equipment-maker Siara Systems, for $4.3 billion.

ATLANTA BUSINESS JOURNAL: $189M later, fiber-optics firm to be acquired

County Loans Half Moon Bay Another $6M to Build Library

Thursday Mar 10, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a potential way the City of Pacifica might attempt to pay for a new public library that might not enjoy the necessary support to pass the planned November 2016 bond vote.

Unlike Pacifica, San Mateo County offered to pay for half of HMB's new library because it served citizens from outside HMB in unincorporated area of San Mateo County.

HMB suffered both a Nov 2014 defeat of a half cent sales tax Measure O "...To provide additional funding exclusively for the City of Half Moon Bay that can be used to substantially fund our new Library", before the Taxpayer Protection Act last December sought to prevent "...the issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds for the purpose of building a new library..."

The $1046 per square foot cost of the HMB library would suggest a $35.6M cost for the 34,000 square foot new Pacifica Library.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday morning to provide the city of Half Moon Bay with a $6 million advance to cover costs associated with the Half Moon Bay library project...

While the county has pledged the money, the funding source won’t be clear until after the coming budget process

The loan is in addition to the county’s pledge to pay 50 percent of the bill for the project. In 2004, it entered in a joint powers agreement with the city, agreeing to cover half of any costs associated with a replacement or remodel...

The cost for the new 22,000-square-foot building is estimated at $23 million.

HMB REVIEW: County gives Half Moon Bay $6 million advance for downtown library

Pacifica Hires Sam Singer, Most Expensive PR Firm in San Francisco

Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We asked Singer Associates what Pacifica projects they would be managing public relations for. They stated the relationship was new in March, their contact was City Manager Lorie Tinfow, and and they were handling solely storm-related media inquiries.

Fresh on the heels of $28M in new pension obligations, $20M in needed seawall repairs, $17M in Sewage Tank Bonds, $8M in Pier Replacement Costs, Pacifica has hired Singer Associates, the most expensive public relations firm in San Francisco.

Notorious for its positioning of the San Francisco Zoo tiger incident , urinating in the office of his partner, and his stated misson to push "the facts as our clients see them.", the ethics of Singer Associates methods have long been questioned by media experts.

Singer Associates

SFWEEKLY: Trust Me: Who Are You Gonna Believe, Sam Singer or Your Own Eyes?

Relax. Have some Coffee. Tell Jerry All Your Problems on Friday at 9AM in Brisbane

Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

We get your emails, and we know you're pissed off.

Whether it's planning, sewage overflow, mass evictions of Hispanics, brown tap water, aircraft noise, Crespi traffic, the New Library, the Beach Blvd Project, Next Steps at the Coastal Commission or Suing the Snowy Plovers, someone's here to listen.

It's not us, of course, but Senator Jerry Hill will host "Java with Jerry", a free coffee event from 9AM to 10AM this Friday Mar 11 2016 at 402 Visitacion Avenue in Brisbane.

Jerry's one of the good guys and was instrumental in stopping the proliferation of 7-Elevens in Pacifica.

Full Disclosure: Brisbane realtor and SAMCAR member Ron Davis (father of Brisbane Council Member Madison Davis) owns Madhouse Coffee.

Some Linda Mar, Park Pacifica Residents Complain of Brown, Tea-Colored Water Coming from Tap

Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

UPDATE 2: Problem persists Wednesday morninbg...

UPDATE: Pacifica Police Department called us back and advises the Water Department is aware of this problem.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We personally observed this phenomenon. Fill a white tub five inches full of bath water and it appears tea-colored.

Several Park Pacifica and Linda Mar residents have complained about brown water coming from the water supply between 6:30PM Tuesday and 7:00AM Wednesday.

Power Engineering Starts Repair of First Beach Blvd Sinkhole

Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

Power Engineering & Construction of Alameda began repair of the first Beach Blvd Seawall sinkhole early Tuesday morning.

They spent the morning filling large 1000 gallon nylon bags with sand before sewing them shut. Again,steel rebar, not stainless, was stacked along Beach Blvd.

Power Engineering & Construction of Alameda

Giant Three Ton Boulder Falls on Peak of North Bound Shoulder of Hwy 1 Near Sea Bowl

Monday Mar 07, 2016

A boulder estimated to weigh about three tons fell off the hillside on the North side of Hwy 1, very close to where Pacifica resident Brucer Berner was tragically killed late last year.

Linda Mar Beach Closed Due to Sewage Exposure

Monday Mar 07, 2016

Southern Half of Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica is CLOSED due to Sanitary Sewer Overflow reaching ocean waters.

A Sanitary Sewer Overflow from storm conditions on Saturday, March 5, 2016, reached ocean waters from at least two entry points on the southern half of Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica. The beach has been posted with CLOSURE signs since Saturday evening. Samples have been collected, and will continue to be collected to evaluate when bacteria levels are appropriate for re-opening the beach.

All other beach and creek mouth posting remain in effect.

As a reminder, we advise you don't swim in ocean waters during, and 3 days after, a storm event. When swimming in ocean waters, always stay at least 300 feet from a flowing storm drain or creek mouth.


Cliffhanger 320: To be Demolished Tuesday Mar 8, 2016 at 8:00AM

Sunday Mar 06, 2016

The 20-unit coastal complex at 320 Esplanade Ave. is the second of three structures to be demolished along the imperiled edge where, in recent months, El Niño storms have sped up the cliff’s erosion.

“We need to demolish it now,” Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow said Sunday. “Deteriorating conditions on the adjacent bluffs present a clear danger, and demolishing this structure is the only way to prevent it from crumbling to the beach below.”

Pacifica city officials will fence off the apartments and begin removing hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead Monday before the excavators come in and demolition work begins at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

SFGATE: Precarious Pacifica cliffside apartments to be demolished Tuesday

PRESS RELEASE: Hearing on Demolition of 310 Esplanade Continued until Mar 23, 2016

Sewers Overflow Linda Mar as Rain Dumps on Pacifica

Sunday Mar 06, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Several have noted the PGE sign next to the sanitary sewer manhole. The sign was apparently recycled from use in a previous emergency, but the manhole is a sanitary sewer (toilet water).

Sewers on both Linda mar Blvd and Anza) overflowed during last night storms and spilled sewage from 8:04PM until after 10:00PM when a quick but heavy downpour hit the area.

Last week the City of San Mateo set the goal of "Constructing flood control improvements to remove residents in North Shoreview and North Central from having to pay for flood insurance".

Linda Mar's flooding problem is not an ocean-proximity problem, rather inadequate drainage and water intrusion outlined as a priority almost 35 years ago in the 1982 General Plan.

DAILY JOURNAL: San Mateo council sets priorities: City officials discuss goals, accomplishments

Storm: City Officials Worried

Saturday Mar 05, 2016

Pacifica is bracing for the return of El Nino by preparing for heavy wind, rain and pounding surf - all which are expected this weekend, especially along the Pacifica coastline. Public works crews in Pacifica are closing streets and filling potholes along the city's waterfront where an angry Pacific Ocean could produce giant swells up to 20 feet during the weekend's storms. "We're getting 1.5 inches of rain this weekend through Sunday. That's a short amount of time and that's among my concerns," explained Raymond Biagini with Pacifica's Public Works Department.

ABC7 NEWS: City officials worried over Pacifica coast as weekend storm approaches

Sinkhole #4 Reported Weds 6:04pm 50 Feet inland from Beach Blvd at Carmel

Friday Mar 04, 2016

6:04pm PST (Case 1603020226) Public Works Call , Carmel Ave & Beach Blvd (50 feet East of Beach Blvd, sinkhole forming, respondent placed a barrier in the area. Disposition: Log Note Only

Sharp Park Residents hear 9:45AM Explosion, Fire Department Responds

Friday Mar 04, 2016

UPDATE: FireDispatch shows this as" FS71 North County Fire Explosion 401 PALOMA AV ,PCF BC20, E71, E72, E94, T95 ". You can see the dispatch note matches the vehicles on scene.

About 9:45 AM this morning the Fire Department responded to calls of an an audible explosion on Oceana North of Highway 1.

Trucks pulled up at Paloma & Oceana looked around, and left.

Residents on Francisco West of Highway 1 also reported hearing an explosion.

If you find out what happened, let us know at

What a Ground Penetrating Radar Repair of Pacifica Seawall Would Look Like

Friday Mar 04, 2016

A KRON4 article mentioned using "either sonar or radar technology to try and find the weakness in the roadway before they open up. The long-term solution could involve replacing the entire seawall."

Ground Penetrating Radar (hence GPR) would typically use a cart mounted radar to aim 100-400mhz radio waves through the concrete on Beach Blvd at whatever materials remain below.

A computer on the cart calculates how long the radio waves take to reflect back and maps the subsurface profile and any likely voids or cavities.

After detecting voids, a contractor would typically come along, drill a 4" diameter hole in the concrete and pump a liquid concrete slurry into the ground.

There are likely many voids under Beach Blvd (the most recent one that opened up was 14' x 10' x 8' when it finally collapsed), and this is likely to be an annual maintenance item that should be budgeted for until we can finance the required $20M seawall replacement.

KRON 4: City's short-term solution is to find a contractor who can use either sonar or radar technology to try and find the weakness in the roadway

SMC Supervisors Hold Study Session on San Carlos Air Noise 9 a.m., Tuesday, March 8, 400 County Center, Redwood City

Friday Mar 04, 2016

"The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is tackling the increased noise associated with the San Carlos Airport as more flights have led to more complaints.

The county owns the airport, which has seen a 13 percent increase in the total number of flights since 2012 from 117,322 to 132,497 in 2015, according to a report by county Public Works Director Jim Porter.

The board will hold a study session Tuesday to discuss both voluntary and possibly mandatory solutions to the problem... The county, however, cannot require compliance and can do little or nothing to force operations to comply with the measures, according to Porter’s report. ..

At 9 a.m., Tuesday, March 8, 400 County Center, Redwood City. "

DAILY JOURNAL: County takes on San Carlos Airport noise

SMC will Vote to Loan Half Moon Bay $6M More of its New Library Costs

Thursday Mar 03, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps a window into the future if the new Pacifica Library bond does not pass in November.

"The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to provide the city of Half Moon Bay with as much as $6 million as a loan to cover costs associated with the Half Moon Bay library project.

The board will take a formal vote on the action at its regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting, but board members have long-signaled their approval for the project...

The county has already agreed to foot 50 percent of the bill for the project. In 2004, it entered in a joint powers agreement with the city, agreeing to cover half of any costs associated with a replacement or remodel. That agreement acknowledged that roughly half of the library’s users come from unincorporated cities governed by the county. The cost for the new 22,000-square-foot building is estimated at $23 million. According to a San Mateo County Board of Supervisors staff report, Half Moon Bay has $6 million saved up toward its portion of the payment.

...Through its resources from Measure A, Kowalczyk said the county will be able to provide the money in the form of a zero-interest loan. The city will work on paying it back through its revenue streams."

HMB REVIEW: featured County Supes to vote on $6 million loan to city

Beach Blvd Injury: Vanessa Edmondson v. City of Pacifica

Thursday Mar 03, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: We'll let this lawsuit filed Tuesday in San Mateo County speak for itself in alleging the City:

"...should have known about said dangerous condition but failed to use reasonable care to discover, repair, or give adequate warning about or protect against said dangerous condition and risk of harm; that as a direct result of the negligence and carelessness of defendants, and each of them, as aforesaid, while Plaintiff VANESSA EDMONDSON walked on the public sidewalk at said premises, she tripped and fell over the cement block bicycle stand on the public sidewalk and sustained severe personal injuries and damages."

BEACH BLVD LAWSUIT: Vanessa Edmondson v. City of Pacifica

Summer of Whales 2.0 on Deck for 2016

Thursday Mar 03, 2016

All week long we've been getting scattered reports of people having cited whales as far South as Santa Cruz and far North as San Francisco.

Record warm water temperatures should put Pacifica on track for another Summer of Whales, which last year gave thousands of lifelong Pacificans their first closeup views of these magnificent beasties and millions of tourist dollars and international exposure to Pacifica.


$20M to Replace Seawall as 14' x 10' Sinkhole Opens 428 Feet from New Library Project

Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

"Yet another sinkhole has opened up along Beach Boulevard. A snapshot shows the depression in the sidewalk of the Beach Boulevard Promenade that was reported to the city’s Department of Public Works on Saturday afternoon...

It was 14 feet by 10 feet, and 8 feet deep, according to Van Ocampo from the public works department....

The long-term solution could involve replacing the entire seawall.

Crews don’t have a timeframe for that project, and they don’t know where they are going to find the money.

The price tag is estimated to be somewhere around $20 million."

KRON 4: Another sinkhole opens in Pacifica along Beach Boulevard

Hold on to Beach Blvd! El Nino Storms Dumping 6 Inches of Rain on Bay Area in Next 10 Days

Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

A barrage of storms interspersed with brief respites will start hitting the Bay Area on Thursday morning and continue for at least a week and a half, kicking off March with significant rainfall to boost reservoirs and hopes that El Niño will show its true colors at last.

All told, throughout the 10-day period starting Thursday, coastal areas will see about six or so inches of rain, and cities at higher elevations are forecast to be drenched in at least 10 inches, forecasters said. But Bay Area residents will be slowly introduced to the atmospheric river, with the first front delivering only about a quarter to half an inch of rain.

“There’s just a series of very notable rain systems that will be plaguing us throughout the weekend,” said Bob Benjamin, a National Weather Service forecaster. “People should be getting prepared for a very, very wet period.”

SFGATE: Storms packing 6 inches of rain in 10 days roaring into Bay Area

HMB Beachgoer Dragged out to Sea likely 25 yo Michael Dwyer of Brisbane

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday they believe the missing man could be 25-year-old Brisbane resident Michael Dwyer, whose family notified authorities he didn’t return home after a visit to the beach.

The incident was first reported around 1:30 p.m. at Dunes State Beach in Half Moon Bay when a man wearing black board shorts was seen being swept out by strong ocean currents. A good Samaritan in a boat attempted to assist the man, but was unsuccessful, said Lt. j.g. Steven Dross

The Sheriff’s Office and public safety personnel from California State Parks continued to search the shoreline Tuesday and located a 2004 Jeep Wrangler in a nearby parking lot that was registered to Dwyer, said San Mateo County sheriff’s Detective Sal Zuno.

DAILY JOURNAL: Possible ID for man last seen swept away at Half Moon Bay beach

Effective April 5 SM County Times & San Jose Mercury News Merge to Become The Mercury News

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

"...In Silicon Valley and the Peninsula, the San Mateo County Times will join the San Jose Mercury News to become The Mercury News..."

"...In the East Bay, The Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, The Daily Review and The Argus, which serves Fremont, will combine to become the daily East Bay Times. The company will also replace the and websites with a new East-Bay focused site, Subscribers in Oakland, Hayward and Fremont will receive weekly versions of the Oakland Tribune, The Daily Review and The Argus, respectively. "

SFGATE: Oakland loses Tribune, with paper folded into new East Bay Times

Search Called off for Man in Shorts Swept out to Sea in Half Moon Bay

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

A young man wearing board shorts was reportedly swept out to sea near Dunes Beach in Half Moon Bay on Monday afternoon. The disappearance prompted a search that lasted into the evening.

The emergency call came in at around 2 p.m. U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Bill Colclough said a good Samaritan attempted to save the swimmer as the man was drawn out to sea but the rescuer couldn’t manage to safely navigate the choppy waters.

The U.S. Coast Guard launched air and boat crews to search the area. In addition, three rescue swimmers from California State Parks went out to scour the area, and the local firefighters and San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office personnel assisted with the search as well.

HMB REVIEW: Search fails to find man in water

Did the City Meet it's 2015 Goals?

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

COMPLETE: #1, & #8
NO PROGRESS: #4, #5, #6, #10
NO PUBLIC DATA: #7 & #11

One of the completed goals, "priority based budgeting", which the City began on Jul 1 2015 has been an unmitigated disaster for the city, having been cited in City Council meetings several times as a reason that prevented emergency corrective action on several issues and hamstrung the city's dwindling resources.

1. Launch the Economic Development Program

2. Start Phase 1 of the Palmetto Streetscape Project and continue development of the "Beach Blvd" project.

3. Complete the General Plan Update process

4. Repay the $4 million in loans identified in last year's budget.

5. Conduct a community engagement process related to the Highway 1 widening project.

6. Identify how the City can support the development of Affordable Housing

7. Create an employee recognition and retention program.

8. Introduce Priority-Based Budgeting for FY2016-17

9. Construct a new library

10. Raise Pacifica's Pavement Condition Index

11. Conduct a needs assessment related to new City facilities

Saturday Sinkhole Sealed - At foot of Pacifica Municipal Pier

Monday Feb 29, 2016

About noon this morning Public Works patched a third in a series of sinkholes that have been inching nearer the site of the new Public library.

Workers bolted a plywood patch on the face of the seawall, before pouring concrete into the empty hole, and placing a plywood cover over the top.

This specific location was the site of a previous seawall failure about ten years ago.

Boxer Blanca Guttierez Inducted into Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame

Monday Feb 29, 2016

Blanca Gutierrez is well-known in her native Pacifica and beyond as a respected advocate of women’s boxing.

Her Baby Face Boxing gym – which she originally opened to lose weight following a pregnancy – is recognized as the top Bay Area training facility for female fighters.

SFBAY: Blanca Gutierrez earns place in Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame

YouTube: Blanca Gutierrez builds women champions in the ring and in life.

Helicopter Search for Men Swept Away By High Tides

Monday Feb 29, 2016

We were onsite when this incident happened and the majority of the helicopter search pattern was 300-600 yards South of the Oceana Hotel.

A search is underway near Half Moon Bay after reports of a person being swept away by the hide tides hitting the area.

Rescue crews are looking for a surfer believed to be missing near Roosevelt Beach. That's south of Miramar and the Pillar Point Harbour.

Lt. J.G. Steven Dross said multiple reports came in shortly before 2 p.m. about an individual who was last seen going under the surf somewhere along Half Moon Bay's coast.

ABC7NEWS: NEWS Search underway in Half Moon Bay for person swept away by high tides

Every Check the City of Pacifica Wrote in 2015

Sunday Feb 28, 2016

We asked for the disbursement database... instead the City sent us a check register, every check the City wrote last year from General Fund. While some seem like a lot of money, others are more humorous:

$73,415.54 (Chamber of Commerce)
$45.00 (Training for Failure)
$180.00 (Holiday Table Cloths)
$504.00 (Dog Training)
$5762.64 (Mountaintop Insight Consulting)

Email us your favorite results at and we'll post them. Have fun, kids.

PDF: Every Check the City of Pacifica Wrote in 2015

Three of Three Higher Authorities Say the New Pacifica Library Plan is Underwater

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

UPDATE:We've gotten some requests to bump this up based on a related Pacifica Tribune article. Enjoy!

Three out of three higher authorities say new Public Library Plan is underwater.

1. San Mateo County's Coastal Storm Modeling System shows New Library Site Flooded at 150cm

2. Arcadis City Asset Vulnerability Maps show the library site flooded at no sea level rise, 3.3 feet of sea level rise.

3. State of California GIS Tsunami Inundation Maps show the library property flooded.

The library project is likely to be a 30 year bond paid for by an increase in property taxes to be determined by the November 2016 election.

Group 4 Architecture has recently been chosen to design the library.

Perhaps a more appropriate location is in order.

SAN MATEO COUNTY: Sea Level Rise Initiative

How far is the new Pacifica Library from the sinkhole?

How Much Interest Does Pacifica Pay on Its Pension Obligation Bonds Each Year?

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

How Much Does Pacifica Pay on its Pension Obligation Bonds?

We've gotten lots of emails from you about the Pacifica Pension Obligation, and agree the most important question went unasked and unanswered, so we've contacted Assistant City Manager Lorenzo Hines and we'll leave this question at the top of the page forever until it's answered:


"If there's any member of the public who wants or has questions about these finances, they're welcome to contact me at any point... whatever we can do to make sure our citizenry has the information and is as educated as they can be about the issues, is the ultimate goal" - Lorenzo Hines

YOUTUBE: Assistant City Manager Lorenzo Hines on Transparency

Getting the SAMCAR Foxes Out of the Henhouse

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

"The San Mateo County Association of Realtors and the California Apartment Association try to present themselves as grassroots organizations, but are better defined as astroturf. They have self-serving goals — to increase the profits and political clout of their members — not to maintain the stability of our communities. These organizations contribute great amounts of money to the campaigns of their favored candidates in every city, county, state and federal election. Add to this the fact that many elected officials directly or indirectly profit from rental property, and we are faced with enormous obstacles to protect renters who make up anywhere from 40 percent to 50 percent of the county’s population who, along with homeowners, are the real grassroots.

The single solution that these task forces and committees come up with is to build more affordable housing — someday. This is a huge red herring. As we read again and again in the news, developers are being allowed to build luxury rentals rapidly, even on city-owned land. Rather than include affordable units, they donate a few million here and there for the cities to build their own affordable housing, which the cities cannot afford or don’t have the political will to build...

Renters all over San Mateo County have been humiliated, maligned, neglected and insulted by some members of their own city councils, many of their landlords, SAMCAR and CAA. Treated as second-class disposable people and having virtually no housing security, most of them are afraid to step up and speak out about their fear, increased impoverishment and conditions of their rentals. They fear losing their homes and often consequently their jobs, churches, medical providers and schools. A big consequence of this is their lack of participation in our local democracy, which only serves the goals of the lobbyists...The only way to stop the bleeding in this county is to stabilize rents and enact just cause eviction protections. Renters need to know how much their housing costs will increase and have the assurance that they cannot be thrown out of their homes without a valid reason — just like homeowners. We need housing security. Rent stabilization will afford decent profits for landlords and renter protections will ensure stability for everyone — the homeowners, renters and businesses in our communities. "

SM DAILY JOURNAL: OP-ED: Getting the foxes out of the henhouse

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Hears Packed Town Hall of Renters, Realtors

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: There were more than twenty Pacificans at this meeting on both side of the fence.
Hispanic renters who were previously not well represented in Pacifica City Council meetings, showed up in force.
Tenants and property owners packed a San Mateo church Monday night to discuss the region’s housing crisis with many sharing stories of steep rent increases and greedy landlords.

“Emails and letters from constituents triggered my need to call for this town hall,” said U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo.

She shared stories of a 74-year-old Belmont woman who had her rent increase 50 percent overnight and a Pacifica resident who makes over $100,000 a year who cannot afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment considering the increasing cost of child care.

“This is beyond politics and economics. It’s a moral issue,” Speier said.... She also pointed out the imbalance of new job creation in the county to new housing units constructed in recent years.

The county has added 55,000 new jobs but only 2,100 housing units, she said.

DAILY JOURNAL: Town hall offers glimpse into local housing crisis

How a Little Accounting and a Lot of Bad Investment Showed $36.5M in Overnight New Pension Obligations

Sunday Feb 21, 2016

We've discovered the City silently incurred and repositioned $36.5M in new calPERS pension liabilities sometime in the last 600 days without informing the public.

While the City of Pacifica 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) may have been made public three days ago (Fri Feb 19, 2016), it spans the time period Jul 1 2014 - Jun 30 2015.... between 236 and 600 days ago.

Two Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) rules from 2012 and 2013 were adopted in 2015 that required more transparency in public pension obligations...with specific regard to the performance of investments.

The City can forecast in advance how many of its 318 employees are likely to retire each year, and what that is likely to cost, and municipalities or states that invested wisely and achieved higher than average gains should require less funds to meet pension obligations, while those like Pacifica (probably through calPERS) that invested poorly - would require more funds... enough to meet $36.5M of future calPERS pension obligations.

We also apparently apparently achieved a whopping 0% revenue earned on general fund investments, assuming there were any.

Read the 2015 City of Pacifica Comprehensive Annual Report

GASB Statement No. 68 (issued 06/12)

GASB Statement No. 71 (issued 11/13)

Amid El Niño, city backs controversial coastal development

Saturday Feb 20, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the right place at the right price, we'd love to have a new library.
Our city's current financial situation will affect the interest rate we pay for this thirty year bond.

...The council is expected to decide by August whether to ask voters for roughly $30 million in bond financing for the library. Our Coast, Our Future shows the site is not at risk for flooding in the next century, even during so-called 100-year storms -- unless sea-level rise exceeds 6 feet, which is outside the range of most predictions.

Still, local resident Dan Stegink said the city should consider a location on higher ground.

"They're going to build this library at this location come hell or high water," he said, "and, you know, this is high water."

MERCURY NEWS: Pacifica: Amid El Niño, city backs controversial coastal development

2015 Financial Reports Show $27M of New Pension Obligations!

Saturday Feb 20, 2016

UPDATE: After a long review of the 2015 City of Pacifica CAFR we have condluded there are $36.5M in new Pension Obligations, not $27.5M

Pacifica's near bankruptcy at this moment is an open secret, but the 2015 Annual Financial Report through June 30 21015 is shocking even for those those prepared for the worst.

$27M of new liabilities appeared overnight when an end of year audit discovered errors in the manner we recorded pension obligations:

"The City implemented new pension accounting standards during 2014-15, following guidance from the Government Accounting Standards Board. A new Net Pension Liability of $27.5 million has been recorded as of June 30, 2015. These new pension accounting standards respond to public interest about government pensions and provide new transparency about the City's considerable pension obligations and their funding progress. Comparative financial information is presented below to provide the reader with highlights of changes from the prior year. In the following comparative tables, prior fiscal year 2014 balances are presented as originally reported in last year' s financial statements. The City implemented the new pension accounting standards in the 2015 fiscal year that have adjusted the beginning balance for the net impact of the newly reported pension obligations at July 1, 2014. Comparative June 30, 2014 balances have not been restated because all information required to restate prior year amounts is not readily available."

2015 Annual Financial Report

$3M in Fireplace Upgrade Incentives from Bay Area Air Quality Management

Friday Feb 19, 2016

Funding will provide assistance for potentially up to 1,300 Bay Area households to replace older, more polluting fireplaces or wood stoves with cleaner electric heat pumps, or natural gas or propane stoves or inserts. Residents also have the option to decommission their fireplace or non-EPA-certified wood stove, permanently taking it out of service. “This program will help reduce the health impacts from wood smoke,” said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Air District. “This incentive program will provide Bay Area residents, especially those in areas heavily impacted by w ood smoke, cleaner heating options to benefit the health of their family and community.” Incentives range from $750 up to $12,000 maximum depending on the type of new device, income level, location and if the household is exempt due to a wood-burning device being the sole source of heating. Incentives will be available for heat pumps and natural gas or propane stoves or inserts. A full breakdown of available incentives is shown at link below:

Air Quality District: Air District approves $3 million for fireplace & wood stove upgrades

2016 City Council Goal Setting Retreat Set for Next Saturday Feb 27 2016 9am-3PM at Police Station

Friday Feb 19, 2016

Next Saturday Feb 27, 2016 at 9AM at the Pacifica Police Department Emergency Conference Room, the City Council will determine the top ten goals of the city.

A Friday Feb 26 3PM-6PM "teamwork session" will precede the Saturday session.
Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow pioneered Priority Based Budgeting in Walnut Creek in 2009, in which ten top priorities are chosen and allocated funds.

Facilitator McLaughlin will also lead an exercise in which the Council will review all of the City’s services (regulatory, internal and community services) and be asked to make decisions as to whether or not the City is in the business of providing the particular service.

City staff and council set goals

MERCURY NEWS: 2013 Walnut Creek begins revaluating its long-term service mission

Crews Begin Demolishing 320 Esplanade Ave

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: This property was originally scheduled to be demolished in late September of last year.

"Demolition crews are tearing down a two story building at 330 Esplande Avenue. In the video you can see heavy equipment ripping the building apart...

KRON4 does not know why the demolition started today, we are investigating."

KRON4: El Nino: Pacifica apartment building torn down as cliff crumbles

SEPT 30 2015: ABC7 NEWS: Pacifica proposes to finally tear down apartments on Esplanade

Feb 19! Pacifica Beach Coalition hosts Bruddahs of the Ocean Movie Fundraiser!

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Come join us for an evening of big waves, crazy surfers, and fun on Friday, February 19th with shows at 6pm and 8:30pm. There is limited seating so advance tickets are recommended. UPDATE: Pacifican big wave surfer Colin Dwyer and dad Steve will be joining us on Friday for the Premier Screening of Bruddahs of the Ocean, along with Matt Ambrose, Shawn Rhodes, Alex Martins, rescue specialist Frank Quirarte, and of course movie producer Curt Myers. The lineup is building so don’t miss out on this chance to meet the Big Wave Surfers while supporting clean beaches and enjoying a close up look at the Big Wave contests of Mavericks, Ocean Beach, and Jaws! Doors Open at: 5:30pm for 1st show 8:15pm for 2nd show At Mildred Owen Concert Hall, 1220 Linda Mar, Pacifica Tickets: $15 in advance – online (below) or at participating local outlet* in Pacifica. $20 at the door – First come, first serve.

Pacifica Beach Coalition: Feb 19 Bruddahs of the Ocean Event

Danville (pop 42,000) Bans Short Term Vacation Rentals Less Than Thirty Days

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Danville's town council voted 4-to-1 Tuesday to prohibit rentals of fewer than 30 days. The town's attorney said Danville has about 20 households that host through platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. Some residents argued they should be allowed to use their property as they want, but many more said they didn't want Danville's "small town" feel ruined by strangers. Danville is about 30 miles east of San Francisco, where Airbnb spent more than $8 million last fall to defeat a ballot measure to further regulate the industry. Cities large and small are struggling with the issue of short-term rentals. Danville has about 42,000 people.

SFGATE: Picturesque California Bay Area town bans short-term rentals

HMB Goldworks Thieves Arrested in Indiana

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Two men wanted for a brazen mid-morning armed robbery in Half Moon Bay Feb. 8 were arrested in Indiana Friday and are in the process of being extradited to San Mateo County for charges of felony armed robbery, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. At about 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stopped a car in the area of Interstate 70 in Marion County, Indiana, for vehicle code violations and located a weapon and other evidence that connected the two men, identified as Jebediah Deangelis, 25, of Poughkeepsie, New York, and Kevin Malone, 24, of Longboat Key, Florida, to the Half Moon Bay robbery of Goldworks, at 542 Main St.

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Alleged jewel thieves arrested in Indiana: Pair had held up Half Moon Bay store at gunpoint

Gov Jerry Brown Against $9B November School Bond

Friday Feb 12, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday came out against a $9-billion school bond measure that will go before voters in November, erecting a political hurdle for advocates of new spending on school construction. "I am against the developers' $9-billion bond," Brown said in a statement to The Times. "It's a blunderbuss effort that promotes sprawl and squanders money that would be far better spent in low-income communities." Brown has hinted in the past at his displeasure with the ballot proposal. When he unveiled his budget plan last month, the governor said the bond measure would not change the state program that determines how school facilities are built and maintained. That process prioritizes districts that submit early applications for projects — which Brown said favors affluent districts over cash-strapped ones.

LATIMES: Gov. Jerry Brown opposes $9-billion school bond measure

Let the Crabbing Begin! Dungeness Season Opens in NorCal!

Friday Feb 12, 2016

Health officials say Dungeness crabs caught along a swath of California's coast no longer show high levels of a marine toxin and are safe to eat. Public Health Officer Karen Smith on Thursday lifted a health advisory for the popular crustaceans that had been in effect from Pt. Reyes to Monterey County since mid-November. A similar warning was cancelled off the coasts of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties on New Years' Eve. The Dungeness crabbing seasons were delayed in California, Oregon and Washington last year after testing showed unhealthy levels of domoic acid, a toxin that can cause gastrointestinal illness. The advisory remains in effect north of Pt. Reyes. Rock crabs caught around the Channel Islands and near Piedras Blancas Light Station in San Luis Obisbo County remain subject to a health warning as well.

ABC7: Dungeness crab season now open for Bay Area waters

French Video Shows Danger of Sneaker Waves

Thursday Feb 11, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The tragic death of Pacifican Larry Moore this week empahsized the danger of storm driven waves in Pacifica.

This video shows just how fast beaches can flood.

Construction Begins on Fairmont Safeway

Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Construction began today on the Fairmont Safeway at the 700 block of Hickey Blvd As we reported September 9, 2015 "Safeway/Albertsons will be returning to the former location of the Lucky Supermarket in December of 2015, usurping between 1500 and 2000 square feet from the adjacent Dollar Store, which will remain in place but smaller."

California Coastal Commission Votes to Terminate Director Charles Lester

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

For the first time in its 44 year history, the California Coastal Commission on Wednesday fired its executive director, a decision made despite an overwhelming show of public support for the land use agency’s top official.

The panel disclosed that it voted 7 to 5 in a private session to dismiss Charles Lester. Commissioners offered no public explanation.

After announcing the vote, the panel gave Lester a few moments to speak and adjourned.

“I’m disappointed in the vote,” Lester said. “It”s been a privilege to serve the commission for the past four and a half years. If there is a silver lining, I”ve been energized by all the people who came together on this.”

LATIMES: Coastal Commission fires executive director over objection of hundreds of supporters

Pacifica Historical Society Hosts Weekend of Events including Rummage Sale & Valentine Tea Dance

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

There's few organizations around we like more than the Pacifica Historical Society, and one peek in the basement of this place can tell you why their rummage sales are legendary.

The Pacifica Historical Society will host a Sunday Feb 14 Valentine Tea Dance at 4pm - 6pm for a $10 donation as well as a Friday (2/12) and Saturday (2/13) Rummage sale from 9am to 5pm including Furniture, Jewelry, Clothes, Household Items, Glassware, etc.

Pacifica Historical Society

Standing Room Only Coastal Commission: "You come to bury Charles. We come to praise him."

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

The termination hearing of Coastal Commission Director Dr. Charles Lester took an unexpected turn when hundreds of supporters overflowed the Morro Bay meeting forcing attendees to watch from closed circuit television in other meeting rooms.

"Over the past few weeks, the Coastal Commission has received more than 29,000 letters and emails, all but six (now seven) of them in favor of retaining Lester as executive director, according to a spokeswoman for the agency."

LA TIMES: Coastal Commission live updates: Lester's backers show their support in hearing over California coast's future

Live Stream of Director Charles Lester Hearing

Mavericks Surf Contest is Scheduled to Go for Friday!

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

Watch it 8AM on RedBullTV or hit one of the hotel viewings, but the beach is closed and there isn't a Surf Expo there this year.

Just after the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf contest finishes in Hawaii, some of the world’s best big wave surfers will head to Northern California for the Titans of Mavericks competition on Friday.

The premiere big wave surfing event is a one-day invitation-only surfing competition that is held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located near Half Moon Bay, about 20 miles south of San Francisco.

The 24-surfer field from around the globe got the call Tuesday afternoon and will now scramble to get to the Northern California coast by Friday.

HONOLULU STAR: Titans of Mavericks surf contest set for Friday

Coast Guard Swimmer Rescues Man Swept into Sea S of Pacifica Pier on Beach Blvd/Elder Lane

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

UPDATE 2: The Coast Guard confirmed that Pacifica resident Larry Moore was pronounced dead about 3:20pm.

A credible eyewitness states the couple was wading in shallow water before the incident.

UPDATE: Vic Lee of ABC7News is has stated he believes the elderly man in question had drowned.

Rescue attempts were made about 1000 ft S of the Pier.

The Coast Guard pulled a man from the ocean off the coast near Pacifica, after he was swept away by a powerful ocean wave.

Officials say the man was on the beach with a woman when he was hit by the wave....

A rescue swimmer was lowered into the ocean and helped bring the adult man to shore. Rescue crews believe the man may have been in the water for more than 15 minutes.

His condition is currently unknown at this time. He, too, was transported to the hospital.

ABC7 NEWS: Coast Guard rescue man from ocean off Pacifica coast, condition unknown

Third Crack in Seawall, City Manager Lorie Tinfow Submits CA Disaster Grant Request to Governor Jerry Brown- Seawall Needs to be Replaced

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

In a stunning City Council meeting Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow stated a third crack had started in the seawall fifty feet south of the second sinkhole and that she had submitted a CA Disaster Assistance Grant request to Governor Jerry Brown detailing millions in Pacifica damages including $31K to repair the collapsed wall of the pier, $1.2M to repair the Milagro Stormwater Outfall, and $2.0M to repair the seawall among other costs. Last night Public Works Director Van Ocampo also stated the whole sea wall will have to be replaced. At the last City Council meeting Ocampo stated there was no capital fund to replace or repair the seawall, which had suffered a sinkhole in 1997 just north of the pier (and whose damage remnants are still visible in the sand.

The seawall is actually a retaining wall vs a traditional seawall, and was originally built by Ghilotti Bros Construction of San Rafael in 1984 based on a retaining wall previously built on the freshwater Great Lakes.

Pacifica Resource Center Denied $125,000 and Security of General Budget, Awarded $83K of excess 2016-17 Education Revenue Augmentation Funds

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

A motion submitted by Council Member John Keener and seconded by Mayor Sue Digre to raise funding for the Pacifica Resource Center to $125,000 fell short by three votes.

Keener stated the PRC had not had a funding increase since 2004 despite rising costs in that twelve year period, and several staff and council praised their response to the Esplanade evacuations.

Council Member Mary Ann Nihart stated she opposed funding the PRC through General Fund budgeting because she was trying to get the County to pay attention to it, and eventually voted for $83,000 of Education Revenue Agumentation Funds instead.

Council member Mike O'Neill, joined Nihart, stating he resented being forced to vote on the budget increase. Council member Karen Ervin also voted for the $83,000 amount.

City Manager will ask City Council for Emergency Funds, "what they want her to do to start making plans to save the city."

Friday Feb 05, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Taking $450,000 from escess ERAF funds may affect the Palmetto Streetscape project scheduled to kickoff October 2016. ERAF means Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund.

Adopt a Resolution Authorizing Immediate Expenditure of Public Money to Safeguard Life, Health or Property, Finding that Emergency Conditions Require Immediate Repair to the Failed Section of Sea Wall at Beach Boulevard and Santa Maria Avenue; and Appropriate $450,000 from Fund 30 Excess ERAF Monies. PROPOSED ACTION: Move to adopt the resolution authorizing immediate expenditure City Council Regular Meeting 4 February 08, 2016 of public money to safeguard life, health or property; finding that emergency conditions require immediate repair to the seawall at Beach Boulevard and Santa Maria Avenue without competitive solicitation of bids, and appropriating $450,000 from fund 30 Excess ERAF toward this effort.

Pacifica City Council Agenda Mon Feb 8 2016

ABC7: 2nd Sinkhole

Cliffhanger Appeal! Esplanade Owner Millard Tong files Evacuation Appeal to be Heard Feb 17 2017

Thursday Feb 04, 2016

Various parts of the city have taken a beating from El Niño this winter and the 20-unit apartment building at 310 Esplanade Ave. was yellow-tagged with its several dozen residents forced to leave Jan. 25.

City officials contend they’ve done their best to keep the low-income residents apprised of the severity of the erosion and were acting to protect public health and safety. But the property owner, who is also responsible for a neighboring apartment building that was condemned several years ago after the bluffs it sat atop were significantly compromised, wants a second opinion.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance with which the city became familiar when it condemned the apartments at 320 Esplanade Ave. in 2010 — shortly after owner Millard Tong bought the properties for $6 million in 2006, said resident Bart Willoughby.

Now, Tong is filing for bankruptcy and appears to be unable to afford the cost of demolishing the properties with the city of Pacifica considering how to come up with the funds.

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Dispute over condemned apartments: Pacifica property owner appeals city orders to evacuate building

Another Day, Another Giant Beach Boulevard Seawall Sinkhole 15' x 4' at Paloma

Thursday Feb 04, 2016

UPDATE: By nightfall the Mercury Tribune reported the new sinkhole had grown to 25' long x 3' wide x 4' deep.

The new sinkhole is about 1,350 feet from the site of the new Pacifica Library.

Around 4:00AM this morning, a dog walker at Beach Blvd just south of Paloma noticed 2" depression in the concrete next to the seawall.

An hour later the concrete had formed a 12" depression and by 7:30AM the whole 15' x 4' section had dropped out, and police were called.

At 1:30PM concrete mixer truck from GraniteRock poured concrete into the hole under the watchful eye of Van Ocampo and Ray Biagini of Pacifica Public Works

State of California Extends Water Conservation Mandate

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unlike State of California which recently tried to charge large volume water users more, City of Pacifica actually subsidizes large volume water users like car washes, (0.9 strenth factor), laundromats, (0.75 strength factor), and gymnasiums (0.9 strenth factor).

Despite record January rainfall, above-average snowpack and rising reservoirs, the state water board stuck to its conservation guns Tuesday, extending the existing drought-related emergency regulations — with minor adjustments — for eight more months.

The State Water Resources Control Board sent a message to California urban water users: A few months of El Niño-fueled storms do not a drought-buster make. So, residents had better keep conserving.

“We look at this as an insurance policy, or as increased security in case the drought continues,” explained Max Gomberg, SWRCB climate and conservation manager.

An extension of the May 1 plan takes effect Feb. 13, the date the plan expires. The new regulations will continue the governor’s goal of 25 percent water conservation through October but provides relief for cities and private water suppliers that can show they’ve added residents, are in a hotter climate zone, and have supplemented potable water with recycled or desalinated supplies.

LA DAILY NEWS: State water board extends mandatory water conservation measures through October

Is This the End of the Pacifica Pier?

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Congresswoman Jackie Speier mentioned an $8M quote to replace the Pacifica Pier at last Wednesday's press conference.

The pier has sustained heavy damage in the last month and without federal or state funding to support its repair, the pier will likely be fenced and continue to decay.

We were on the Pacifica Municipal Pier in December when obvious shuddering felt like we were standing on a folding table and someone was hitting the underside with a sledgehammer.

Originally constructed as a sewage pier that pumped untreated sewage into the ocean until 1978, the Pacifica Pier has taken a battering under El Nino, the walls on the closest ocean side have begun to crack and collapse.

The pier was last repaired two years ago for $339K by Vortex Marine Construction, but we've been told the pier is unlikely to be open again this year.

Oct 2013 Pacifica Pier Repair $339,750 to Vortex Marine Construction

California Coastal Records Project Photos Show Esplande Cliffs Disappearance Since 1972

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

Stunning aerial photographs archived online by the California Coastal Records Project show the historic retreat of the cliffs in Pacifica — erosion that has left three now-vacant apartment buildings on Esplanade Avenue teetering on the edge of an 80-foot precipice.

The archived photographs are among 15,000 taken each year of virtually every inch of the coastline from Oregon to Mexico documenting erosion and other changes over time. The first photograph, from 1972, shows a relatively large bluff with a cement path between the ocean and the apartments and a more gentle slope down to the beach that residents said they were once able to climb down.

SFGATE: Aerial photos over decades show ocean's devouring of Pacifica cliffs

California Coastal Records Project

Beach Boulevard's Stormy Past

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

In an old shingled house on Beach Boulevard, salt water sprays the living room windows above the garage. Pam Raymond looks out to see 20-foot gray waves cannonading the underside of the town's fishing pier. When a bigger one thumps a quarter-mile out, she can feel a faint rumble in her floorboards.

Whitewash hits the sea wall across her street and spews sand, rocks and bits of seaweed into her neighborhood. In her front garden, only succulents can survive these deluges of brine.

Raymond's house is not far from a Safeway and a Taco Bell, but on winter days like this, the town feels like a remote outpost against the ocean.

Waves gnashed out a section of the sea wall last week and are threatening to eat parts of the street it protects. Since December, storm surf has damaged the end of the concrete pier and carved away sandy cliffs. Officials condemned one apartment building — next to two others that had been evacuated in 2010 — and at least two homes.

LA TIMES: A coastal town's long and stormy relationship with El Niño

SJ City Council Approves 4.15M Sq Ft of Apple Deal

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

San Jose's city council members on Tuesday lavished praise on Apple Inc. as they welcomed Silicon Valley's most valuable tech company to Silicon Valley's largest city — a milestone that comes decades after Apple first flirted with building a San Jose headquarters.

His comments came before the council unanimously approved a development agreement that allows Apple up to 15 years to build a maximum of 4.15 million square feet of space — ranging from industrial to R&D to office — on an 86-acre site in North San Jose. The vote was a foregone conclusion, as the city has been eagerly courting the company for years.

SILVAL BUSINESS JOURNAL: All eyes on Apple's plans for San Jose after city council signs off on huge development deal

Pacifica's Most Famous Restaurant in Danger? Several SF Taco Bells Close Without Prior Notice!

Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

Pacifica's Taco Bell has long been it's most famous restaurant primarily due to its scenic view, but it's brethren are a disappearing breed.

2007 City Council meetings showed Council eventually planned to shutter and raze the building, but cash-strapped Pacifica has not broached the topic recently, and the building has had some renovation in the last twelve months.

In the last thirty days two Taco Bells in San Francisco have been shuttered without advance warning or comment from the company.

The Steiner and Geary location as well as the Marina and Lombard locations disappeared overnight.

HOODLINE: KFC/Taco Bell At Geary & Steiner, Taco Bell On Lombard Have Shut Down

SOCKETSITE: A Fast Food Fixtures Days Are Numbered

Controversial SF Law Would Prevent School Employees from Being Evicted

Monday Feb 01, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Pacifica School District has proposed building subsidized housing for teachers only at the old Oddstad School property. San Francisco Supervisor David Campos has taken a different tack, and introduced legislation to prevent renters who work for the San San Francisco School District from being evicted.

Tenants who work in San Francisco’s schools would be safeguarded from eviction during the academic year under controversial legislation to be introduced by Supervisor David Campos on Tuesday.

SFGATE: S.F. school workers get reprieve from evictions under supes plan

Quarry Owners Ask Pedestrians Not to Access Quarry from Rockaway Beach Coastal Trail

Monday Feb 01, 2016

"The owners of the Pacifica Quarry have warned hikers to avoid the coastal trail leading up into the Quarry from Rockaway Beach into the property.

Recent winter storms have eroded a section of the sea cliff adjacent to Rockaway Beach, threatening the trail located just above the beach on the south bluff of the quarry.

While the trail may appear stable and wide enough from the path and bluff, it is held together only by a single rock which has been undermined by erosion.

“We will place warning signs on the trail as soon as our emergency application can be approved by the Coastal Commission and the City,” said John Zentner, spokesperson for the property owners. “In the meantime, we urge hikers - please avoid this trail completely!”

Property owners hoped to get approval to put warning signs on the trail this week. Trails entering the Quarry property from the inland portion of the property at this time remain open and appear to be safe, although caution is urged anywhere on the property given the recent storms, Zentner added."

Pacifica Quarry Press Release Feb 1 2016 re: Pedestrian Access

LA TIMES: A coastal town's long and stormy relationship with El Niño

Monday Feb 01, 2016

Waves gnashed out a section of the sea wall last week and are threatening to eat parts of the street it protects. Since December, storm surf has damaged the end of the concrete pier and carved away sandy cliffs. Officials condemned one apartment building — next to two others that had been evacuated in 2010 — and at least two homes.

These bluffs have been hammered by the ocean for millenniums. What makes Pacifica — a string of seaside hamlets along six miles of coast — so vulnerable is that the land is loose.

Tectonic stresses in this northern spur of the Santa Cruz Mountains have fractured and ground down granite, shale and sandstone into rock fragments that don't compact as well as soil. And some of the coastal bluffs are composed of little more than sand....

Storms in the 2009-10 winter, a moderate El Niño, forced officials to red-tag two apartment buildings on Esplanade at the edge of a 70-foot cliff. According to the California Coastal Commission manager for the district, Nancy Cave, the owners of the buildings obtained emergency permits in 2003 to drop boulders at the base of the cliff to keep the waves from eating it away. They were required to come back with plans for a permanent fix but never did.

LA TIMES: A coastal town's long and stormy relationship with El Niño

School District will Float $118 per Parcel Tax on November-Ballot - Seeks Subsidized Teacher Housing at Old Oddstad School Property

Friday Jan 29, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Depending on the cost of the new Library bond and assessed values of their homes, voters may be asked to self-impose up to $420 a year of new taxes onto their bills this November. A "No" vote on just the parcel tax would save every homeowner $118, but likely spell the demise of subsidized teacher housing on the old Oddstad school grounds.

In addition to the $35M-$45M new Pacifica Public Library bond, Pacifica voters will face a renewal of the $118 per parcel Pacifica School District tax on this November's ballot, according to a mass email sent out today by President Matt Levie.

Levie, who faced scathing criticism from Fairmont District residents in September after accepting a sub thousand dollar sponsorship from 7-Eleven Convenience stores the day before a critical City Council Appeal of the 700 Hickey Blvd 7-Eleven location, stated:

"The renewal of our parcel tax is our biggest priority for this year."...

"The former Oddstad School has been closed since 2000, and the board is looking at options for that property. We have discussed building housing for district employees on the site..."

Whether the required two thirds of tax-weary voters will support the Parcel Tax remains to be seen.

Pedro Point "Call of the Wild" Swinger's Party Canceled

Friday Jan 29, 2016


Earlier this week we posted some complaints from Pedro Point residents about a sex party advertised on both EventBrite and SinergyEvents to be held at a local home that had been the subject of numerous complaints and a lawsuit or two.

The event planner claimed he had previously held a party at the home, while the homeowner not only claimed no knowledge of the event, he apparently called it "an absolute lie" through a posting on another local website.

A San Francisco TV station has confirmed :
"Organizer says the event has been cancelled & relocated.", and the event planner's website now states:

"Turns out our Call of the Wild party looked a little to wild for some of the residents of Pacifica and they have asked us to relocate the event. While we are proud of what we present and represent we also want to be respectful and avoid conflict...

With that said I am pleased to announce that we are likely relocating to the Sky Loft in San Francisco. This venue has three floors as well as a rooftop patio with all the stars you can stand staring right back at you. Will be a fantastic replacement and in many ways an upgrade!"


Former Foster City Mayor Art Kiesel to Challenge State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin for District 22 Seat

Friday Jan 29, 2016

One former Foster City mayor announced he’s not quite ready to give up politics and will challenge Assemblyman Kevin Mullin for the District 22 seat in the coming election.

Art Kiesel, who recently termed out from the Foster City Council after two four-year terms and two years as mayor, said he plans to run for the state office to address key issues affecting the county.

The 72-year-old said he’d like to focus on San Mateo County issues that need a more regional or even statewide approach such as addressing traffic, housing and ensuring there’s enough water to account for projected residential growth over the next 20 years. Kiesel said he also wants to see more be done to improve California’s education system, replace redevelopment agencies and pay down pension liabilities.

“They’re issues that I’ve been talking about or running around the edges of where I could from the local level,” Kiesel said, adding he wants to do more at a statewide level.

The 22nd district is entirely contained within San Mateo County and represents residents in Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Emerald Hills, Foster City, Hillsborough, Millbrae, Montara, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo and South San Francisco.

Planning to run without a party affiliation, if elected, Kiesel said he’d leave his job as a chief financial officer for the military contracting company Horus Vision. Kiesel said his public experience includes two terms on the Foster City Council, three and a half years on the Planning Commission, seven years with the League of California Cities and four years with the City/County Association of Governments. He served on the league’s Housing, Community and Economic Development Policy Committee and was on C/CAG’s Legislative Committee.

DAILY JOURNAL: Mullin to have challenger for Assembly seat: Former Foster City mayor Kiesel challenges South City incumbent

Obituary: Steve Daniel Manners Man Killed on Cliffs South of Tom Lantos Tunnels

Friday Jan 29, 2016

Mr. Steven Daniel Manners, age 20, of Murray, Kentucky died in San Mateo County, California on January 20, 2016.

Mr. Manners was born in Murray, Kentucky on December 9, 1995. He was employed by Amazon in Jeffersonville, Indiana and had been attending the University of Louisville. He was a member of the Glendale Road Church of Christ.

He is preceded in death by his great maternal and great paternal grandparents; as well as an uncle, Bill Borgetti. Mr. Manners is survived by his mother, Lisa Borgetti Manners of Hammond, Indiana; his father, Mark Anthony Manners of Murray, Kentucky; one sister, Jessica Schroader of Benton, Kentucky; one brother, Jared Manners of Murray, Kentucky; maternal grandparents, Americo and Lucille Borgetti of Hammond, Indiana; and paternal grandparents, Emmanuel and Martha Manners of Murray, Kentucky. Funeral services will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. at the J.H. Churchill Funeral Home with John Dale officiating. Burial will follow in the Antioch Church of Christ Cemetery. Visitation will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the J.H. Churchill Funeral Home. Online condolences can be made at

LEGACY: In Memory Of Steven Daniel Manners

KRON4: SMC Sheriff's Confirms Recovery of Body in Water at Devil's Slide South Side of Tom Lantos Tunnels

Jackie Speier: Pacifica to Qualify for Portion of $30M in State Mitigation Funding

Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

At this morning's 10:30AM press conference, Congresswoman Jackie Speier announced that Pacifica would qualify for a portion of $30M in state Mitigation Funding but did not meet the larger threshold for a state emergency. Those funds could be used to help homeowners but not renters.

Speiers had toured the Esplanade and Beach Blvd damage scenes and was quoted a $8M figure to replace Pacifica Municipal Pier (originally a sewage effluent pier until 1978).

Seven news cameras were on site and County Supervisor Don Horsley spoke as well.

Fed/State/County Legislators Press Conference 10:30am tomm Council Chambers on Storm Assistance

Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

Federal, State, and County Legislators will hold a joint Press Conference at 10:30am tommorrow Council Chambers on Storm Assistance.

1 Congresswoman Jackie Speier
2 Jerry Hill's Office
3 Kevin Mullin's Office
4 SMC Supervisor Don Horsely

PRESS CONFERENCE: Weds Jan 27 10:30AM Council Chambers

SMC ASESSOR: Reduce your property taxes if damage greater than $10,000 with Calamity Relief program

KRON4's Google Earth Timelapse Shows 50 Feet of Backyard Disappear at Esplanade Apts

Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

PACIFICA (KRON) — An overhead Google Earth view of the Pacifica apartments from 2002 shows a time lapse of the erosion of the nearby bluffs.

Over a decade ago, there were about 50 feet of ground between the edge of the buildings and the cliff. There was even a sidewalk along the edge.

In 2008, when the erosion was starting to take hold, most of the sidewalk had fallen away, and a large washout had appeared on the right.

KRON4: Video: Google Earth time lapse of Pacifica bluff erosion


Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

UPDATE JAN 27 2016 at 3:55AM PST: Out of an abundance of caution, we've temporarily redacted a story while we await further response from

As of Wednesday morning, Jan 27 2016 the online invitation was still live and archived, EventBrite was still selling tickets to the event, and indications are consistent with the original story.

As of Tuesday Jan 26 2016, the property in question was available for rent on Jan 28 2016 but not available for rental on Jan 29 2016, the date in question.

The Santa Rosa-based promoter in question existed with numerous consistent postings for the event, and was rated in several historic online reviews from several other websites.

Short term vacation rental property websites have had problems with undisclosed event or party rentals, where owners may be unaware their property or properties have been compromised.

CBS EVENING NEWS: Pacifica Cliff Collapse Makes National News with Scott Pelley

Monday Jan 25, 2016

After four years of drought in California, El Niño has kicked in. Crushing waves and pounding rains are putting homes in danger of falling into the sea.

As the cliffs in Pacifica, California, collapse dramatically into the ocean, an apartment building teetering on the edge comes closer to falling in as well.

For residents still living in the building, the sea view from their balconies now presents more danger than beauty. Michael McHenry is getting ready to leave at short notice. "I can't continue to have a professional work life, and social life as well, not knowing if I come home and my property is not going to be there. It's not a way to live." The order to leave came Monday afternoon, with notices going up that the building is unsafe. Resident Monica Montoya has to be out by Monday night. "We have no clue on where we're going to go. I just moved in. I just got my place. Finally got my housing, and now I have to move out."

CBS NEWS: El Niño storms leave Calif. residents living on the edge -- literally

310 Esplanade Avenue Evacuated, Ruled Uninhabitable

Monday Jan 25, 2016

Strong waves caused by the most recent El Niño-fueled storms destroyed part of the bluff along the coast threatening several apartments at 310 Esplanade Avenue, Pacifica officials said in a release.

“Recent bluff failures have resulted in unsafe conditions for living space at 310 Esplanade Avenue,” said Chief Building Official Mike Cully. “Cavities in the bluff are forming to the south, west and north of the building and these critically over-steepened slopes are anticipated to fall back to more stable profiles in the next several days.”

The residents of the 20 apartments in the structure will be allowed to remove their belongings, city officials said.

KRON4: El Nino: Pacifica officials deem ocean view apartments uninhabitable due cliff erosion

Pacifica Makes SFGATE's Top 10 List for First Time Ever

Sunday Jan 24, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pacifica hasn't claimed the most popular article on SFGATE since a 2010 article on cleaning up the Secret Water Fall. This specific article's popularity appears to be due to Duncan's Sinfield's excellent drone video of the Esplanade cliff breaking up.

And while it's not as upbeat a story as secret waterfalls, no press is bad press for Pacifica, particularly when you're asking for state and federal funds to save your city from bankruptcy.

So turn the quality up to 2160p and bask in the HiDef glory.

SFGATE: Pacifica in state of emergency over El Niño storm damage

YOUTUBE: Duncan Sinfields excellent YouTube Channel

City Wakes Up, Assesses Storm Damage

Sunday Jan 24, 2016

Sunday morning shows the hills on Palmetto still stand, though undercut even more by erosion.

Photo 1: Public Works General Manager Ray Biagini stares into the Beach Boulevard sinkhole abyss about 10AM Sunday morning.

Photo 2: Blufftop trail at 700 Palmetto shows erosion.

HIGH TIDE: 12:02pm 8.0 feet

KTVU Drone Captures Esplanade Cliff Breaking Off

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

"KTVU Fox 2 has obtained amazing new photos and a video of Pacifica homes in danger of falling over a cliff.

KTVU employee, Duncan Sinfield, posted a youtube video shot by his drone. It shows part of the cliff plummeting to the rocks and shoreline below.

KTVU reporter Cristina Rendon also posted pictures of houses on the edge. Some homeowners have evacuated their homes as a precaution. "

KTVU: Amazing new video of Pacifica homes in danger

High Tide at the Palmetto Coastal Bluffs

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

Saturday morning found even more erosion damage at the coastal bluffs on Palmetto.

The tan lot with the fence overhanging the ocean is the Pacifica Skies Estates clubhouse, built without a Coastal Development Permit, and currently the source of considerable California Coastal Commission attention.

CA Senator Jerry Hill and Pacifica Mayor Sue Digre Tour Storm Damaged Pacifica

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

Pacifica Mayor Sue Digre (center) toured storm damage early Saturday morning with CA Senator Jerry Hill (far right).

Beach Boulevard was closed today as the City monitored damaged and prepared for emergency repairs.

The City of Pacifica declared a state of local emergency late Friday afternoon and will be seeking federal and state funds to mitigate damages.

SENATE: Office of Senator Jerry HIll

The Calm Amid The Storm... Construction Equipment Waits out High Tide on Palmetto Ave

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

Construction equipment from Michael Roberts Construction received maintenance as it waited out the high tide about 10:15AM Saturday Morning.

Cliff repairs and the placement of multi-ton boulders is expected to continue during daylight low tide.

Crews From Michael Roberts Construction Race to Save Palmetto Properties

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

"A crumbling cliff in Pacifica is threatening a number of homes Friday afternoon.

Crews have been furiously working all day to shore up the bluff along the 800 block of Palmetto Avenue.

Boulders are being placed at the bottom of the cliff to stop the sea water from reaching the eroding soil.

Part of one backyard deck has fallen into ocean. In the video, you can see other backyards very close to sliding into the water.

KRON4’s reporters say the waves in Pacifica are very big and dangerous.

As a result of El Nino-fueled storms, the City of Pacifica Friday has declared a state of local emergency.:

KRON4: El Nino: Crumbling cliff threatens Pacifica homes

RELATED: Recology to Place 150 Tons of Water Tank Capacity on Eroding Palmetto Ave Cliff

City of Pacifica Manager Lorie Tinfow Declares State of Emergency Jan 22, 2016 at 4:00PM PST

Friday Jan 22, 2016

“City manager Lorie Tinfow, in her role as Director of Emergency Services, declared a state of local emergency in the City of Pacifica today.

“El Nino is hitting the City’s coastline very hard and creating almost daily reports of impacts to both public and private property,” said Laurie Tinfow. “We need State and Federal assistance to respond to the growing list of failing public infrastructure including the Beach Blvd. sea wall failure.”

Since December 15, 2015, the City has seen damage to the Pacifica Pier, the Milagra Watershed Outfall and, perhaps most dramatic, the failure of the sea wall along Beach Blvd. near the intersection of Santa Maria Avenue. Funding for repairs to all three structures remains to be determined.

Private properties located on Esplanade Avenue and Palmetto Avenue have also been affected. The owners of two properties were notified in the past 10 days that their structures were not safe to inhabit. Other areas along the cliff are experiencing significant loss of bluff top as well.

Previously the apartment buildings at 330 and 320 Esplanade were deemed uninhabitable and the City has been working with the property owners to demolish them. The structural integrity of 310 Esplanade is being closely monitored for the safety of the current residents.

The City is watching closely the status of the facilities along the coast edge as a precursor to protecting its roadways. “Our investment in City streets and public utilities is also at risk as the erosion undermines the existing structures.” Tinfow said. “We hope all property owners along the City’s coastline are aware of how fluid the weather situation is and take appropriate precautions.”

The City Council will be asked to confirm the existence of a local emergency at its meeting on Monday, January 25, 2016.”

City of Pacifica Declares State of Emergency Jan 22 2016

Beach Boulvevard Blowout! Seawall Slumps to the Sea!

Friday Jan 22, 2016

Last week's repair of the Beach Blvd at Santa Monica sidewalk was short-lived, and last night a large portion of the seawall broke off and plunged into the sea.

As of 11:30AM this morning, a lone public works employee guarded the scene.

Pacifica Riptide & Coastal Photographer Leo leon - Images Captures Massive Work on Coastal Bluff North of Recology

Friday Jan 22, 2016

UPDATE 2: Sharp-eyed readers have helped us identify Michael Roberts Construction as the vendor performing this beach construction.

UPDATE 1: We've been in touch with Pacifica Planning Department which assures us that a pending Emergency Coastal Permit will be issued before Jan 25 for "placement of rock at 1070 Palmetto". While that minimal description could cover two bags of rocks from Home Depot, we'll update with that application when we get it.

Coastal photographer Leo leon - Images has captured some fantastic shots of the massive coastal bluff repair going on just North of Recology on Palmetto.

Numerous tracked flatbed trucks carrying 3-10 ton boulders, large Hyundai Excavators operating both on the beach and the cliff that local building expert Tom Clifford points out are not vehicles owned by City of Pacifica, and are likely private contractors.

Photos courtesy Leo leon - Images.

See more photos on PACIFICA RIPTIDE

PACIFICA RIPTIDE: Work Crews Race to Save Palmetto Homes & Businesses

City Council to Discuss Renter Protections Monday Jan 25 2016 at 7pm

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

This Monday, the Pacifica City Council will discuss protections for renters in Pacifica.

If you're a renter or an apartment building owner it would benefit you to attend this meeting.

This will not doubt be a long night, and it is expected that those coming at 8:30pm will still have a chance to speak publicly on this issue if they choose.

"Dump with the Billion Dollar View" aka Mussel Rock Transfer Station to Close Feb 1 2016

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

The "Dump with the Billion Dollar View" aka Mussel Rock Transfer Station at the Pacifica/Daly City border on Westline is scheduled to Close Feb 1 2016

In addition to it being a planning abomination, the site was immediately adjacent to some very high profile erosion, and the constant flow of megaton garbage trucks didn't help the problem.

DALY CITY: Mussel Rock Transfer Station Closure Feb. 1st

DAILY JOURNAL: Coastal Commission to Hear Pacific Skies Estates Issue in April 2016 Meeting

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

The California Coastal Commission maintains that a “repair and maintenance” project taking place at a mobile home park in Pacifica violates the Coastal Act which may lead to fines and penalties. The city and staff at the statewide commission have been at odds for months over work being done at the Pacific Skies Estates, a mobile home park with 93 units on the cliff’s edge to the ocean. The commission alleges the work goes far beyond repair and is a complete redevelopment since every mobile home on the site is set to be replaced by new prefabricated homes. The full commission is now set to hold a public hearing on the matter during its three-day meeting starting April 13 in Santa Rosa, according to a letter sent to Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow Jan. 15 by the commission’s District Manager Nancy Cave. “We believe it is in the city’s and the public’s best interests to allow the process to be brought to resolution in a public hearing in front of the commission where you can state your case and members of the public can fully participate. We would hope that you would agree,” Cave wrote in the letter, which was also sent to Tony Ferrero, managing member of Pacific Skies Estates, LLC...

“Due both to lack of documentation and recent materials provided by the public, it is not even clear that the city’s 2013 exemption determination was made in relation to the PSE development project or some other much smaller project (i.e., materials recently provided to us suggest the city exempted only the demolition and rebuild of a clubhouse structure on a parcel adjacent to PSE at 12 Sharon Way,” Cave wrote in the letter.

DAILY JOURNAL: Mobile home project faces fines: Coastal Commission plans hearing over disputed Pacific Skies Estates renovation

SAMCAR / Mortgage Broker Jim Wagner Pulling Out the Stops Against Housing Crisis Protections for Renters

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

The San Mateo County Association of Realtors has dedicated its "Government Affairs" page to Pacifica and the Housing Crisis issues going in front of Pacifica City Council next Monday at 7pm.

The local effort against renter protections is being led in Pacifica by SAMCAR Government Affairs Officer Gina Bradley and Jim Wagner of WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital in Rockaway Beach on his "Pacifica Realtor's Community Service" Yahoo News Group.

FLASHBACK Sept 2015: How the Coastal Commission Decision on El Granada Fire Station Could Affect the New Pacifica Library

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We originally printed this article on Sept 05 2015 and are escalating it due to it's relevance on the new library at 2212 Beach Blvd.

On Nov 4 2015 we asked the Coastal Commission for clarity on this decision as it related to 2212 Beach Blvd property, and the Coastal Commission subsequently wrote the City of Pacifica a letter of support regarding a new library at 2212 Beach Blvd on Nov 20 2015, but several other agency’s involvement in sea level rise may also affect that site.

The California Coastal Commission's recent letter stating the law does not allow public buildings to be built in the Tsunami inundation zone could mean trouble for Pacifica.

Eventually municipalities with more rainy day legal dollars than SMC or Pacifica will probably litigate this significant decision on a case by case basis, but for Pacifica it could affect several pending public building projects.

If denied, City of Pacifica may make an argument that renovating or re-purposing a public building is not prohibited construction, particularly if the renovations contribute to making the property more natural-disaster-resistant.

Another option available to the city would be to hire a civil engineering consultant who would further research the issues and provide supports indicating the property was unlikely to be affected by tsunami inundation possibly based on Pacifica's undersea profile.

HMB REVIEW: Coastal Commission pours cold water on fire station plans

SMC Sheriff's Confirms Recovery of Body in Water at Devil's Slide South Side of Tom Lantos Tunnels

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

UPDATE: SMC Coroner has identified the deceased as 20 year old Steven Manners, of Murray, Kentucky.

A man found 150 feet down a cliff at Gray Whale Cove, just north of Moss Beach in San Mateo County, was pronounced dead at the scene Wednesday, sheriff’s deputies said.

A hiker reported seeing the body at the bottom of the cliff at around 3:53 p.m.

Sheriff’s deputies and Cal Fire responded to an area along state Highway 1 roughly 100 yards south of the Tom Lantos Tunnel around 4 p.m., according to spokesman Salvador Zuno.

Firefighters with cliff-rescue training hiked roughly 150 feet down the cliff, located the body, and pronounced the victim deceased at the scene at 4:46 p.m. He’s being described as a white adult.

It’s not clear whether the victim fell down the cliff or was hiking near the area where he was found - more than half way down to the beach. Zuno said that preliminary information indicates there are no signs of foul play in the man’s death.

MERCURY NEWS: Man found dead on cliff near Devil's Slide identified

KRON4: Firefighters recover body from Gray Whale Cove near Moss Beach

Pacifica Limestone Quarry Developer John Zentner Presentation at Open Spaces Committee Jan 20 2016

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

Developer John Zentner of Zenter & Zentner presented his wetland mitigation bank proposal to the Open Spaces Committee Weds Jan 20 2016.

This was considered a preliminary informative proposal with no official applications yet filed.

Mr. Zentner presented two possible scenarios, #1 a rough star shaped diagram of water depths and #2 a hand painted rendering of four, parallel, kidney-shaped ponds.

Zentner stated they would be presenting a proposal to the IRT (Interagency Review Team consisting of Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, and several other agencies).

QUARRY: Developer John Zentner's Jan 20 2016 Open Spaces Presentation

EPA: Wetlands Mitigation Banking Factsheet

California Coastal Commission Will Hold Feb 10 Public Hearing in Morro Bay Regarding Continued Employment of Executive Director Charles Lester

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

The California Coastal Commission announced last night that it would be holding a meeting on February 10, 2016 in Morro Bay regarding the continued employment of Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester.

The twelve voting Coastal Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, the Senate Rules Committee, or the Speaker of the Assembly and it would require the vote of 7 of 12 to remove Lester (or 6 of 11 if less than 12 vote).

In a move seen as a climactic fight between developers and environmentalists, this could have broad implications for the future of the California Coastline, but no effect on Pacific Skies Estates.

COASTAL COMMISSION: Feb 10 2016 Morro Bay- Public hearing on continued employment of Director Charles Lester

In Stunning Rebuke, Coastal Commission Schedules Pacific Skies Estates Hearing for April 2016 in Santa Rosa

Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

The Coastal Commission's Jan 15 2016 letter to the City of Pacifica is a stunning rebuke to the City of Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow and City Attorney Michelle Kenyon.

The letter states the Coastal Commission will hear the issue in a formal April 2016 Coastal Commission hearing in Santa Rosa, CA.

California Coastal Commission Meeting April 13-15, 2016 County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors, 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Coastal letter to City dated Jan 15 2016

California Coastal Commission Meeting April 13-15, 2016 County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors, 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

YouTube buys $215M Building Six Miles from Pacifica

Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

YouTube, one of the largest and most notable companies in San Bruno, gobbled up more office space located close to the headquarters of the Internet video streaming titan, according to a deal announced Tuesday.

YouTube purchased the Bayhill Office Center, a five-building office park close to the intersection of Interstate 380 and El Camino Real, for $215 million from Hudson Pacific Properties.

The deal, unveiled Tuesday, Jan. 19, marks the second large San Bruno property acquisition YouTube has completed in recent months, as the company spent $88 million in August to purchase twin office towers housing its company headquarters at 900 and 1000 Cherry Ave.

Frequent Riptide contributor Alan Wald commented:
the Elated Pacifica palindrome lovers are running around town shouting, "'Tube' debut!"

DAILY JOURNAL: YouTube buys another San Bruno building: Web giant purchases business park near headquarters for $215 million

What the HMB Library Tells us About the Pacifica Library

Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pacifica's population of 39,088 indicates a size estimate of 23,453 sq ft ($21.1M) of total library needs at the Group 4 Estimates and 39,088 sq ft( $35.1M) at the Anderson Breuel Architects estimates.

Our currrent libraries total 11,211 sq ft with Sanchez Library at 4,129 sq ft and the Sharp Park Library at 7,082 sq ft. If either was saved the total size needs and costs would be reduced by those square footages.

Both Anderson Breule Architects and Group 4 Architects are or have been Pacifica Vendors on the new library project.

"But there may be a difference of opinion about the ideal size. At a cost (already approved) at well over $900 per square foot, the size matters a lot to the cost. To appreciate the importance, it works out to more than $2,500 for each Half Moon Bay household. That is the biggest project ever for Half Moon Bay. Only the Beachwood lawsuit mistake cost more....

But, we have a diverse population with many other kinds of needs. In the plan already considered by City Council, about 40 percent of the space is devoted to various group activities. Public libraries can be sites for literacy programs, child story time and teaching opportunities, teen activities, civic group and local business meetings, and even homeless needs have been mentioned. That 40 percent for “group space,” by itself, would be more than the size of our current library, which is well over 7,800 square feet.

...If you live in an urban, densely populated community, the best-practice number might be 1 square foot of library for each resident. That was the number used by our Half Moon Bay Library consultant (Group 4 Architects) at the beginning of the “Needs Assessment” planning.

However, if you live in a spread out or rural community, the number is smaller because people need to travel distances (from Pescadero and Montara and Kings Mountain) to get to the library. People won’t travel as often, or they can go to another closer library. The best-practice number for more rural communities can be 0.6 square feet per resident. That was the number used by the library consultant (Anderson Brule Architects) for Pacifica, in its recent new library planning. The difference that makes is that, instead of creating a 25,000-square-foot library, using the 0.6 best practice calculation you find that about 15,600 square feet of library will actually be used. It indicates that we should double the size of our current library — but not triple it."

HMB REVIEW: What’s the big deal over library size?What’s the big deal over library size?

HMB: Fire Consumes Homeless Camp Behind Strawflower Village Mall at Cabrillo Hwy & 92

Monday Jan 18, 2016

A roughly 400-square-foot fire consumed a portion of a homeless camp that borders the Strawflower Village shopping center just after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Roughly 10-foot flames billowed up from the site and smoke was visible from the neighboring shopping centers and Highway 92.

Some type of altercation preceded the fire, said Coastside Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Ari Delay, though he couldn't provide details of what occurred.

HMB REVIEW: Fire erupts at homeless camp

Coastal Commission Maintains Pacific Skies Estates Requires Coastal Development Permit

Monday Jan 18, 2016

Pacifica officials are holding strong that extensive renovations taking place at a mobile home park do not require a permit from the California Coastal Commission despite the agency’s claim that it does.

The Coastal Commission has determined that work being done on the Pacific Skies Estates on Palmetto Avenue is not a repair and maintenance project as the city insists but rather a complete redevelopment.

These types of jurisdictional disagreements, however, are not uncommon, said county Supervisor Carole Groom, who also serves on the Coastal Commission’s board representing the central coast.

“They sometimes take months to resolve,” Groom said.

The park’s owners received a permit from the state Department of Housing and Community Development Agency, the governing body over all mobile home parks in the state, for the proposed work back in 2013 and the city signed off on it, declaring it exempt for the need to obtain a Coastal Development Permit.

But commission staff maintain the exemption should not have been given.

“The project does not propose to repair or maintain development in its current legally established form; rather it proposes to change it completely, including installing all new units and infrastructure. Of note, among other caveats, the commission’s regulations state that replacement of 50 percent or more of a structure is not repair and maintenance, but instead constitutes replacement requiring a CDP,” the Coastal Commission’s Nancy Cave wrote to the city in November....

n response to the situation in Pacifica, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors passed an urgency ordinance preventing the closure of mobile home parks but it only applies to eight properties and only in unincorporated county lands.

DAILY JOURNAL: Coastal agency, city at odds: Pacifica claims no development permit needed for mobile home park renovations

ABC7: Beach Boulevard Seawall Sinkhole is 40 Feet Long and 8 Feet Wide

Monday Jan 18, 2016

"PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews conducted emergency repairs on a sinkhole at the Pacifica Pier Sunday.

The Pacifica Department of Public Works was at the scene since about 7 a.m.

Pacifica Department of Public Works officials told ABC7 News they knew this might happen, so they had large eight to 10 ton boulders on standby not too far from the area.

Crews have been filling the sinkhole all day with the boulders.

They are trying to preserve whatever material is still underneath the promenade as a temporary solution. "We're going to reassess the condition and come up with a final design on how to fix this," Pacifica Department of Public Works Director Van Ocampo said.

"They're all pretty excited, so they wanted to come out here once they heard there was a digger moving rocks putting dirt in the hole," Pacifica resident Eric Moessinger said.

The hole is about 40 feet long by eight feet wide."

ABC7: Crews work to repair sinkhole near Pacifica Pier

SFGATE: Beach Boulevard Sidewalk Collapses

Sunday Jan 17, 2016

"Surging waves collapsed a seaside sidewalk in Pacifica on Sunday, as the latest in a string of winter storms pushed onshore.

Waves expected to reach 19 feet high pounded the shore and eroded the ground beneath of a stretch of sidewalk along Beach Boulevard, between Santa Maria Avenue and Salada Avenue. Workers with backhoes brought in boulders to shore up the sidewalk and adjacent road during the afternoon. But by early evening, city officials were still warning drivers to avoid the area. Related Stories

The damage wasn’t entirely unexpected. The National Weather Service issued a high-surf warning through 4 a.m. Monday, and a coastal-flooding warning that would expire at 7 a.m. Monday. The weather service also warned of rip currents and urged people to stay out of the water."

SFGATE: Pacifica sidewalk collapses; thousands lose power in S.F.

Beach Boulevard Blowout Buried in Boulders!

Sunday Jan 17, 2016

Around noon today the City of Pacifica began lowering huge boulders into the washed out section of Beach Blvd (At intersection and North of Santa Maria Ave).

This is expected to be issued an Emergency Coastal Commission permit that will eventually go to Planning for permanent approval.

Super Seawall Sinkhole Drops Part of Beach Blvd Into Ocean!

Sunday Jan 17, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: About 4:15am this morning we started getting emails about large vibrations felt by neighbors living near the Pacifica Municipal Pier. Turns out it was the seawall collapsing into the ocean.

Shortly after 4AM this morning, Jan 17 2016, a large part of the Beach Blvd Seawall and sidewalk fell into the ocean.

The repair of this seawall will require an Emergency Coastal Commission Permit expected to go in front of Planning Commission on Tuesday night as an inform and review item. (Photos courtesy Marc Smith/Pacifica)

Man Arrested in 1983 Pacifica Murder of Sharon Ray Cleared of All Charges

Friday Jan 15, 2016

SAN MATEO CO. (BCN) — A 68-year-old man who was arrested and charged last year with the 1983 sexual assault and murder of a 19-year-old woman whose body was found in Pacifica has been cleared of all charges.

John Scott, 68, of Arizona was released from custody Thursday after his case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, according to prosecutors.

“He submitted to extensive DNA analysis and was cleared,” defense attorney Brian Getz said.

On Oct. 30, 1983, two sightseers found the body of San Francisco Sharon Ray on a beach north of Pescadero Creek Road. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled, according to prosecutors.

Ray was last seen the day before she was found dead in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, getting into a station wagon.

KRON 4: Arizona man cleared as suspect in 1983 Pacifica murder case

Flashback 2006: Walnut Creek- When Library Bonds Fail but Libraries Prevail

Friday Jan 15, 2016

Undaunted by three failed attempts to get bond money, Walnut Creek is plowing forward with plans for a $42 million, state-of-the-art library in Civic Park.

With the failure of Proposition 81, a state library bond on the June 6 ballot, Walnut Creek lost $18.2 million it was counting on to fund the project...

Now officials must scour the city's $66 million annual budget for extra cash, and have vowed not to raise taxes or cut services to find the money, said Gary Pokorny...

Instead, they plan to dip further into reserve funds, raise more from donors and possibly, for the first time in years, go into debt.


Final vote tallies released early Wednesday showed 61 percent of voters approved the $21 million Measure R, a bond issue that fell just short of the two-thirds vote needed for approval.

Despite their loss, supporters of the plan to demolish the 44-year-old library and replace it with one four times larger called the results a mandate to proceed with plans for the library, and they said they would continue to push for it.

SFGATE: WALNUT CREEK / City with a mission: $42 million library / Despite 3 failed bond attempts, plans proceeding

SFGATE: Walnut Creek library bond falls short

Pacifica Economic Development Committee Agenda Sat Jan 16 2016 10am-3pm Police Station

Friday Jan 15, 2016

The Pacifica EDC will meet tomorrow Sat Jan 16 at 10am at the Police Station in a marathon five hour workshop with Laree Kiely of KiehlyGroup, an organizational effectiveness and crisis management consultant.

The two functional agenda items appear to be:

9. Recommend Representative for Library Advisory Committee (LAC), and

10. Approve Ad Hoc Committees as necessary for EDC Projects

The LAC will be one of the largest committees in Pacifica history with fourteen members, while the EDC has nine members and nine different ad hoc committees.

Pacifica Economic Development Committee Agenda Sat Jan 16 2016 10am


SMC's Time Lapse GIS Overhead View Shows Massive Erosion at Recology Location

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Recology at Palmetto recently received an Emergency Coastal Permit CDP-359-15 1046 Palmetto Av from City of Pacifica to install four storm water tanks that will probably weigh around 150 tons.

1046 Palmetto Ave has suffered spectacular erosion in the last 10 years, and the excessive weight being placed on the property(which may qualify as a coastal bluff) by this business is likely a factor.

This permit seeks to add four water tanks to the property, with weight calculated strictly by displacement (assuming concrete or metal exterior volume equal to weight of same water capacity) at approximately 153.05 TONS.


1. Tank #1 Rectangular at 25.5' L x 8.2' W x 7.0'H = 1463.7 CU FT

2. Tank #2 Square at 5.0' L x 5.0' W x 5.0' H = 125.0 CU FT

3. Tank #3 Cylinder at 11.9' W x 14.9' H (5.95' Radius) = 1657.2 CU FT

4. Tank #4 Cylinder at 11.9' W x 14.9' H (5.95' Radius) = 1657.2 CU FT

4903 CU FT = (Total displacement of all four tanks including exterior walls and floor).

306,100 LBS = (Total weight of all four tanks fully loaded (Multiply 4903.1 cu ft x 62.43 lbs / cu ft)

153.05 TONS = (Total tonnage of all four tanks fully loaded(Divide 306,100 lbs x 2000 lbs / ton)

Buy yesterday's Pacifica Tribune for an excellent article about this permit.

New FEMA Maps May Require Additional Redwood City Homeowners to Buy Flood Insurance

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: We asked a SMC Supervisor in September whether these maps would increase the number of people in Pacifica being required to purchase flood insurance... the answer was they didn't know yet.

A new study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency shows the potential for flooding from downtown Redwood City to the Bay that could require property owners to secure flood insurance.

FEMA issued new preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Redwood City last summer and will conduct an open house with city officials later this month to discuss the potential changes “in the associated flood hazard zone” on FEMA maps.

The new map for the city impacts about 1,100 parcels and about 900 property owners, city spokeswoman Meghan Horrigan said.

At the open house, FEMA will have insurance experts on hand to discuss the impacts of the new map to property owners, she said.

The map is preliminary, however, and is not expected to be finalized until 2017, meaning property owners will not have to purchase flood insurance, if required, until then, said FEMA spokeswoman Mary Sims.

The new map is part of the San Francisco Bay Area Coastal Study, a federal requirement to map flood risk zones, said FEMA’s Shilp Mulik, who prepared the maps for Redwood City.

The maps will also help city officials to decide where best to build in the future along the Bay.

DAILY JOURNAL: Study shows flood risks in Redwood City: About 900 property owners will be required to buy new insurance

City Council Passes Tinfow Raise, Pot Cultivation Emergency Order, and Library Committee Issue, fails to submit applicaton for $40.9M in SMC Priority Development Area Funds

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

In last night's City Council meeting, City Manager Lorie Tinfow was granted a $12,000 a year raise plus additional severance and benefits, Pacifica enacted a 45 day Emergency Ordinance controlling pot cultivation, and a new 14 person Library Committee was formed.

The City is currently polling the population to test their tolerance for debt to be floated in the November 2016 Library Bond.

Though no official cost estimates have been published, here at we expect the total library cost to be between $25M ($1790 per household) and $45M ($3222 per household).

During Consideration Item #8, "Plan Bay Area 2040", A San Mateo County representative from the Bay Area Association of Governments (ABAG) stated that the City of Pacifica failed to submit an application for $40.9M in Priority Development Area funds currently being disbursed.

The application period spanned Jan 2014-Jun 2015.

Agenda Item #8. Plan Bay Area 2040 (Bay Area Association of Governments)

Pacifica's ABAG Representatives

Titans of Mavericks Forecasting a Balancing Act

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Despite a literal bone-breaking swell attracting some of the world’s best big wave surfers to Half Moon Bay last week, organizers of the revamped Titans of Mavericks surf competition say El Niño is making the already tricky process of forecasting contest-worthy conditions even more unpredictable. ...

A local crew of prestigious surfers known as Cartel’s Committee 5, which includes Mavericks maven Jeff Clark, is responsible for coordinating with seasoned forecasters who are now monitoring the ever-changing ocean conditions 24/7. The objective — consistent monstrous waves paired with clean weather during daytime hours. ...

“The ocean and the winds and these swells in these El Niño years are extremely volatile, so it can change on a dime,” Overfelt said, noting failing to call a contest when the elements align could be perceived as worse than hosting one in unfavorable conditions. “It’s hard to call a contest and what’s sad, is nobody wants to understand why.”

DAILY JOURNAL: The tricky business of forecasting Titans: Monster waves hit Mavericks, contest organizers consider conditions

Median Pacifica home sale up 2% over prior quarter at $798,250

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

The median sales price for homes in Pacifica CA for Oct 15 to Jan 16 was $798,250.

This represents an increase of 2%, or $15,750, compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 18.3% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 59.2% over the last 5 years in Pacifica.

The average listing price for Pacifica homes for sale on Trulia was $789,250 for the week ending Jan 06, which represents a decline of 0.8%, or $6,382, compared to the prior week and a decline of 1.8%, or $14,190, compared to the week ending Dec 16. Average price per square foot for Pacifica CA was $606, an increase of 16.5% compared to the same period last year.

TRULIA: Median Pacifica home sale up 2% over prior quarter at $798,250

7-Eleven Vendor Arcadis Pulls Soil Core Samples from Ex-Chevron Station at 700 Hickey Blvd

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

7-Eleven vendor Arcadis had an eight-person drilling team onsite at 700 Hickey Blvd this morning performing core samples near the old Chevron gasoline pump locations.

That 7-Eleven was originally scheduled to open in February 2016, but is now scheduled to open September 2016.

At the final appeal last Sept 14, City council members Mike O'Neill, Mary Ann Nihart, and Karen Ervin voted to approve 7-Eleven's permits, while Mayor Sue Digre and council member John Keener voted to deny 7-Eleven's permits.

Coastal Commission Will Seek State Funds to Purchase Access Rights from Billionaire Vinod Khosla

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

More than a year after a judge ordered Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla to open Martin's Beach to the public, the beach remains closed, and the setting of the long-running melodrama has shifted to the state capital, where an obscure but powerful state agency will soon decide whether to force the mogul to sell a right of way for the public to roam his coastal paradise.

The commission recently disclosed that it does not have funds to buy an easement from Khosla using eminent domain. That means the agency and proponents of public access would likely need to win support from the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown for using other sources, whether it's the general fund or some of the many pots of special funds scattered around Sacramento.

MERCURY TRIBUNE: Martins Beach: Can California afford to buy public access from Vinod Khosla?

Pacifica Tribune: Coastal Commission Pursuing City for Failure to Require Pacific Skies Estates Coastal Permit

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

The city officially responded to recent correspondence from the California Coastal Commission by defending its 2013 decision to issue an exemption to a coastal development permit for renovations at Pacific Skies Estates (PSE).

Nancy Cave, Coastal Commission North Central Coast District Manager, wrote three letters to which the city responded with this letter written by City Attorney Michelle Marchetta Kenyon sent Dec. 29...

The city responded to the first letter from the Coastal Commission by sending the requested information. The second letter, the one sent Nov. 4, offered the city an opportunity to seek a formal ruling from the Commission.

But the Dec. 18 letter “seems to abandon this cooperative approach and asserts that if the city disagrees with the commission staff’s interpretation that a coastal development permit is required, the matter would have to be brought in front of the commission in a dispute resolution hearing.

The letter further states, ‘our enforcement staff has been notified, and they will be in contact with you shortly,’” Kenyon wrote.

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: City defends Pacific Skies Estates decision

Last Woman Standing... 69 Year Old Susan Burwell Will Not Leave Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Home Park

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

One resident, however, has refused to accept the relocation package saying it will do her little good.

Susan Burwell, 69, was the first of 22 tenants to receive an eviction notice July 29 and was supposed to vacate her home of six years Sept. 29.

Pacifica officials, however, stepped in and negotiated on the tenant's behalf a relocation package that also offered them more time to find a new place to live.

But Burwell only earns $1,296 in monthly Social Security benefits while her rent at the park is about $1,200, which includes garbage and electricity.

A $15,000 payout, she said, will do little in helping her find a permanent place to call home.

Even $50,000 would do me no good. After the money is gone, then what?" she said.

Burwell is looking to rent a studio or even a converted garage to live for about $1,000 a month and wants to stay in Pacifica.

She has had no luck finding a new place, however.

DAILY JOURNAL: ‘Last man standing’: Woman will not accept relocation package after being evicted from mobile home park

City Manager Lorie Tinfow Asks for Raise- City Council Decides Monday Jan 11 7pm

Sunday Jan 10, 2016

This Monday, the Pacifica City Council will decide whether to increase City Manager Lorie Tinfow's total compensation package at 7:00pm in Council Chambers. Continued from a poorly noticed pre-Christmas Saturday Special Meeting on Dec 19 2015, this contentious issue has raised complaints of outrageous compensation and the potential for a whopping $517,777 total 2016 compensation package if Tinfow were to be fired this year.

POLICE CONFIDENTIAL: The Trouble with Tinfow and Pedophile Jason Pedroza

Pacifica City Council Agenda Jan 11 2016

SFGATE's Tom Stienstra: Sunday drive to Pacifica State Beach

Sunday Jan 10, 2016

What you’ll see: This is a gorgeous beach at Linda Mar in southern Pacifica. It is set in a half moon between Pedro Point to the south and Mori Point to the north, more than mile of expansive beach that is connected to a trail at Mori Point. The parking area is often crowded, but if you walk even a quarter mile, you will leave that crowd behind.

Timing: At minus low tides in winter, conditions can create tidal shallows that span acres. At high tides in winter, you can get big waves that pound the beach and feel as though they are clawing at you.

SFGATE:: Sunday drive to Pacifica State Beach

SF GATE: Tom Stienstra Column

The Best Taco Bell in the World and a Dump With a Billion Dollar View

Friday Jan 08, 2016

ABC7 News Reporter and Pacifica Whale Afficianado Wayne Freedman Tweeted Pacifica on a Mavericks trip yesterday.

"If this #TacoBell at above the Beach in #Pacifica, Ca. is not the company's most scenic, I want to see it. "

"...Especially today, with an #ElNino generated raging surf."

"Right now, those waters are pounding just feet away from your bean burrito. "

ABC7 NEWS: Surfers hit El Nino fueled waves at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

TWITTER: Follow Reporter Wayne Freedman of ABC7 News

Linda Mar Bat Stars by the Hundreds

Friday Jan 08, 2016

Yesterday's epic storms have resulted in a massive red starfish kill on Pacifica Beaches.

To the delight of small children, the south end of Linda Mar beach hosted hundreds of Bat Star starfish yesterday, unfortunately many were torn from their perches and injured or vulnerable to seabirds.

Northern Point of Rockaway Beach Collapse During Storm

Friday Jan 08, 2016

Regular Rockaway Beach fishermen reported that a portion of the rock point at the North end of Rockaway Beach had recently been further undercut by storm waves.

50 Foot Waves Too Chaotic for Mavericks

Friday Jan 08, 2016

Monster waves the size of a six-story building broke at the famed surf spot, Mavericks along the San Mateo County coast of Northern California today, drawing professional big wave surfers from around the world, but conditions were too chaotic for Titans of Mavericks to hold the annual competition.

The man who first surfed Mavericks, Jeff Clark told KTVU that many waves were 40-feet off the Pillar Point Harbor, but several more topped 50 feet, and even higher.

The surf contest known colloquially as Mavericks could still be held this season, depending on conditions. In 2015, perfect conditions never formed, and the competition had to take a year off.

SFGATE: Monster 50-foot waves hit Northern California, professional surfers brave El Niño storm

Monster Waves Overflow Beach Blvd

Friday Jan 08, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: It's interesting to note that Beach Blvd wasn't always the westernmost street in Pacifica. Kathleen Manning's excellent book on Pacifica mentions a now-underwater earlier oceanfront road parallel to Beach Blvd.

PACIFICA, CA (KGO/CNN) - It's not the traditional way to get exercise, but people were running along the shore Thursday morning, trying to avoid getting wet from the giant waves.

Fifteen to 20-foot high waves were crashing down, splashing all the way across Beach Boulevard. Officials closed it to everyone but residents.

Driving down the road, people risked a salt water wash. They gathered at the base of the pier, a chain-link fence keeping them from going too far out, and got to see the power of the waves up close.

"I think one time in San Diego we had like 15-foot waves, but it's been years since then," San Diego resident David Chmura said.

WDAM-TV: Monster waves crash along CA coast

AMAZON: Pacifica, Then & Now by Kathleen Manning & Jerry Crow

Mavericks Waves Top 25 Feet

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

The Northern California shoreline was battered Thursday by waves averaging 15 feet, prompting officials to issue a high-surf warning and a coastal-flood watch for much of the Bay Area coast.

Outlying surf was even bigger with some swells topping 25 feet at spots like Mavericks in San Mateo County, known for its big-wave surfing competition, and breached the 20-foot mark at Ocean Beach in San Francisco...

At Pacifica, where most weather rubberneckers do their rubbernecking when the waves go large, everybody stayed off the rocks. Instead, they stood on the Beach Boulevard sidewalk next to the seawall and watched the giant waves crash over the sidewalk and onto the front steps of oceanfront homes. Those who stood too close found out firsthand that nature does not play favorites with people or their cameras.

SF CHRONICLE: Bay Area high-surf warning issued as waves topped 25 feet

Twenty Foot Waves Slam Pacifica Pier

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

Even though the worst of this week’s storm is over, officials are still warning Bay Area residents of dangerous waves along the coast.

The National Weather Service issued a High Surf Warning Thursday that will be in effect until 2 p.m.

KRON 4’s Will Tran spent the morning in Pacifica where the entire pier is wet, but not because of the rain.

Giant waves up to 20 feet high slammed the pier overnight and into Thursday morning.

Officials are warning swimmers and beach-goers of the large and powerful waves, saying that the water is too dangerous to venture into.


Sheriff's Eviction at 1255 Peralta Resolves approximately 1:45PM

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

UPDATE: This situation resolved before 1:45pm allegedly with an arrest and police towing away purple Scion XB Van.

We'll have picture in the hour.
A 10:00am San Mateo County Sheriff's eviction resolved relatively peacefully around 1:45pm when the evicted homeowner was taken into custody.

The homeowner was a contractor who apparently had cited a failed legal argument in his defense of home, which sold Sept 21, 2015 at $516K at auction with a starting bid of $425K.

The man's girlfriend and young child had recently moved to Wyoming.

At about 12:45pm there were twelve law enforcement vehicles on scene and a Peninsula Humane Society truck to secure the man's Rottweiler dog.

SMC Sheriff's Eviction at Peralta & Linda Mar Turns into Barricade Situation

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

A San Mateo County Sheriff's Department eviction has apparently turned into a homeowner/hostage situation at Peralta & Linda Mar Blvd.

SMC Sheriff's were allegedly evicting a gentleman using an obscure legal case to fight off an eviction.

Neighbors have seen the man with a young wife and child at the residence.

We've got full photos and information we'll post once the situation has resolved, but always avoid posting anything that might compromise law enforcement safety.

2014-15 Flight Corridor Comparison Shows Increase in Air Traffic over Pacifica

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

This map compares air traffic over Pacifica on a single day (October 15) in both 2014 (Wednesday) and 2015 (Thursday).

The blue shape is Pacifica and the green lines are a statistically equivalent number of flights over Pacifica on that day and how there is a greater concentration going over Pacifica.

Flight routes change routinely with weather conditions but SFO presented this as typical situation.

Larger version of map

High Waves from Storm Close Pacifica Pier

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

The storm that moved into the Bay Area Wednesday packed a punch, causing accidents, downed trees and flash flood watches for parts of the region.

It's not unusual to see the Pacifica Pier shut down when winter storms arrive, but what is different is seeing back to back El Nino influenced storms and that is creating one angry ocean....

The combination of waves up to 20 feet with unpredictable wave patterns creates a deadly combination for anyone to venture out into.

There will be high tide in Pacifica shortly after 9pm. So, over the next few hours, the waves are only going to grow and become more hazardous.

ABC7 NEWS: High Surf Advisory prompts Pacifica Pier closure

Chairman of SFO Community Round Table Cliff Lentz Speaks at Pacifica Airport Noise Meeting

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

People in parts of San Mateo County say they’re fed up with noise from planes leaving the San Francisco International Airport, following a recent change. They want federal regulators to do something about it.

“Can’t sleep, can’t work, can’t socialize with your family,” said Pacifica mayor Sue Digre. “To me that hits your mental, your whole body.”

The mayor said she has had enough with loud planes ruining the quiet feel of her coastal city.

“I felt jittery. And I stopped and said, ‘What is it?’ It was the sound every two minutes that particular day I was home,” Digre recalled.

Dan Stegink of Pacifica hears the airplane noise as well. He launched a website called LoudJet.Net that allows people to submit their noise complaints straight to the FAA.

“Absolutely, the complaints have gone up,” Stegink told KPIX 5.

CBS: Changes In SFO Flight Paths Lead To Growing Number Of Noise Complaints

Who is Joebel Pagarigan, the Wrong Way Driver in Deadly Christmas Crash that Killed Pacifican Jason Gilbride?

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Joebel Pagarigan emigrated from Luzon, Philliipines in 2012 where he had graduated from Central Luzon Doctor's Hospital Educational Institution, and later attended Cornerstone International College where he trained to become a sterile processing lab technician.

His Twitter feed states: "I'm just a man who was brought into this world to be tested once again.. .", and contained multiple tweets that might indicate depression.

TWITTER: Joebel Pagarigan

FACEBOOK: Joebel Pagarigan

Christmas Day Crash Wrong Way Driver ID'd as 23 yo Joebel Pagarigan of Daly City

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

PACIFICA, CA- A driver in a crash that happened early Christmas morning on state Highway 1 in Pacifica has been identified as 23-year-old Daly City resident Joebel Pagarigan, according to the San Mateo County coroner’s office.

The first report of the collision came in at 2:39 a.m. on Dec. 25 after Pagarigan was apparently traveling the wrong direction in a Toyota Corolla on northbound Highway 1 near Paloma Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol.

He collided with a Nissan Maxima driven by someone working for the ride-booking service Uber and was pronounced dead at the scene, CHP officials said. North County Fire Authority firefighters arrived and found the Toyota had overturned and caught fire in the center median.

Driver Identified In Fatal Christmas Morning Crash On Hwy 1

If You have Any Interest In Pacific Skies Estates, Buy the Pacifica Tribune Today

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: City Attorney Michelle Kenyon is apparently unaware there is no time limit on appealing after the fact permits, which are typically assessed five times costs due to the considerable expense of reconstructing records.

The California Coastal Commission continues to aggressively assert that Pacific Skies Estates renovations required a Coastal Commission Permit while City Attorney Michelle Kenyon contends that: "The City lacks the authority to reconsider its 2013 exemption determination both because the city was not the permitting authority at PSE and because the time in which an interested party could appeal the city's 2013 exemption has long since passed",

SMC Bans Overnight Parking at HMB Airport 11PM - 6AM

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

San Mateo County has changed parking rules in an effort to better ensure access to parking at Half Moon Bay and San Carlos airports.

The Board of Supervisors recently adopted the new county airports parking policy at the recommendation of the county Public Works Department. In doing so it approved a ban on overnight parking at the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and established zones where such parking is allowed with a valid permit. The new rules take effect on Feb. 1. San Mateo County owns and operates both facilities.

HMB REVIEW: Supervisors approve airport parking policy

SMC Harbor Commission May Request State Intervention on Crab Crisis

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan is asking the board to consider legislative efforts to assist crab fishermen in the wake of the season’s delay. Brennan is asking the board to take up the matter at its Jan. 6 meeting in Half Moon Bay.

HMB REVIEW: Harbor board may take up crab closure

Harbor Commission meeting schedule

A Surfer’s Gotta Do What a Surfer’s Gotta Do

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

That was the moment. The moment where I got hooked. The waves were beautiful. The blue walls rose up again and again, an immense challenge to my competitive spirit. But it would be three years before I would get back in the water....My second day out I decided to head to Pacifica. I had heard that the waves were easier to catch than Ocean Beach, and it was only twenty minutes south of the city. Early Sunday morning I was on the road, following the winding coast, and watching a beautiful band of fog hover above the hills.

I arrived at the same time as another surfer, who I eyed warily as I hid my keys and squirmed into a cold, damp wetsuit. There were decent sets rolling in, and I decided to avoid the crowds.

Confidence is key, but even with that and a dash of hubris, I was having no luck with my board. The one I had rented was a 6′ 0″ fish that, in retrospect, was probably too advanced for my skills and entirely wrong for the conditions. But, as has become more apparent as I grow older, never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

INERTIA: Once You Get Hooked, You Really Have No Choice

Pacifican & President of CA Police Chiefs Assn Susan Manheimer May Run For 2018 SMC Sheriff

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks told the Daily Journal Thursday he will not seek re-election in 2018 and that he is supporting Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos to succeed him.

Munks was elected to the position in 2006 after then sheriff Don Horsley retired. His law enforcement career spans nearly four decades.

He told County Manager John Maltbie last week he plans to retire when his term expires at the end of 2018 and also sent a memo to the San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association explaining his plans...With news of Munks retiring, San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer has been encouraged to run for the office as well. She hadn’t decided whether she’d run Thursday but indicated she was considering it.

(Photo credit: Jeff Chiu, AP

MERCURY NEWS: Sheriff won’t seek re-election: Greg Munks to serve until 2018 when term expires; Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos to run for position

MERCURY NEWS: San Mateo Police Chief and Pacifica resident Susan Manheimer guest speaker at Democrats meeting

Flash Flood Warning & Likely Bay Area Storms Rest of Week

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

A flash flood watch has been posted for the entire Bay Area through early Wednesday afternoon as the region braces for the biggest of this week’s storm systems, according to KPIX 5 Meteorologist Paul Deanno.

Tuesday’s storm brought widespread beneficial rainfall to the San Francisco Bay Area, with most cities receiving three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain between Monday evening and the break between storms Tuesday afternoon.

That break will only be a few hours, as moderate-to-heavy rain is likely to return by early Wednesday morning. Another inch to an inch and a half of rain is likely to fall with this next storm, the third of the month. Winds will gust to 25-35 mph as the storm moves through, Deanno said.

KPIX: Bay Area Braces For Week’s Biggest Storm

SF Examiner: Pacifica Airport Noise Meeting Hosts SFO Community Round Table Chair Cliff Lentz

Monday Jan 04, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: Great article from Examiner writer Brendan P. Bartholomew outlines some of the noise issues and solutions facing Pacifica!

Altered flight paths around San Francisco International Airport led to a dramatic uptick in noise complaints last year, and Peninsula residents will have opportunities to air their grievances Tuesday at a town-hall style meeting in Pacifica.

A technical working group will also hold public meetings on the topic at SFO on Thursday.

Brisbane Mayor Cliff Lentz chairs the SFO Airport/Community Roundtable, an organization studying the issue and monitoring the airport’s noise abatement efforts. Lentz said there have been “tens of thousands” of new noise complaints throughout the Peninsula and as far away as Santa Cruz. The complaints stem from new flight procedures implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The altered flight paths reflect a shift from relying on ground-based navigation aids, like radio beacons and using GPS, Lentz said. He explained the changes were meant to increase safety and efficiency, and reduce the amount of noise residents experience.

But the “ground truth” in San Mateo County has apparently been a marked increase in noise as aircraft have become commonplace over areas where they weren’t previously seen and heard.

Pacifica Mayor Sue Digre, who also sits on the roundtable, said she’s heard from residents who say they might move to get away from the new influx of flight noise.

“It’s been bad,” Digre said, “We all thought these new flight procedures were going to be a great thing; little did we know.”

Digre said she views the issue as a potential public health matter, because noise can raise people’s stress levels.

SF EXAMINER: Residents to air out airport grievances

SF EXAMINER: Brendan Bartholomew Articles

Mayor Sue Digre Invites Pacificans to SFO Plane Noise Meeting 7pm Tues Jan 5 Meeting

Monday Jan 04, 2016

Mayor Sue Digre invites the public to a meeting on SFO Plane Noise over Pacifica on Public Meeting - January 5, 2016 7:00pm at City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd (2nd Flr).

Cliff Lentz- Chairman of SFO Airport Community Round Table and Mayor of Brisbane will share his extensive research on Airport Noise Mitigation, and Kathleen Wentworth, a retired Airline Pilot working for Congresswoman Speier on Airport Issues will also be joining us.

There are three resources to report aircraft noise:

1. a one click reporting tool that reports data to the SFO Community Round Table & FAA

2. SFO Community Roundtable Complaint Form that reports to the FAA:

3. Complaint emails to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Ombudsman at email:

"This is a critical health issue that I take very seriously. Public input and pressure will be extremely helpful in resolve this situation as soon as possible."

Sue Digre Mayor of Pacifica Council liaison to SFO Community Roundtable

(Slam and Jam illustration by William Langeweis)

UPDATE: Pacifica wordsmith Alan Wald offers: "Pacifica palindrome lovers suggest a slightly modified headline:
"Sue's Arsenal: Pacifica Planes Rase Us!"

Google's Project Sunroof Compares Solar Panel Return on Investment

Monday Jan 04, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: We don't necessarily buy Google's major premise that solar panels should be roof mounted. The sun is 93 million miles away... another 35 feet isn't going to make a difference, and having Solar Panels at ground level makes them exponentially easier to adjust.

Google is rolling out a new online service that quickly tallies up considerations of going solar and whether homeowners should consider buying or leasing photovoltaic panels costing thousands of dollars. Google’s Project Sunroof combines the eye-in-the-sky images behind Google Earth with calculations on how much shade trees cast over a rooftop, data on local weather patterns, industry pricing and available subsidies to arrive at its bottom line. The service expanded in December to analyze properties in the Raleigh area, as well as 15 other metro areas in Arizona, Nevada, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Colorado. Interested potential customers are referred to solar-panel installers for further follow-up, cutting their marketing costs, said Carl Elkin, the senior software engineer behind the service. “We at Google believe in solar energy. The solar industry needs our help,” he said. Google has invested more than $1 billion in recent years into solar energy, including $300 million earlier this year into a fund that finances residential rooftop projects installed by SolarCity Corp. Google invested $280 million in the publicly traded company in 2011.

SF EXAMINER: Google helps analyze if rooftop solar panels are good deal

GOOGLE: Project Sunroof

SF GATE: Tom Stienstra Notes Pacifica Pier Damage

Monday Jan 04, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: We're always glad to see readers from SFGate and love Tom Stienstra. We found Leo Leon's excellent photos of the pier damage on Pacifica Riptide!

"Had it all planned: After the note last Sunday that described the power of big waves at Pacifica Pier, 15-footers knocked a chunk of concrete off the pier Sunday afternoon, reports Dab Stegink."

SF GATE: Wild and foxy bandit lurks on the links

SF GATE: Tom Stienstra Column

LInda Mar Safeway Robbed Jan 1 2016 at 10:15PM by Man Wearing "Old Man Mask"

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

Pacifica, CA- On January 1, 2016 at approximately 10:46 P.M., officers from the Pacifica Police Department responded to the Safeway store located at 1380 Linda Mar Center on a report of a robbery. Store employees reported that at approximately 10:15 P.M. a subject entered the store and gained access to the “safe room” where he proceeded to demand money. The subject took an undetermined amount of currency and restrained an employee, then fled the store in an unknown direction. The subject was possibly armed with a firearm.

The subject was described as a white male wearing a black hooded ski jacket with tan lining and khaki pants. The subject was also reported to have been wearing a mask which looked like the face of an “old man”.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is encouraged to contact the Pacifica Police Department at 650-738-7314.

Anonymous tips may be left on the Silent Witness Tip Line at (650) 359-4444 or online at: The investigation is on-going, refer to case number 16-0011

POLICE: Grocery Store Robbed

After 73 Years, Japanese Family Discovers
Local Chamber of Commerce President Reported Father for Internment Camps

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

EDITOR's NOTE: Many Pacificans remain unaware a Japanese Internment camp at the Archery Range held US Citizens during WWII. The quonset hut from the internment camp still exists near Ocean High School.

In 1940, San Mateo County had a population of 131,782, according to U.S. Census records. There were 1,218 Japanese-Americans, 418 of whom were resident aliens. On the Coastside, 132 individuals, both citizens and noncitizens, self-identified as being of Japanese descent...

On Feb. 18, 1942, one citizen did. FBI documents show that on that day Charles J. Contini, the president of the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce and manager of the Bank of America of Half Moon Bay, called the San Francisco office of the FBI. He told an agent that Tsunematsu Kuwahara was a reserve officer in the Japanese army, that Kuwahara had a son and daughter currently living in Japan, and that the son was also enlisted in the Japanese military...

Some of these individuals were held in barracks at Sharp Park in Pacifica, where the archery range is currently located. Kuwahara spent two months there awaiting the hearing that would determine whether he would be incarcerated.

HMB REVIEW: Documents reveal 73-year-old injustice

Hawaii's Humpbacks Slow to Return

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

More than 10,000 humpback whales make the winter journey from Alaska to the warm waters off Hawaii to mate and give birth...

December usually marks the start of humpback whale season in Hawaii, but experts say the animals have been slow to return this year.

Lyman said the whales' absence could just mean they're spending more time feeding in northern waters, possibly because of El Nino disruptions or because their population has gone up.

In September, The Christian Science Monitor reported after the first sightings of humpbacks in two decades in Long Island Sound in that a joint study done by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) in 2007 indicated that rising water temperatures could cause whale species to “shift their distributions to remain within optimal habitat.”

(Photo courtesy Vanessa Mignon, UnderwaterFestival 2011)

CS MONITOR: Mysterious absence: Where are Hawaii's humpback whales?

WDCS: Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society Paper

SF CHRONICLE: Coastal communities should adopt ‘managed retreat’

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

"Heavy rain, high winds and giant surf have been roaring in off the Pacific Ocean in recent weeks as this year’s El Niño has begun. Along our beaches, from Pacifica north to Ocean Beach, a new cycle of coastal erosion is under way. In some locations, this means a threat to beachside homes, businesses and infrastructure....

In order to protect our city infrastructure, the San Francisco Department of Public Works has added large boulders to the shoreline. The boulders absorb wave energy before it can cause further erosion and damage.

Shoreline protection devices such as seawalls and rock revetments may be useful in protecting threatened development. Unfortunately, they can also lead to the destruction of our beaches.

For example, boulder revetments such as the ones at Ocean Beach cover what remains of the sandy shoreline. The rocks choke off public access to and along the beach, are unsightly and can spread erosion to the adjacent area. Seawalls are often harmful in that they block our shorelines from migrating inland. When this happens, beaches become submerged as the tidal zone advances to the wall. This has already occurred along much of Pacifica’s beachfront and is beginning to take hold at Ocean Beach in the area south of Sloat Boulevard. "

SF CHRONICLE: Coastal communities should adopt ‘managed retreat’

City of San Mateo Asks County for $1M to Support Bicycle Master Plan

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

The San Mateo City Council is seeking nearly $1 million from local transportation officials to undertake projects aimed at improving bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The council will meet Monday, Jan. 4, to consider applying for funds to support a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge across Highway 101 on Hillsdale Boulevard as well as a road diet along a portion of San Mateo Drive to create bike lanes — two projects outlined in the city’s plans to promote safety and encourage commuters to ditch their vehicles.

“Our Pedestrian and Bicycle master plans that we approved a couple years ago are a step in the right direction,” said Deputy Mayor David Lim. “I’m happy we’re considering funding sources outside of our general fund to address some of these improvements.”

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority, which allocates revenue from the voter-approved half-cent sales tax Measure A, has issued a call for bicycle and pedestrian projects on which to spend up to $4.9 million, according to a city staff report.

San Mateo officials have long discussed creating a bridge across Highway 101 that would allow pedestrians and bicyclists traveling on Hillsdale Boulevard to avoid vehicles merging on and off the freeway. The bridge would run parallel but separate from Hillsdale Boulevard and comes with a hefty price tag. Although a final design hasn’t been chosen, preliminary construction estimates range between $20 million and $30 million, said Public Works Director Brad Underwood.

DAILY JOURNAL: San Mateo City Council seeking grants for bike and pedestrian projects

Burlingame Seeks $1M in County Funds for Bike Lanes

Saturday Jan 02, 2016

Burlingame officials are interested in improving bike connectivity throughout the city, with the help of grant money offered by the county’s Transportation Authority.

The Burlingame City Council stands Monday, Jan. 4, to approve a resolution supporting the upgrade of a bike route along California Drive, which is a popular route for riders to access the city’s train stations and commercial districts, according to a city report.

To build improved bike infrastructure along California Drive could cost as much as $1.2 million, according to the report, and the city is interested in receiving grant money from San Mateo County Transit Authority’s Measure A fund to aid in paying for the project.

Officials have set aside $200,000 to match a portion of the funds contributed by the county toward the project.

The exact improvement projects the grant money may pay toward are yet to be determined, according to the report, but the city previously expressed interest in building a dedicated bike lane along California Drive, especially between Broadway and Murchison Avenue.

The program can grant a maximum of $1 million, and requires a minimum of 10 percent of matching funds by the city, according to the report.

DAILY JOURNAL: Burlingame seeks grant for bike paths

SMC in Talks to Take Over Management of SHarp Park Golf Course

Thursday Dec 31, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Our sources at the County tell us this is almost a done deal. Special thanks to Supervisors Don Horsley and Dave Pine who worked to make this happen!

San Mateo County officials are in talks with San Francisco to take over the management of Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, but it remains unclear whether an agreement is imminent, officials said this week.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet in closed session on Tuesday to discuss potential lease terms for the 18-hole golf course, which occupies 417 oceanside acres on land owned by the city of San Francisco.

SFBAY: San Mateo mulls Sharp Park takeover

Audubon Society: Drought, Climate Change have Reduced Bay Area Bird Populations

Thursday Dec 31, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Pacifica Limestone Quarry goes before the Open Spaces (OSPAC) Committee in a yet-unannounced meeting on January 20, 2016!

The San Francisco Examiner met up with Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society President Bob Hirt on Tuesday morning as he helped members of the organization’s Golden Gate chapter conduct bird counts in Pacifica.

Using handheld binoculars and tripod-mounted telescopes, the eagle-eyed bird enthusiasts worked in small teams, with one keeping count while another identified birds. In many cases, the birds were so small and well camouflaged, they might have escaped notice by all but the most seasoned bird watchers.

Walking a trail in Calera Creek Park, Hirt called the former rock quarry site a triumph of habitat restoration. The park, which links the Vallemar and Rockaway Beach neighborhoods, benefited from wetlands restoration about eight years ago, Hirt said, and the marshy environment gives numerous bird species a chance to thrive.

SF EXAMINER: Count reveals some Bay Area bird numbers ‘very low’

SFO Airport Hosts Record 50 Millionth Passenger in Single Year

Thursday Dec 31, 2015

San Francisco International Airport welcomed its 50 millionth passenger in 2015, just hours before the start of the New Year.

The 50 million passengers traveling through SFO in a calendar year is an all-time record high for the airport in its 88-year history, officials said.

Officials from the airport announced Wednesday morning that passenger Katheryn Castanga of Arlington, Virginia was the 50 millionth passenger to travel through SFO this year. Castanga was about to board Virgin Airlines Flight 1 from SFO to Reagan National Airport.

SF BAY: SFO welcomes 50 millionth passenger of 2015

Fairmont Safeway to Open 2016

Wednesday Dec 30, 2015

Safeway on Wednesday confirmed that it would open a new store in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood, and set an opening date for summer of 2016.

The Pleasanton-based grocer said the 23,200-square-foot store, at 1489 Bird Avenue, would bring 100 new jobs. The site is the location of a former Fresh & Easy store, which closed when that grocery chain finally collapsed....

Safeway said the new store would have local and organic items, a full butcher block and full-service deli, and floral design.

This is one of four new stores Safeway says it's opening in 2016, including one in Fairmont Shopping Center in Pacifica, the Orchards shopping center in Walnut Creek and "the Shops at the Ridge" center in Oakland.

SIL VAL BUSINESS JOURNAL: Safeway sets opening date for new Willow Glen store

Planning Commission Meeting Jan 4 2016 - Recology Storm Water Treatment Plant and 320 Esplanade

Wednesday Dec 30, 2015

CDP-361-15 COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT, to demolish an existing apartment building located at 320 Esplanade Drive (APN 009-413-020) which has been uninhabited for several years due to unsafe building conditions. Recommended California Environmental Quality Act (CEWA) status: Statutory Exemption, CEQA Guidelines Section 15269. Proposed Action: Approve as conditioned.

CDP-359-15 EMERGENCY COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT, informational report regarding issuance of Emergency Coastal Development Permit CDP-359-15, to construct improvements at an existing Recology of the Coast recycling facility to retain and treat stormwater on-site, and to prevent stormwater from flowing into the Pacifica Ocean, at 1046 Palmetto Avenue (APN 009-074-160). Proposed Action: Receive and file. Complete Jan 4 2016 Planning Commission Agenda

320 Esplanade Coastal Bluff Apartment Demolition:

1046 Palmetto Ave Recology Stormwater Treatment Plant

Vertigo: Planning Specialist Bart Willoughby sees Time Running Out for 310 Esplanade

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: In a Dec 19 2015 Special Meeting the City Council approved $400K to demolish 320 Esplanade, which may or may not contain Asbesotos.

In 2010 Pacifica spent almost $1M of unreimbursed funds to remediate a problem at 380 Esplanade, both privately owned apartment buildings.

It takes more than a spectacular, vertigo-inducing view down a crumbling cliff into the crashing waves to make Bart Willoughby flinch.

The planning specialist hired to monitor erosion along the cliffs next to seaside apartments in Pacifica leaned out into a driving rain above the dizzying drop last week and pointed to a pile of fortifying rocks that he said are preventing the bluff from collapsing. Bracing for El Niño

The question, he said, is whether those rocks will prevent violent waves driven by El Niño storms this winter from undermining the building’s increasingly precarious perch.

“The bluffs have been maintaining themselves over the years since they’ve had the rock revetment, but there are places in the revetment that basically have got slumps in them and the waves overtop them and take out some of the sand,” said Willoughby, gesturing 80 feet downward from the back patio of the apartment building he oversees at 310 Esplanade Ave., which is still occupied. “Eventually it’s going to be a problem.”

It has certainly been a problem for two adjacent apartment buildings, at 320 and 330 Esplanade, which were evacuated in 2010 after the cliffs eroded and left them teetering on the edge. Those buildings are now awaiting demolition.

SF Chronicle: El Niño forecast renews worries about Pacifica cliffside homes

Pacifican Chaucer Finally Home for the Holidays.

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

Angela Tsang went above and beyond for a lost dog that wandered into her life nearly a year ago.

Prior to crossing paths with Tsang at her Pacifica home, little was known about Chaucer — an older Chihuahua mix who spent months at the Peninsula Humane Society without finding a home.

“Chaucer walked up to me about a year ago in my driveway. I didn’t know who he belonged to, he had a collar but no tag,” Tsang said, adding she and her neighbors determined he’d been on the streets for days without food. “He just looked at me like ‘I’m lost. Can you help me?”

Tsang said she immediately took him to the PHS then regularly followed up by visiting and doing all she could to make sure he wouldn’t be euthanized.

“I’ve been calling the shelter every single week to check on him because I didn’t want him to be put down; it’s not his fault that somebody dumped him,” Tsang said.

DAILY JOURNAL: A home for the holidays: Family in Pacifica adopts dog they found the year before

SMC Closed Session on Sharp Park Golf Course Lease Jan 5 2016

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: We brought you this news Nov 3 and are delighted it's evolving into a done deal. Kudos to Supervisors Pine & Horsley for their work on this!

County Manager John Maltbie and his legal team will sit down in closed session with San Francisco officials to discuss possibly leasing the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica.

Earlier this year, Maltbie hired an outside consultant to assess the financial feasibility of leasing the municipal golf course, according to a report to the board.

The golf course has been the subject of lawsuits over threatened frogs and endangered snakes that thrive in the area.

Restoration of the course is estimated to cost $10 million, however, according to a 2009 study by the San Francisco Parks Commission.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in 2012 to explore the possibility of taking over management of the golf course, which takes up about 120 acres of the 400-acre park adjacent to the ocean and south of the Pacifica Pier.

Officials with both counties started to negotiate a 30-year lease for San Mateo County to manage the golf course but a lawsuit by environmental groups alleging that San Francisco failed to maintain the habitat for the red-legged frogs and San Francisco garter snakes slowed those talks.

A judge has since dismissed the lawsuit.

DAILY JOURNAL: County eyes public golf course lease: Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica operated by city of San Francisco

Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow's Entire Contract Including Amendments 1 & 2

Monday Dec 28, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: To further transparency of city spending, we have assembled Lorie Tinfow's entire employment contract as it stands with pending Amendment 2.


Initial Employment Contract (Sept 9, 2013)

Amendment 1 (June 23, 2014)

(Proposed and agendized in special Saturday meeting Dec 19, 2015 but continued until Jan 11, 2016 and currently unsigned)
Amendment 2 (Dec 19, 2015)

Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow Contract (Sept 9, 2014) + Amendment 1 (June 23, 2014) + Amendment 2 (Dec 19, 2015)

Crash-Damaged Manor Post Office Shows No Progress

Sunday Dec 27, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Nov 20, 2015, the Little Quiapo Asian Food market at 753 Hickey Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044 sells postage and limited USPS products.

Damaged on September 21, 2015 when an elderly woman tried to mail a Buick through the front window, the closed Manor District United States Post Office has seen almost no progress since the windows were boarded up shortly after.

Postmaster Beth Dayao's letter on the front door continues to assure us that "Every Effort is being made to reopen the Post Office as soon as possible", as patrons with time brave the thirty minute lines in Linda Mar and those in a hurry drive down to Montara.

USPS: Pacifica Asian food market becomes a Village Post Office

Winter Storms Threatens Westline Drive (at Skyline) Entrance to Dump

Sunday Dec 27, 2015

In a recurring annual drama, last week's storms threatened the Westline Drive entrance to Pacifica's most famous planning blunder, the the Mussel Rock Transfer Station Disposal Site.

Neighbors report this has had recent attention from Public Works, but the erosion has reached the road and has undercut the city storm sewer.

GoFundMe site for Christmas Day Crash Victim Jason Gilbride

Saturday Dec 26, 2015

Tragically, 2008 Terra Nova grad Jason Gilbride died in a Christmas morning car crash.

Help his family defray the costs of his funeral at:

GOFUND ME: The Gilly Fund

Millbrae Community TV Looks to Expand Service Offerings to Nearby Communities

Saturday Dec 26, 2015

With declining cable subscription rates, which limits exposure to local television viewers, the small staff at Millbrae Community Television, or MCTV, is seeking new ways to remain a valuable community resource.

In an attempt to be known as more than simply the channel which shows City Council meetings or other local government programming, MCTV plans to begin offering classes teaching editing and visual storytelling, to serve those who have interests in learning about television production technique.

But while working out of a small office connected to the Millbrae Civic Center, at 621 Magnolia Ave., with one full-time employee, rebranding the station should be considered no small task.... Pitman said about 60 percent of the station’s revenue is generated through outsourcing broadcasting and production services to other nearby cities such as San Mateo, South San Francisco and Pacifica.

During a previous round of funding negotiations with the Millbrae City Council, officials had requested the station move toward becoming more self-sufficient.

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Uber "deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy."

Saturday Dec 26, 2015

A wrong-way driver collided head-on with the car of an Uber driver in northern California, killing two.

The California Highway Patrol says the fiery crash happened just after 2:30 a.m. Friday on Highway 1 in Pacifica.

Investigators say the driver of the car that hit the Uber vehicle was killed. A passenger in the back seat of the Uber was killed. He was identified as 25-year-old Jason Gilbride of Pacifica.

The Uber driver was hospitalized with unknown injuries

Uber says in a statement that the company is "deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy.

ABCNEWS: Uber Passenger 1 of 2 Killed in Wrong-Way California Crash

Tragedy Strikes as Pacifican Jason Gilbride, 25, ID'd as Passenger in Uber Car

Friday Dec 25, 2015

The driver of a car who was headed south in the highway's northbound lanes was burned beyond recognition when their Toyota Corolla flipped over and burst into flames, said CHP Officer Vu Williams. The passenger in the Uber car, Jason Gilbride, 25, of Pacifica also died.

The Uber driver was taken to San Francisco General Hospital after complaining of pain. He was conscious and gave a statement to investigators, Williams said.

"The Uber driver was going the right way," Williams said.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

MERCURY NEWS: Pacifica: Uber passenger one of two people killed in fiery crash

Related: 2008 Jason Gilbride is congratulated by Jake Lawler after Gilbride hit a home run.

Wrong Way Driver in Fiery Christmas Morning Crash Burned Beyond Recognition or Gender Identification

Friday Dec 25, 2015

EEDITOR's NOTE: CHP was not clear whether wrong way driver entered Hwy 1 Northbound lane at Paloma (Ocean Shore High School), Milagra St (Pacifica Manor) or even farther North.

The driver of a car who was headed south in the highway's northbound lanes was burned beyond recognition when their Toyota Corolla flipped over and burst into flames, said CHP Officer Vu Williams. The passenger in the Uber car also died.

The Uber driver was taken to San Francisco General Hospital after complaining of pain. He was conscious and gave a statement to investigators, Williams said.

"The Uber driver was going the right way," Williams said.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The person in the Uber car was in the back seat and investigators believe the passenger was not wearing a seat belt, Williams said...

The accident occurred at about 2:40 a.m. near the Paloma Avenue overpass. The highway was closed in both directions until shortly after 7 a.m.

The dead driver believed to be at fault had to have turned directly into the southbound lane, Williams said. The four-lane highway is divided by a concrete barrier.

"You just can't cross over," Williams said.

That person was burned so badly the gender has not yet been determined, Williams said

MERCURY NEWS: HomeNewsBreaking NewsStory Pacifica: Uber passenger one of two people killed in fiery crash

Un-Benched SF 49'er Jared Hayne Praises Pacifica Surfing, NORCAL Surf Shop

Friday Dec 25, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: It's Official, none other than the 49ers advise today that Haynes is officially back on the roster.

Coach Jim Tomsula has praised Hayne s work ethic but not commented about possibly recalling the 49ers summer sensation for a late-season encore. "I feel 10 times more comfortable than six weeks ago when I was actually playing", Hayne said, according to the San Jose Mercury-News.

...The 49ers dealt with injuries to their top three running backs, losing Carlos Hyde to a stress fracture in his left foot and Reggie Bush to knee surgery for the season.

He's also had a taste of California's beaches since arriving in March, including surf spots in Santa Cruz and Pacifica, where he said the Nor Cal Surf Shop set him up recently. "It gets cold a couple months but it's mostly handsome".

Two Dead in 2:30am Pacifica Christmas Morning Accident at Hwy1 & Paloma

Friday Dec 25, 2015

Pacifica's Hwy1 was closed N of Sharp Park as the culmination of a wrong-way two car accident.

An Uber driver in a Nissan Maxima struck a Toyota Corolla driver going in the wrong direction (S in the Northbound lane) about 2:59am last night.

SFGATE: Two killed in Highway 1 crash in Pacifica

Wrong way crash kills Pacifica Toyota Corolla Driver, Uber driver in Nissan Maxima

Friday Dec 25, 2015

The California Highway Patrol Friday morning is reporting two people have been killed in a crash on northbound state Highway 1 in Pacifica.

The crash occurred on the highway at Paloma Avenue.

San Francisco CHP confirmed one of the vehicles involved in the accident was an Uber driver and passenger.

An Uber driver was reportedly driving northbound on Highway 1 in a Nissan Maxima. A wrong-way driver was driving southbound on Highway 1 in a Toyota Corolla, the CHP said.

The Corolla struck the Nissan head-on, and the passenger in the Uber car died, and the driver of the Corolla died as well.

Traffic Sports Features KRON KRON 4 Live More Search for: Two killed in crash on Hwy 1 in Pacifica

SMC to Cap Rent Increases on Mobile Home Parks at Next Meeting

Friday Dec 25, 2015

At its next meeting, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will amend an ordinance related to rent control at mobile home parks to protect tenants.

The changes come after a review of the existing ordinance first adopted in 2003.

The review found that the county has never received a petition from a mobile home park owner requesting an additional rent increase as required by local law.

The review found that most mobile home park owners are charging rents permitted by the ordinance. However, county officials concluded that at least one mobile home park owner may have directed tenants into longer-term leases to avoid certain provisions of the ordinance, according to a staff report by County Manager John Maltbie.

The ordinance only applies to mobile home parks in unincorporated county lands.

DAILY JOURNAL: County to strengthen mobile home rent rules

Two Killed in 2nd Wrong Way Hwy 1 Crash in Pacifica this Year!

Friday Dec 25, 2015

PACIFICA, Calif. (KTVU) -- A Uber passenger was killed in a two vehicle crash early Christmas morning, that involved a wrong-way car, said CHP. Authorities were first notified at 2:39 a.m., about a crash on northbound Highway 1, at Paloma Avenue. The collision sparked a fire, authoirites said. The CHP closed the road for hours to investigate the scene, and remove the wreckage. According to the Highway Patrol, a driver was going the wrong-way on HIghway 1, and slammed head-on into the car belonging to a Uber driver. A passenger in his car was killed.

KTVU: CHP: 2 people killed in wrong-way crash in Pacifica

Happy Holidays! Because 68.9% of Californians Choose It over Merry Christmas!

Friday Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to any and all who prefer it! We disagree with many of the interpretations made of this study, but it's interesting nonetheless.

An analysis of Twitter's data feed has revealed Californian's have the highest ratio of those who prefer "Happy Holidays" over "Merry Christmas".

With Georgia leading the Merry Christmas pack at 65.5%, it's neither a red state/blue state map nor the bible belt map the attached article insinuates.

DAILY BEAST: Which States Prefer to Say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’?

Pacifica City Attorney Michelle Kenyon Also Recommended Higher Salary for Calistoga City Manager this Month

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Calistoga's City Manager compensation is relevant because they have the same City Attorney we do, subcontracted vendor Michelle Kenyon of Burke Williams Sorenson, whom City Council stated had requested City Manager Lorie Tinfow's raise

Both the interim and the new city manager will earn more than retiring City Manager Richard Spitler, a salary increase needed to attract qualified applicants, the council agreed Tuesday.

Spitler, who is set to retire at the end of this year and is currently sidelined due to an injury, earns $153,800, which is “significantly below what other cities pay,” a study found.

“It has been a bit of a challenge for the recruiting agency to get a larger candidate pool because of our salary range and based on the cost of living,” said Mayor Chris Canning.

NAPA VALLEY REGISTER: Pay increase approved for Calistoga city manager

Last Night's Comet-Like Light with Long Tail over Peninsula was Russian Rocket Breaking Up

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: This Russian SL4 rocket body entered the atmosphere over Arizona and was visible over the East of Pacifica about 7pm last night for ten minutes.

Email us your photos at if you've got anything over Pacifica landmarks.

Officials said a bright light that streaked across the skies of Southern California Tuesday night was space debris from a Russian rocket and not a meteor.

The mysterious flash of light dove through the sky for about 10 minutes and was reported by hundreds on social media around 6 p.m.

In fact, people in Indio, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Corona, and Irvine all reported seeing the light, which was also spotted in Arizona and Nevada. Even folks at KOVR-TV in Sacramento reported seeing the strange light.

CBS LA: Mystery Solved! Bright Light Seen Across Southern California Skies Was Debris From Russian Rocket

Dungeness Crab Closure May Cost California FIshermen $67M, Local Seafood Businesses Hurting

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

"The domoic acid Grinch took our Christmas crab!" said Phil DiGirolamo, owner of Phil's Fish Market, a popular spot for crab lovers in Moss Landing...

Robin O'Connor, general manager of Princeton Seafood Co., a restaurant next to Pillar Point Harbor, said that business this month is down about 80 percent compared to December 2014. He compared Princeton-by-the-Sea, a tiny coastal community that relies on the fishing industry to draw tourists, to Rust Belt communities devastated by factory closures.

"It's completely decimated the entire town," said O'Connor, adding that media coverage of the domoic acid health threat has scared the daylights out of consumers, who are "afraid of seafood in general right now."...

The delays have disrupted an industry that in California brought fishermen nearly $67 million last year. But the economic effect of the closure goes far beyond fishermen, many of whom are struggling to pay their bills.

CONTRA COSTA TIMES: California's crab-season delay claims Christmas

Recology Doubles Montara's Garbage Rate

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: High garbage rates mean trash on the ground and dumping throughout the city. Through 2015 Recology has charged Pacificans some of the highest garbage rates in the county and had hundreds of official complaints against rate increases. Our contract is up for renewal in the next twelve months. supports a competitive bidding process for public utilities delivered by private vendors.

...Montara Water and Sanitary District’s board of directors unanimously approved a nearly 50 percent rate increase for garbage and recycling pickup on Thursday. It will take effect on Jan. 1.

In what MWSD officials say was the best-attended hearing of its kind in nearly a decade, ratepayers queried the board and Recology of the Coast representatives about the rate increase and wrote last-minute protest letters. All told, the 46 protests received fell short of the roughly 900 needed to stop the rate increase but were double the amount MWSD normally receives for a proposed fee hike. “With an almost 50 percent rate increase, I think that’s to be expected,” said MWSD General Manager Clemens Heldmaier.

Many ratepayers say they were taken aback by the mailed notices proposing a 47.8 percent increase in Recology fees. Amounting to a nearly $10-a-month jump for most residential customers, this rate increase was significantly higher than MWSD’s most recent ones.

MWSD board approves rate hike- Recology fees rise nearly 50 percent DESPITE outcry

Pacifican Arrested for Shoplifting, Controlled Substance at San Carlos Home Depot on Old County Rd

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

Four people suspected of conspiring to shoplift at a Home Depot store in San Carlos on Monday were arrested following a scuffle, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call regarding a fight between a suspect and store security at about 8:45 p.m. Monday at the Home Depot at 1125 Old County Road...

...27-year-old Gregory Stoft, of San Francisco, had allegedly been shoplifting merchandise when a security guard stopped him.

Stoft was apparently taking items to a vehicle parked outside with three other suspects: 29-year-old Novato resident Kyle Burkhard, 28-year-old Pacifica resident Danielle Dwyre and 25-year-old Daly City resident Gina Flanagan.

...he then allegedly assaulted the security guard in an attempt to get away..The other three suspects left the store’s parking lot in their vehicle, which was stopped later by sheriff’s deputies.

DAILY JOURNAL: Four arrested after shoplifting, scuffle at Home Depot

State Considers Relaxing Drought Restrictions

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Pacifica has allegedly achieved 35% water savings. Pacifica curiously has some reverse incentives for commercial water consumption, including subsidized rates for the largest users including laundromats and car washes.

California regulators on Monday proposed relaxing water conservation targets that have required communities statewide to cut use by 25 percent during historic drought.

Communities in hot inland regions that need more water to keep trees alive and those using new sources, such as recycled water and a recently built desalination plant, could be eligible for reduced conservation requirements.

The state’s overall water conservation target could come at a cost, dropping to about 22 percent if all of the 411 eligible water agencies apply for adjustments, said Max Gomberg, climate and conservation manager for the State Water Resources Control Board.

But Gomberg said Californians have created a buffer, going beyond the target and using 27 percent less water. The moves come in response to some community leaders who have argued that strict conservation targets assigned to individual communities were unfair.

California is in its driest four-year span on record, and officials anticipate a possible fifth year of drought. Weather forecasters say a strong El Nino weather system could drench the state, but one good year won’t be enough to rehydrate the parched landscape. Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this year required communities throughout the state to reduce water use by 25 percent. State water regulators set individual targets for local agencies to meet, varying between 4 and 36 percent compared with 2013, but those targets will expire in February.

California regulators propose relaxing water conservation efforts

San Bruno Pimps Arrested with 17 yo Girl

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Congressional Rep Jackie Speier has been making a push to end child sex trafficking in San Mateo County in conjunction with the upcoming Super Bowl, including federal charges for adults involved.

Three suspected pimps were arrested after they allegedly stole a man's phone during a transaction in San Bruno on Monday, police said Thursday.

The three men were allegedly forcing a 17-year-old girl found in the car with them into prostitution, police said. Officers stopped them after they fled from the robbery.

The robbery victim flagged down police at 11:09 p.m. Monday near the corner of Commodore Drive and El Camino Real. He pointed out a blue sedan fleeing the area and said the occupants had stolen his cellphone, police said.

Police discovered the cellphone was taken during a prostitution transaction. When they stopped the blue sedan, they concluded three men inside had been pimping the 17-year-old girl.

MERCURY NEWS: San Bruno: suspected pimps arrested after cellphone robbery

DAILY JOURNAL : Super Bowl sex trade has cops on alert: FBI, DA, police prepares for impacts of human trafficking, assist victims

DrillTech Cranes in Place at 380 Esplanade for Concrete Work on Cliff

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: The California Coastal Commission at one time had recommended the City build a trail on this property/

This Saturday in a special session that included a raise for City Manager Lorie Tinfow, the Pacifica City Council voted to spend $400K in excess ERAF funds to demolish neighboring building 320 Esplande in a non-competitive on the basis of public safety. We expect the contract to go to Casey Construction Inc.

Drilltech cranes were onsite at 380 Esplanade Tuesday Dec 22 preparing the installed geogrid for concrete surfacing on the cliff scheduled to complete tomorrow.

This property in 2009 contained a small city drain pipe that was capped and moved farther South following a legal settlement that ultimately resulted in the City spending more than $1M in non-reimbursed tax dollars.

City Manager Lorie Tinfow explained in a Mercury News article:

First is Fund 38-Disaster Accounting, used when we respond to a catastrophic emergency. The most recent emergency was the cliff erosion at 380 Esplanade in 2010. We were required to take steps to stabilize the site and worked with the affected property owner to do so. We were reimbursed for 75% of the work by the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA). The current balance, approximately $1 million, was borrowed from other funds to cover emergencies such as this one and needs to be repaid." MERCURY NEWS: Tracking City Funds by Lorie Tinfow

MERCURY NEWS: City and AIMCO settle on terms of Esplanade repairs

Flashback 2009- MERCURY NEWS: Legal mess over Pacifica cliff work grows

CORELOGIC: San Mateo County has Largest Home Price Gains of All Nine Counties in Bay Area Up 13.9% Over Last Year

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Pacifica home prices have risen 18.8% in the last year, putting the median home price at $805K (source Trulia). That rate increase would project a $1,000,000 median Pacifica sale price by early 2017.

Average home prices in all nine Bay Area counties were up last month compared with a year ago, according to research firm CoreLogic.

The largest increase was in San Mateo County where the median home price jumped from $843,000 to $960,000 or 13.9 percent, CoreLogic officials said.

San Mateo County Sees Largest Home Value Increase in Bay Area

Pacifica Mother of Five Homeless after Divorce

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

A single mother and five children are hoping to find a permanent home for the holidays.
Angelique Chavez has a full-time job but still can't make ends meet.

The 35-year-old tells KTVU she lost her home in Pacifica 14 months ago when she split up with the father of her children. She hasn't been able to find a permanent home since.

She says she and the children stayed at motels in Vallejo and Hayward because rooms there are affordable.

"It's kind of scary. Sometimes, there are people yelling outside our room," said

Pacifica family's holiday wish for a permanent home

LA: Rental Stock Being Converted into Airbnb

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Los Angeles housing advocates have long warned that short-term rental sites like Airbnb are taking rent-controlled apartments off the market and turning them into full-time, tourist-oriented short-term lodging (usually for significantly more than tenants were paying for them), which is only exacerbating an already depressing affordable housing crunch in the city. That's what happened to two tenants who were kicked out of their rent-controlled apartments in Fairfax; just a few weeks after they were evicted from their homes via the Ellis Act—which allows mass evictions if the landlord is getting out of the rental business—they found their apartments listed on Airbnb, and so they've decided to sue their landlord and Airbnb, according to a press release from advocacy organization Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.

The tenants, who had been paying rents under $2,000 for two-bedroom apartments in a four-unit complex, were evicted towards the end of 2013, reports the LA Times. Their landlord used the Ellis Act, the state law that allows landlords to boot all of their rent-controlled tenants, either because they want to stop being landlords for good, or because they intend to raze their buildings to put up new apartments or condos; they can also choose to keep their buildings empty for five years. Ellis is credited with the hypergentrification that has swept San Francisco in the past decade, and its use in Los Angeles has skyrocketed since the recession.

But these tenants' landlord didn't follow the law, the lawsuit alleges. Instead, the property owner waited just a few weeks before popping the apartments on Airbnb with per-night rates that would add up to $15,000 a month. The tenants are suing for "damages and an injunction to return apartment units to tenants under previous rates." The civil suit charges that "landlords evade the city's rent-control regulations and unfairly cash in on higher nightly rates" by switching from long-term to short-term rentals. The potentially precedent-setting case is the first time tenants have sued their landlord for evicting them under the Ellis Act and then converting their apartments to short-term rentals.

Rent-Controlled Tenants Were Evicted, Then Found Their Apartments on Airbnb

Kraken Size Waves Cause Pier to Shudder!

Sunday Dec 20, 2015

SF Chronicle writer Tom Stienstra wrote yesterday of the abuse the Pacifica Municipal Pier was taking this December:

"There are many sites to safely take in the event. In San Francisco, the seawall near the Cliff House, looking out to Seal Rocks and Mile Rock, is a favorite. Other good spots include Mavericks off Pillar Point at Half Moon Bay, Point Bonita at the mouth of the bay at Marin, and the cliffs at the Chimney Rock Headlands at Point Reyes.

In one storm, I saw a Kraken-size wave cascade over the top of Pacifica Pier, and even at the foot of the pier, you could feel the concrete shudder from its power. Of course, the pier is closed to the public in the big storms."

SF Chronicle: Giant waves forecast for big storms

Large Piece of Pacifica Pier Crashes into Water during Sunday Storm

Sunday Dec 20, 2015

A large piece of concrete fell off the inside of the most northern leg of the Pacifica Pier during the Sunday Dec 20 afternoon's storm.

State Lands Commission May Seize Martin's Beach under Eminent Domain

Saturday Dec 19, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: This is a blockbuster development that could change the State's approach to protecting the public's right to private beach access, and would mean full disability access, etc for Martin's Beach.

After nearly a year of working to reinstate public access to Martin’s Beach under more amicable terms, the State Lands Commission directed staff to begin investigating eminent domain proceedings against billionaire property owner Vinod Khosla.

The commission met in Sacramento Friday to review the status of its efforts to negotiate an easement providing the public with a permanent route to the beloved beach just south of Half Moon Bay.

As directed through legislation authored by state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, the SLC has until the end of the year to negotiate access before it’s instructed to consider using eminent domain — an authority the state agency has long had but never utilized.

... Staff is expected to return to the SLC within the first quarter of 2016 with an exhaustive report on further options and how eminent domain proceedings against the wealthy landowner could unfold.

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Saturday City Council Study Session to Address City Manager Raise, Cliffhanger 320 Esplanade

Friday Dec 18, 2015

A City Council Special Meeting Saturday addresses: 10:30AM CLOSED SESSION: 1 of 17 lawsuits by rancher Millard Tong's (Millwood Ranch) against the county. 11:00AM PUBLIC SESSION 1. Consideration and Adoption of Resolution Approving Second Amendment to Employment Agreement Between City of Pacifica and Lorie Tinfow as City Manager. 2. Consideration of Emergency Actions Needed to Abate Unsafe Conditions at 320 Esplanade Including Appropriation of $400,000 to Cover Associated Costs and Delegation of Authority to the City Manager to Expend Funds Up to This Amount to Complete the Abatement and Demolition Work.

12/19/15 City Council Agenda

Related: Pacifica rancher in trouble for filling creek with construction debris

SMC Supervisors Extend 45 Day Mobile Home Park Emergency Ordinance for Two Years!

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

As expected, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has opted to continue its temporary moratorium on closing or converting mobile home parks in unincorporated areas until 2017.

The board first adopted the ordinance in a unanimous meeting at its Nov. 17 meeting as several mobile home parks in the Bay Area faced conversion or closure. Per state law, the measure would have expired 45 days after its adoption on Jan. 1, 2016, had the board not extended it.

With the board’s approval of an extension on Tuesday, the moratorium will now last two years from the original date of approval. During this period, the county will study potential land use regulations to preserve this type of housing.

HMB REVIEW: Supervisors extend mobile home protections

Pacifica MP Synne Bradshaw Dies in Line of Duty at Stuttgart Army Airfield

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

STUTTGART, Germany: Authorities are investigating death of an Army military police officer who was found dead Monday inside her patrol car on Monday December 14 at Stuttgart Army Airfield.

Pfc. Synne Bradshaw, 24, of Pacifica, Calif., was assigned to the 554th Military Police Company, 709th MP Battalion, 18th MP Brigade. Bradshaw was found alone and unresponsive in her patrol car by fellow MPs on Monday afternoon, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command said in a statement.

Paramedics were called to the scene, but Bradshaw was pronounced dead just before 4 p.m., the Army said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Pfc. Bradshaw’s loved ones during an unimaginably difficult time for them,” Col. Arturo Horton, the 18th MP Brigade commander, said in a statement. “The Brigade and the Army lost a valuable soldier, and her fellow MPs lost a valuable teammate and friend. Her life ended far too soon; that impact will resonate in the formation for quite some time.”

A memorial service is yet to be scheduled.

STARS AND STRIPES: Death of Stuttgart MP under investigation

Police arrest two in Manor District after Stolen Car Chase

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

Monday Dec 14 at 8:30pm - Pacifica police say they arrested two people Monday in the Pacific Manor neighborhood after a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle.

The pursuit began around 8:30 p.m. when the vehicle failed to yield to police officers attempting to pull it over and instead exited state Highway 1 in the Sharp Park area, police said.

It ended in the Pacific Manor area after the driver struck a curb and stopped the car.

The female driver, later identified as 19-year-old Benicia resident Jocelyn Burnett, was taken into custody without incident, police said.

The passenger, 20-year-old Tevaris Sweat, of Fremont, allegedly fled on foot and was captured after a pursuit with the help of a police dog.

Pacifica police arrest Fremont, Benicia residents after stolen vehicle pursuit

Possible DUI- Single Vehicle Accident Fells Light Pole on Gateway in Fairmont District

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

About 4pm on Wednesday Dec 16, a single vehicle accident knocked down a light pole on Gateway between Springdale Drive and Eastridge Circle in a suspected DUI.

Meth Addict POLICE: Meth Addict Daughter Attacks Mom

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

Dec 15 2015 at 5:18pm Family Disturbance: Occured on Linda Mar Blvd. Respondent's daugher threw her to the floor, Respondent is scraped up but does not want medics. Daughter is a possible meth addict, unknown destination from home, possibly headed to daughter's home. Byofriend is also a meth addict. Disposition: Report Taken

POLICE: Dec 15, 2015 Reports

Renovation of Pacifica's Ocean View Senior Apts to be $20M project

Wednesday Dec 16, 2015

This number places this as one of the five largest non-highway projects in Pacifica, ever. The new equalization basin going in across the street is also expected to be a $20M project.

The anticipated renovation of Ocean View Senior Apartments in Pacifica, California, is made possible in part through the efforts of the California Housing Finance Agency, the state’s affordable housing bank. CalHFA’s involvement in the complex transaction included bond financing of more than $18 million, a subordinate gap loan of almost $2 million, in addition to other financial considerations helping the sellers and buyers make the deal financially viable and working with federal regulators to secure necessary waivers for affordability.

Senior Housing Finance Activity: Lancaster Pollard, Preston Hollow

Ruptured Shipping Container Mostly Cleaned up at Mori Point, Linda Mar Beach

Wednesday Dec 16, 2015

While spotter planes buzzed the coastline, a few lone blue and green Bimbo Bakery USA bread trays littered the north end of Linda Mar Beach Wednesday morning, but Rockaway Beach and Mori Point's Sharp Park Beach were largely cleaned up by a local diving service contracted by Matson.

The white shipping container with large blue "Matson" lettering that broke up on Sharp Park beach was a reefer, or refrigerated shipping container with 2" thick foam walls.

Crews continue cleaning in San Francisco, Pacifica after container spill

Nine Days Left to Comment on NPS's Milagra Ridge Project

Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: 9 Days left to comment on Environmental Impact Review!
Click here to comment...

This draft document describes the proposed project at Lower Milagra Ridge, and includes an environmental impact assessment regarding reconstruction of the Milagra Battery Trail, which would consolidate existing social trails into one established route. The background and project description are provided to support NEPA and CEQA compliance and to provide a determination that the project meets the conditions of a Categorical Exemption and a Categorical Exclusion. The purpose of the project is to construct a sustainable multi-use trail that connects the Connemara neighborhood in Pacifica to Milagra Ridge.

The project would complete a segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and protect endangered species habitat.

NPS: Milagra Battery Trail and Signs DRAFT CEQA/NEPA Environmental Compliance Categorical Exemption/Categorical Exclusion

NPS: Milagra Battery Trail & Signs EIR

Las Vegas Review Journal Sells for $140M to Secret Buyer

Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: This news is only tangential to Pacifica, being that the new owner of the Pacifica Tribune Sherman Fredrick spent his newspaper career at the LVRJ.

Late last week, someone bought the largest newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and paid $140M for it.

The news broke on Friday, when the paper's management told employees that the publication, which had been owned by a publicly traded chain of newspapers called New Media Investment Group, had been sold for $140 million. The new owners? An LLC based in Delaware called News + Media Capital Group LLC. The only publicly available information on News + Media Capital Group LLC is that it was founded two months ago in Delaware, and it used a corporate agent that hides any identifying information.

MOTHER JONES: Did a Republican Megadonor Just Secretly Buy Nevada's Biggest Newspaper?

Belmont holds Study Session to Centralize Downtown Tues Dec 15 6:30pm

Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

In working to set the stage for a more centralized downtown while keeping Belmont’s quaint character, the City Council and Planning Commission will host a joint study session Tuesday, Dec. 15, 6:30pm at City Hall, One Twin Pines Lane, Belmont

From creating more affordable housing to improving the pedestrian experience and traffic flow, the comprehensive planning document will guide the future of the city’s currently disjointed downtown.

“Currently, some folks aren’t even sure where downtown Belmont is — and that’s telling,” Vice Mayor Charles Stone said in an email. “We really don’t have a destination that draws everyone in town together. There’s a way to create a place like that and not only keep, but strengthen, the village charm of Belmont.” The community will have another opportunity to expand on the suggestions made during the first public workshop in October with city staff aiming to incorporate the Belmont Village Specific Plan into the city’s General Plan update.

Creating a downtown in Belmont: City Council, Planning Commission host study session on Village Specific Plan

Seton Medical Center is now Verity Health Systems as BlueMountain Capital Approves CA Attorney General Conditions

Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

Now Verity Health System, the hedge fund BlueMountain Capital approved the conditions California Attorney General Kamala Harris set forth for the acquisition of six hospitals controlled by Daughters of Charity including Seton Medical Center

The deal also includes Seton Coastside in Moss Beach, two other hospitals in Santa Clara County and two others in Southern California.

The attorney general called the deal the largest and most complex hospital transaction in California history.

The Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West approves of the transaction. Seton is Daly City’s largest employer.

Under the deal, BlueMountain will provide $150 million of guaranteed financing to support the health system’s financial and capital needs and help with the $180 million capital expenditures.

DAILY JOURNAL: Hedge fund approves Seton deal: Daughters of Charity set to become Verity Health System

HMB's Martin's Beach owner Vinod Khosla Proposes Land Swap to Resolve Beach Access Lawsuit

Monday Dec 14, 2015

The billionaire owner of a Peninsula beach that has been the subject of a bitter legal and political fight over public access has proposed swapping his 49-acre property for another swath of coastal land — as long as it too has a private beach.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 968 in January ordering the lands commission to negotiate an easement or, if that fails, seize the right of way using eminent domain.

An informational report released by the lands commission Monday outlined a plan to acquire a public easement over the road from the highway to the beach, including a public parking lot about halfway down. Lucchesi would not reveal how much money the state is offering Khosla.

Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, who sponsored the bill, said Monday that a land swap would be possible if Khosla dropped his demand for a private beach.

“The state lands commission cannot give up a public beach for private use. That’s why we’re here in the first place,” said Hill...

“My sense is that he feels he has a right to have that beach,” Hill said. “Unfortunately, he doesn’t and I don’t know what it is going to take for him to understand that, but he may never.”

SFGATE: Billionaire Khosla suggests land swap in fight over access to Martins Beach

Shipping Container Grounds on Mori Point

Monday Dec 14, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Like whales, beached shipping containers apparently come in pairs. It should be noted this one actually landed Sunday Morning, before the one at Baker Beach.

A second container thought to have fallen off a ship during stormy weather on Friday just outside the Golden Gate has washed ashore in Pacifica, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said Monday afternoon.

The container was reported at a relatively inaccessible location on Mori Point at the southern end of Pacifica, police Capt. Joe Spanheimer said.

Coast Guard Lt. Jake Urrutia said the sighting has been confirmed Monday by a Coast Guard auxiliary member following multiple reports from the public on Sunday. The Coast Guard has notified the Oakland-based shipping firm Matson Navigation Co., which will be responsible for the cleanup.

The 40-foot container is one of 12 that fell off the Seattle-bound container ship Manoa late Friday, according to the Coast Guard

CBS: Second Spilled Shipping Container Found At Mori Point In Pacifica

Roberts Road Construction Heats Up

Monday Dec 14, 2015

The construction off Roberts Road behind the Linda Mar Post Office is back in full swing, with six construction vehicles onsite today.

Linda Mar Post Office Backs Up with Thirty Minute Lines

Monday Dec 14, 2015

The continued closure of the Manor Post Office is causing the Linda Mar Post Office to experience record backups and half hour lines this week.

The Sept 21 accident at the US Post Office at 50 W. Manor Drive was caused by a "58-year-old Millbrae woman who accidentally drove forward through the plate glass windows into the lobby of the post office".

Pacifica post office closed after vehicle crashes into building

Shipping Container off Pacifica Breaks Up on Baker Beach... full of Bread.

Monday Dec 14, 2015

Of a dozen containers that got separated from a ship over the weekend in Pacifica because of rough seas, one loaded with bread washed ashore on San Francisco's Baker Beach.

The National Park Service said beach cleanup will continue throughout the day on Monday, and the shipping company, Oakland-based Matson, is responsible for it.

Beach goers snapped photos of green crates that once held the bread and hundreds of Matson boxes scattered all over the sand and water.

Shipping Container of Bread Washes Ashore on Baker Beach, 11 Still Unaccounted For

Land Ho! Storm-Lost Shipping Containers Wash Up on Pacifica!

Sunday Dec 13, 2015

bout 9:45 p.m. Friday, amid rough seas, from four to eight shipping containers slid off the deck of the cargo ship Manoa, owned by Matson Navigation Co., the U.S. Coast Guard reported.

The Coast Guard was uncertain about how the containers ended up in the water, but 19-foot swells and 20 mph winds likely contributed to them becoming unsecured from the ship, Lieutenant Jake Urrutia said. That happened as a local pilot, who customarily guides arriving and departing ships, had just disembarked from the cargo ship, he said.

As of early Saturday evening, one of the containers was spotted 30 yards offshore of Pacifica. A Coast Guard plane spotted two containers at sea, he said.


1 of 12 Shipping Containers that Fell off Ship Mano Floats to Rockaway Beach

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

A 40-foot-long metal shipping container that escaped its moorings in high seas and headed Saturday evening toward a landing at Rockaway Beach.

About 11 p.m. Friday, amid rough seas, 12 empty containers slid off the deck of the Seattle-bound Manoa, according to its owner, Matson Navigation Co. The ship was maneuvering to disembark a local pilot, who customarily guides arriving and departing ships, and took a swell broadside, Matson spokesman Keoni Wagner said.

In the ensuring rolling, the containers slid into the sea, about 8 miles outside the Golden Gate. The ship had left the Port of Oakland earlier in the day.

Pacifica: Shipping containers slide off ship; one heads to beach

Pacifica in the UK Guardian for Storm Waves

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Special thanks to Marcio Jose Sanchez, this is the second time this year Pacifica has made the Guardian. "Eliki Bastow, 6, visiting from Cambridge, England, watches waves crash on the municipal pier Friday, in Pacifica, California. Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP"

While ski resorts rejoiced at the deep snows they were seeing, on the coast rain and wind gusts prompted high surf warnings and repeated cautions from highway patrol to slow down when driving Friday.

California needs all the snow and rain it can get, given years of drought that have dried up reservoirs and left trees parched. Even a wet winter is not expected to end the drought, but this week's weather brought on by a tropical atmospheric river is the kind Californians used to see before drought set in.

"This is the kind of storm we've been missing for the last four years of drought," said Doug Carlson, a spokesman with the California Department of Water Resources. "This is the kind of storm we would need a lot of to start digging our way out of the drought."

UK GUARDIAN: California drought: state gets much-needed snow and rain ahead of winter

Pacifica Man Arrested in San Bruno on Motorcycle Theft, Drug Charges

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

A Pacifica man was arrested Tuesday in San Bruno on suspicion of motor vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and possession of methamphetamine, police said.

Officers arrested Michael Koryak at about 4:10 a.m. in the 200 block of Walnut Street as they were watching the vehicle, a motorcycle, to capture the person who stole it, according to police.

A person reported the motorcycle stolen on Nov. 25 and a driver of the motorcycle evaded officers Dec. 3, according to police.

MERCURY NEWS: San Bruno: Pacifica man arrested on suspicion of motor vehicle theft

Strong Waves Draw Storm Lovers to Pacifica

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

In Pacifica strong waves pounded the coast and a High Surf Warning is in effect through Friday. Those that love the waves drew storm lovers to the coast.

San Francisco resident Kathleen Dunbar told ABC7 News, "We had to come down here after work to feel all the elements and hear the crashes of the waves and feel the pier move. I love storms."

ABC7 NEWS: Bay Area storm brings high surf, lightning, hail

Pacifica Chef Finds Bay Area Expensive Place to Live After Accident

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

Wielding knives, dropping ingredients in hot oil, moving quickly on often-slippery floors — chefs encounter plenty of safety hazards every day. Xana Cook-Milligan was always careful. But in March, while at work at a restaurant in Pacifica, she performed the perfectly routine action of lifting a gallon of milk, and something popped. “This jolt of pain went from my wrist all the way up to my neck,” Cook-Milligan recounted.

To her dismay, the 32-year-old chef learned that she had seriously injured her wrist, without which the work of a chef is all but impossible.

Since then, navigating the complicated network of physicians, specialist referrals and workers’ compensation has not been easy. “It’s been a runaround of bad reports being filed,” Cook-Milligan said. She consulted multiple surgeons, none of whom was able to offer a fix.

Meanwhile, her disability checks were covering only two-thirds of her previous salary — and that’s not taking into account the overtime that Cook-Milligan often worked. Her income was dropping rapidly, and she was worried about putting food on the table for her daughter, Luella, 4. “I’m a single mom in the Bay Area,” she said. “This is not a cheap place to live.”

SFGATE: Chef, a single mom, gets help after painful wrist injury

33 Foot Waves Buffet Pacifica

Saturday Dec 12, 2015

Swells of up to 33 feet have been pounding California's coast on Friday. But many people had fun with big waves.

At the Pacifica pier, 20-foot waves scraping the bottom. The waves were so big that a police officer locked the gate, keeping people off the pier.

"It's not safe for anyone to go out there right now,” the officer said.

"It's crazy. It looks so angry,” Pacifica resident Kandi Ohcs said of the sea. Once the sun came up at Rockaway Beach you could see the power of the waves. Rocks the size of grapefruits were blasted across the parking lot.

Pacifica Public Works blocked off the turnaround in front of the Moonraker restaurant. The best place to watch Mother Nature's glory, behind glass. Don't tell some risk takers that.

“I don't drive one hour up here to Pacifica to not see the water. Totally worth it,” Sunnyvale resident Philip Kessler said.

WDAM 7: Waves from Pacific soak curious beach lovers

Bella Hung Santa Fundraiser this Sunday Noon-3pm Redwood City

Friday Dec 11, 2015

A fundraiser for Pacifican Bella Hung with Santa Claus will be held noon-3pm Sunday, Dec 13, 2014 at: 2421 Broadway, (Third floor), Redwood City, CA.

The fundraiser is for Bella Hung, 10, who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Her family didn’t even know about the fundraiser or the special gofundme account set up to assist them until just a few days ago.

“Our friends are going full-speed ahead,” mother Vanessa Curry said.

Bella was diagnosed with the quickly moving blood cancer when she was 8 and went through intensive chemotherapy treatments but the cancer returned in April.

Bella hasn’t attended Cabrillo Elementary School in Pacifica since May and just spent two months at Seattle Children’s Hospital for a trial treatment.

She now needs a bone marrow transplant but, because she is mixed race, finding a donor was difficult.

Through the National Bone Marrow Registry and the help of, a single donor has been found who lives in Beijing, China.

Bella will undergo the transplant after her immune system has been completely wiped away again.

DAILY JOURNAL: ‘Help someone dear’: Friends raising funds for girl with leukemia

Crowdsourced GoFundMe Fundraiser for Bella Hung

Parks & Rec Winter Catalog Out Signup Starts Dec 14, 2016

Friday Dec 11, 2015

Whether you've got kids on the swim team, permitting a film, or just enjoy the Elf Market,few departments in Pacifica bring as much value to taxpayers as Parks & Recreation, recovering over eighty percent of its budgets in program fees.

Signup starts Dec 14, 2016

PARKS & REC: Winter 2016 Catalog

Pacifica Pounded by Strong Waves

Friday Dec 11, 2015

In Pacifica strong waves pounded the coast and a High Surf Warning is in effect through Friday. Those that love the waves drew storm lovers to the coast.

San Francisco resident Kathleen Dunbar told ABC7 News, "We had to come down here after work to feel all the elements and hear the crashes of the waves and feel the pier move. I love storms."

ABC7 : Bay Area storm brings high surf, lightning, hail

Private Tour: SFO Prepares to Hand New Tower over to FAA

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

Through some work we're doing with SFO airport we had the rare opportunity to tour the completed new control tower.

The new "Tulip" is significantly taller than the current tower (visible out window in top photo), and higher than the original tower to the right.

Next week SFO turns the completed tower over to the FAA forever, and begins a six week transition process to swap all equipment and systems to the new tower.

Pacifica Nursing and Rehab Center recognized as one of America's 2015 Best Nursing Homes by US News & World Report

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

Pacifica Nursing and Rehab Center, a skilled nursing facility located in Pacifica, CA, has been recognized as one of America's 2015 Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News & World Report. Over three million Americans use skilled nursing facilities every year. Individuals and their families are often overwhelmed when it comes to finding the best nursing home for their loved ones, which is why many have come to rely on the U.S. News and World Report that covers more than 15,000 nursing homes nationwide. Using data from CMS, the federal agency that sets and enforces standards for nursing homes, U.S. News and World Report awards the “Best Nursing Home” status to homes that earned an overall Medicare rating of five stars. The facilities are rated in the areas of health inspections, nurse staffing, and measures of medical quality of care.

PR WEB: Pacifica Nursing and Rehab Ranks Among Top Short-Term Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Country

Pacifica Land Purchase Unites California Coastal Trail Project

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

After several years of negotiations and false starts, Pacifica is finally poised to move forward with a land purchase that would close the last major gap in the town’s piece of the California Coastal Trail.

The California Coastal Trail is a statewide project aiming to link coastal hiking and biking trails from California’s northern border to its southern border. When complete, the 1,200 miles of contiguous trails could theoretically enable determined outdoors enthusiasts to hike all the way from the Oregon border to the border with Mexico, without ever straying far from the Pacific Ocean.

Pacifica has been close to providing contiguous trails between its northern and southern borders, but one piece of the puzzle that’s been missing has been a connection between the city’s southernmost neighborhood and its neighbor to the south, the unincorporated town of Montara.

SF EXAMINER: Pacifica buys last piece of Coastal Trail

Dec 21 Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

The Dec 21 Planning Commission regular meeting has been cancelled.

Samtrans seeks $30M from MTC to Replace 115 Aging Vehicles

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Those numbers work out to about $261K per bus/minivan

SMC transit officials are seeking a $30 million grant to replace 115 of its 320 aging gas-powered SamTrans buses and minivans that provide 1 million rides per month and minivans with newer diesel equipment.

The SamTrans Board of Directors agreed last week to offer more than $7.2 million in state Proposition 1 funds , bridge toll revenue, and local sales taxes to match the $30.2 million it’s seeking from MTC

While SAMTRANS is committed to finding sustainable transit solutions and invested in replacing some of its outdated fleet with 25 diesel-electric hybrid buses starting in 2013, the current solutions will not include electric vehicles.

DAILY JOURNAL: $37M sought for new SamTrans equipment: Federal funds could replace 115 diesel buses, electric vehicles still considered

New Pacifica Tribune Owner Sherman Frederick: "Make no mistake, we're dangerous!"

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

New Pacifica Tribune owner spoke briefly at the Economic Development Council meeting last night highlighting some changes coming to the Tribune in the January 13 issue, including a complete redesign, new black and white Masthead (flag), syndicated cartoons, and a column by Stephen Kalas.

At times evoking Virgin Airlines' Richard Branson, Sherman Frederick spoke of spending 38 years at the Las Vegas Review Journal and his bio states he spent his twenties in a submarine guarding the Marinas Trench for the US Navy.

Frederick will be in Pacifica half time as he re-launches the paper.

REVIEW JOURNAL: Columnist Stephen Kalas

Airbnb ranked Best Place to Work in United States

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Whether or not the City of Pacifica can tax Airbnb rentals has been a popular topic of conversation at this year's City Council Meetings with City Staff Currently Researching the Matter. Hotels currently pay a 12% revenues tax called TOT

Airbnb shot straight to the top of Glassdoor's 50 Best Places to Work list.

The San Francisco-based vacation rental company ranked No. 1 in its debut on the list, earning a score of 4.6 out of 5. Airbnb employees praised its culture, perks and growth opportunities.

"The people that work here are some of the best I've met in my professional career. The culture is good," an Airbnb employee wrote on Glassdoor. "The founders are great people and I believe they have the best intentions for the company, the employees, and our community. There is a lot of opportunity to learn from different teams and possibly switch roles as departments grow and new team form."

SFGATE: Airbnb is the best place to work in the U.S., Glassdoor says

Related: EPOCH TIMES: The Hotel Industry admits it has an Airbnb Problem.

HMB Airport Renamed in honor of Local Stunt Pilot Eddie Andreini

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Local Stunt Pilot Eddie Andreini will be honored by the renaming of HMB Airport. Andreini, who died in a May 2014 crash of his Stearman biplane crash at Travis AFB, was a rare combination of internationally known aviation phenomenon, and great guy.

On Tuesday, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution naming the Half Moon Bay Airport airfield in Andreini’s honor. Daughter-in-law Sandra Andreini approached Supervisor Don Horsley with the idea a couple months after Andreini’s death. Andreini perished in a Bay Area air show crash in May 2014.

“He was so well known in the circles of aviation, especially with people who do stunt flying; he was really an icon with that group of folks,” Horsley said last week. “It was a tragic end, but he died doing what he loved.” It will take time for the new signage to go up at the airport, as the California Coastal Commission has to approve the sign first. After that, Sandra Andreini says family and friends will likely hold a small party at the airport to celebrate.

HMB Airport renamed for Andreini

20 Year SFO Airport Director John L Martin Retiring

Tuesday Dec 08, 2015

After 20 years, SFO Airport Director John L Martin announced his June 2016 retirement from the 7th largest airport last week.

Mr. Martin was first appointed Airport Director in 1995 by then-San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan and served as SFO’s chief executive under Mayors Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom and current San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee. Prior to his appointment as director, Mr. Martin served as SFO’s Deputy Airport Director for Business and Finance. In all, he spent 35 years at the Airport.

During the early years, Mr. Martin oversaw the completion of a $3.5 billion capital plan that included construction of the now iconic International Terminal, a BART extension to the Airport, new parking garages, and the Air Train people mover system. During the mid-1990s, this was the largest public construction project in the United States.

A series of world events, starting with the September 11, 2001, attacks, precipitated a dramatic 26 percent drop in SFO’s traffic from 40 million passengers per annum in 2000 to around 26 million a few years later just as many of the new facilities were coming on line.

Airport Director John L. Martin Announces His Retirement

Gypsy Hill Rape details emerge from Court Filings

Tuesday Dec 08, 2015

Additional details from the Gypsy Hill Rape have emerged from court proceedings:

1. Umali did not enter a plea in first court appearance last week;

Umali remains in custody and is being held without bail;

Umail has requested a public defender to represent him;

During the struggle to apprehend him, he grabbed a tree branch in an attempt to slash his own neck, according to prosecutors.

San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane demands Public Utilities Commissioner Mike Florio's Removal over PGE "Improper and Possible Corrupt Relationship"- Will Demand Gov Jerry Brown Remove!

Monday Dec 07, 2015

"San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane on Thursday called for the resignation or removal of California Public Utilities Commission member Mike Florio in light of recently disclosed emails that Ruane claims show an “inappropriate and possibly corrupt” relationship between PG&E and the PUC.

Brown’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The newly disclosed messages are internal communications between 2011 and 2014 among PG&E executives, three of whom were fired last year.

They are in addition to tens of thousands of previously released PG&E emails. The messages previously made public include several dozen internal and external PG&E emails disclosed in 2014 and 65,000 messages between PG&E and PUC officials that were released in January at the order of a commission administrative law judge.

San Bruno and other groups claim some of the messages show illegal or inappropriate private communications, known as ex parte communications, between the utility and its regulators.

SFBAY: an Bruno mayor wants PUC’s Florio out

Help San Mateo County Give Pacifica Money for School Traffic Safety Fixes!

Monday Dec 07, 2015

Crespi Drive residents, Cabrillo School parents, and ANY parents of Pacifica School Children are advised to fill out this San Mateo County form regarding traffic safety funding.

TIP: Pacifica School District, Cabrillo, and Ortega are all checkboxes on the middle column of the front page! MOST IMPORTANT!: #12. Do any of the following items concern or limit your child's ability ot walk or bike to/from school? #13. Would you allow your child to walk/bike more often if this concern was addressed? #17. Is there anything you would like to change in the Safe Routes to School program at your school?

With Housing Availbility Virtually Zero, SMC Hires Adobe Services to Find Apartments for Section 8 Voucher Holders

Monday Dec 07, 2015

With Section 8 voucher holders in San Mateo County unable to find places to live, the Housing Authority has contracted with Abode Services to increase housing choices for voucher holders, with assistance provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The authority has made efforts to increase utilization of the vouchers by increasing subsidy amounts, increasing outreach to potential landlords and leveraging the federal dollars to build more affordable housing in the county.

Even with these efforts, however, voucher usage continues to decline, Cole wrote in the report.

Abode currently contracts with Santa Clara, Alameda and Santa Cruz counties to provide a “housing first” approach to assist the homeless.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the county is now $2,516, a 50.2 percent increase in four years, according to a housing indicators report released in July.

Residents in the county with Section 8 housing vouchers are being pushed out of the rental market by prospective tenants who have plenty of cash in hand, according to the Housing Authority.

The availability of rentals is also virtually “zero” in the area.

DAILY JOURNAL: County seeks housing help: Housing Authority to hire outside firm to locate housing for voucher holders

Linda Mar McDonalds Robbed 10am Sunday Morning

Monday Dec 07, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: The Linda Mar McDonalds was last robbed Jan 10 2015 at 11:25pm PST
The robbery occurred just after 10 a.m. at the fast-food joint at 576 Linda Mar Boulevard, said Pacifica police Chief Daniel Steidle.

The bandit — described as in his 30s and wearing a green hat, dark puffy ski jacket and a mask that partially covered his face — walked up to the drive-through window, brandished a gun at the cashier and demanded money, police said. The cashier complied and the robber was last seen running south into the Linda Mar Shopping Center with an undisclosed amount of money.

Gunman orders cash to go at Pacifica McDonald’s drive-through

Related: Linda Mar McDonalds Robbbed Jan 10 2015 at 11:25pm

HMB Library Size cut to 22,000 Sq Ft with $6M of Paperwork

Sunday Dec 06, 2015

With a nearly $23 million budget for the project that will serve Half Moon Bay and 10 unincorporated communities along the coast, the council is working collaboratively with the county Board of Supervisors as well as the San Mateo County Library JPA...

The council was presented with the projected costs, which included an average of more than $6 million in soft expenses for things like preparing an environmental review of the facility. A 25,000-square-foot library would have gone over budget at $25.5 million and a 19,500-square-foot building would have been under budget at $21.3 million. The 22,000-square-foot design fits neatly into its agreement with the county by costing an estimated $23.2 million, according to a staff report.

DAILY JOURNAL: New library scaled down to meet budget: Half Moon Bay council votes on smaller joint county project

Attempted Rape & Murder on Gypsy Hill Road Leads Arrest of 19yo Alberto Umali

Friday Dec 04, 2015

PACIFICA -- A South San Francisco teen was behind bars late Thursday after police say he attempted to sexually assault a woman earlier in the afternoon.

Around 1:30 p.m., Pacifica officers responded to Gypsy Hill Road after they had received calls that a woman had run from a car screaming, police said.

When officers arrived, they found the woman and learned she had been attacked inside her car by a man.

As officers scanned the area, police said they spotted a man running down the wooded hillside. Police ran after the man, caught up to him and tackled him. But, according to police, the suspect fought back, assaulted the officer and tried to take his gun.

The man, identified as 19-year-old South San Francisco resident Alberto Umali, was arrested and eventually booked into the San Mateo County Jail on suspicion of attempted sexual assault, false imprisonment, attempted murder and assault on an officer, among other charges.

SJ MERCURY NEWS: HomeCrime and CourtsStory Pacifica: South San Francisco man arrested in sexual assault

UNVERIFIED! FACEBOOK: 19 yo Alberto Umali in South San Francisco

SAMCAR Realtors Come out Swinging at Housing Crisis/Rent Stabilization/Rent Control

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

SAMCAR (San Mateo County Association of Realtors) is calling all Realtors in its continued fight against Rent Stabilization/Rent Control.

At the last related meeting Realtors from three different counties showed up in Pacifica to warn of what they perceive as the dire consequences of enacting rent control.

Related: Jim Wagner: Leading Pacifica Realtors against the Evictees of Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Homes

Seton Medical Center Sells to Integrity in 15 year / $100M Deal

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

State Attorney General Kamala Harris has tentatively approved a transaction that will allow the sale of six Daughters of Charity hospitals, including Seton Medical Center in Daly City and Seton Coastside in Moss Beach.

Harris said it the largest and most complex hospital transaction in California history.

Integrity Healthcare will execute a 15-year management agreement and pay $100 million for the option to purchase the Daughters of Charity Health System...

A union that represents 1,900 Daughters of Charity workers approves of the transaction...Supervisor Adrienne Tissier, whose district encompasses Seton in Daly City, said the deal is “good news.”

DAILY JOURNAL: Seton hospital sale approved: Transaction can save Daughters of Charity from bankruptcy

PGE to Trim Trees on Crespi Drive Next Week

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

We've been advised that PGE will be trimming the trees near electrical lines and natural gas infrastructure on Crespi Drive next week. Specific street parking spots will probably be blocked off in advance, so if you're heading out for the holidays next week, you probably don't want to leave your vehicle on Crespi Drive.

ECI Utility Foresters

Fog Fest Donates $2,077 to 48 Different Organizations

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

Fog Fest President Larry Passmore said 2015 was a record year for the event, with over 65,000 people attending.

The Fog Fest netted about $100,000 this year, surpassing last year’s take, which was about $90,000. The funds were divided among 48 organizations whose volunteers staffed this year’s event, with each group receiving a check for $2,077.

That’s a significant increase, according to Sanchez Art Center Executive Director Cindy Abbott, who noted last year’s check was about $1,900. She said her group would use its share to provide free art exhibitions....

Rotary Club of Pacifica President Victor Spano said his group might use its check to fund a landscaping project beautifying a strip of bare earth on Oceana Boulevard, across the street from the popular Mazzetti’s Bakery in northern Pacifica.

Pacifica Fog Fest nets $100,000

Patagonia, Chile: More than 300 Whales Wash Up on Shore

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

The coast of southern Chile has become a grave for 337 sei whales that were found beached in what scientists say is one of the biggest whale strandings ever recorded.

Biologist Vreni Haussermann told The Associated Press Tuesday that she made the discovery along with other scientists in June during an observation flight over fjords in Chile's southern Patagonia region.

"This is one of the largest strandings worldwide," said Haussermann, the director of the Huinay Scientific Field Station, which focuses on marine research. She declined to disclose the conclusions, which will be published by a scientific journal later this year.

The scientific expedition counted 305 bodies and 32 skeletons of whales through aerial and satellite photography in the remote Aysen area between the Gulf of Penas and Puerto Natales. The cause of death of the sei whales is unknown, but human intervention has been ruled out

337 whales die in mass stranding on Chilean coast

California Housing Finance Agency Financed the $18M Debt Necessary to Renovate Ocean View Senior Apartments

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

The planned renovation of Ocean View Senior Apartments in the coastal community of Pacifica is made possible in part through the extensive efforts of the California Housing Finance Agency, the State’s affordable housing bank. CalHFA’s involvement in the complex transaction included bond financing of over $18 million, a subordinate gap loan of nearly $2 million, as well as other financial considerations helping the buyers and sellers make the deal financially viable and working with federal regulators to secure necessary waivers for affordability. CalHFA Plays Key Role in the Financing for Ocean View Senior Apartments Acquisition and Rehabilitation

Since 1973, Ocean View Senior Apartments has provided affordable housing for seniors in Pacifica. In 2000, National Church Residences purchased the property with financing from CalHFA, the City of Pacifica and the County of San Mateo, thus maintaining its’ affordability. The property was purchased in October 2015 by BRIDGE Housing, a California-based nonprofit developer, who will oversee renovations and manage the property.

BRIDGE Housing, which creates, owns and manages a variety of affordable homes for families and seniors, will begin renovations to modernize and update the 100-unit property. In addition to the CalHFA financing, the County of San Mateo restructured two existing loans and provided new rental subsidies for 31 of the units. BRIDGE Housing also accessed low-income housing tax-credit program to provide additional equity

CalHFA Plays Key Role in the Financing for Ocean View Senior Apartments Acquisition and Rehabilitation

Coastside County Water District Double-Billed SMC Harbor District for Decades

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

The CCWD owed the San Mateo County Harbor District nearly $115,000 in an error that resulted from the water district double-billing the Harbor District and its tenants for the tenants’ water usage.

San Mateo County Harbor Commission President Tom Mattusch said he believes the water district worked honestly and diligently in correcting this error, but wouldn’t be surprised if others cast their suspicions.

“It would not surprise me if members of the public start demanding a third-party audit.” Mattusch said. “How can we actually verify that that is the amount?”

EDITOR's NOTE: Apparently Coastside County Water District had been simultaneously billing the SMC Harbor District for both a main meter and individual sub-meters for decades.

The SMC Harbor District is comprised of Oyster Point Marina in SSF, and Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay

HMB REVIEW: CCWD pays Harbor District $115,000

Dave & Lou's Valero now operating as an Alliance Gas Station

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

Dave & Lou's Valero has officially changed hands and is now operating as an Alliance Gas Station on a similar footprint.

The auto repair portion of the business has been sold to a longtime Dave & Lou's employee Rafael Martinez who will continue to operate it as Coastside Auto Repair and Service Inc, while the service station component has been sold to Keet Nerhan of HMB, whose Alliance gas station there houses a Popeye's Chicken restaurant.

As of this morning, Planning had no permits filed related to this enterprise.

HMB REVIEW: Keet Nerhan's HMB Alliance Gas Station houses Popeye's Chicken restaurant, applied for drive through permit.

Bureau of Alcoholic Beverage Control Licenses held by owner Keet Nerhan

South San Francisco Grocery Outlet Operators Dave & Michelle Radcliffe will run Pedro Point Grocery Outlet

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

The Pedro Point Grocery Outlet will be operated by Dave & Michelle Radcliffe, who also operate the South San Francisco store at Hickey & El Camino Real.

The store is not a franchise, and Michelle Radcliffe advises her children will be employees of the Pedro Point store and will eventually be taking it over.

Michelle stated the official grand opening is Saturday Dec 12, with the soft opening Thursday Dec 10 at 10AM.

Caltrans Closes Tom Lantos Tunnels Both Directions Friday 10pm - Saturday 4am

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

Caltrans will conduct its second annual mandatory emergency response drill at the State Ro ute 1 (SR - 1) - Tom Lantos (Devil’s Slide) Tunnels. The mandatory six - hour emergency response drill begins Friday, December 4 at 10:00PM and concludes Saturday, December 5 at 4:00 AM.

The emergency management exercise will be a coordinated effort including the CHP, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, Pacifica Fire and Police Departments, California Office of Emergency Services, Cal - Fire, and other first responders. During this exercise, there will be fire simulation, crash simulation, and simulated smoke.

CALTRANS: tate Route 1 - Tom Lantos (Devil’s Slide) Tunnels Mandatory Emergency Response Drill - Overnight Tunnel Closures Start Friday, December 4 at 10:00PM

City of Pacifica Purchases Dave Colt Parcel Necessary to Connect California Coastal Trail

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

The Pacifica Tribune reports the City of Pacifica locked down last parcel necessary for completion of the California Coastal Trail, from Pedro Point owner Dave Colt, for $583,000 for five acres, or $166,600 per acre.

Purchased with a mixture of county, state, and ERAF (Excess Education Revenue Enhancement Fund) funds, the project is expected to greatly increase the number of recreational tourists visiting Pacifica and act as a crucial conduit to the San Francisco recreational community.

The California Coastal Trail (CCT) is a network of public trails that will eventually connect the 1200-mile California coastline and beyond, from Oregon to Mexico. It is currently more than half complete and every coastal county in California is a signatory.

EDITOR's NOTE: Welcome back to!

If you've always wanted to subscribe, do so now before the rate increase!

California Coastal Trail

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Land purchased to complete Coastal Trail

Pacifica City Council Sets Housing Crisis Agenda - Dec 5, 2015 at 10am

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

The long awaited Rent Housing Crisis / Rent Stabilization Study Session will occur this Saturday, Dec 5 at 10am at Ingrid B Lacy Middle School.

Selected speakers will include Daniel Saver from Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto and Joshua Howard, Senior Vice President of Local Public Affairs for the California Apartment Association.

EDITOR's NOTE: Both Daniel Saver and Joshua Howard spoke before the San Mateo County Supervisor's prior to this month's unanimous approval by the Supervisors of a 45 day Urgent Stay on all Mobile Home Closures or Conversions under San Mateo County's jurisdiction.

Pacifica City Council Housing Crisis Agenda Dec 5, 2015

Google Maps to Ingrid B Lacy school

Sea Bowl Facelift Gets New Signage Craned in Today!

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

Capping the Sea Bowl's recent facelift, a brand new neon sign was installed this morning by crane (see top photo).

The previous sign is shown at the bottom photo.

SMC Sheriff's Seek Suspect Identification of Two Females involved in Residential Burglary

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office seeks the identification of two females driving a Black 2015 Toyota Yaris involved with a Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, residential burglary at 2:11 the 600 block of Palomar Drive, unincorporated Redwood City

Anyone with additional information about this crime is encouraged to call Sheriff’s Detective Andy Armando at 650-363-4357 or via email at Alternatively, you may also remain anonymous by calling the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Tip Line at 1-800-547-2700.

New Chamber CEO Does the Heavy Lifting on Christmas Tree Lighting

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

New Chamber of Commerce CEO Vicki Flores along with Cheryl Yoes of Dial Glass and Darlene Gonzalez of Sterns Lending unload bags of props for Rockaway Beach Tree Lighting Festival this morning.

Christmas at Rockaway Beach Sunday Dec 6 4pm-7pm

DALY CITY: Joint Police Task Force Targets Drivers Using Cell Phones

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: STEP lively, people. The San Mateo County Saturation Traffic Enforcement Program will be returning to Pacifica in the near future!

"San Mateo County police departments band together every month and target individual cities by saturating streets with traffic officers.

It is called the San Mateo County Traffic Enforcement Program, also known as STEP..."

KRON 4: People Behaving Badly: Daly City crackdown conversations

HMB Considers Dumping Allied Waste Garbage Contract in 2016

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

EDITOR's NOTE: Pacifica has paid the highest garbage rates in San Mateo County during Recology's tenure and their contract expires Dec 2017. The City Council can renew this contract in the final year by simple written notice.

"At that meeting, Councilwomen Deborah Penrose and Debbie Ruddock supported putting out a request for proposal in order to see whether there is a more competitive bid.

“You want to get engaged in a transparent bidding process,” Ruddock said Friday in reference to the $15 million contract. “Our waste services contract is the biggest, the most valuable contract, the City Council would approve.”

Mayor Marina Fraser and City Councilman John Muller expressed interest in sticking with Allied Waste. They say the rates are comparatively low, there have been no major complaints about the service, and that the waste doesn’t have to travel far to get to the Republic Services-owned property at Ox Mountain.

HMB REVIEW: Council splits on whether to seek new waste hauler

Low Penninsula Vacancy Rate Drives Two Conversions from Gas Station to Three Story Mixed Use Buildings in San Mateo

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

The historically-low Peninsula commercial vacancy rate and housing crisis has spurred the development of two former gas station parcels once considered undesirable. "The southeast lot at 2 E. Third Ave. is the furthest along with construction crews well underway on creating a three-story mixed-use retail and office building. The entire 23,899-square-foot facility will house 3,950 square feet of retail and 4,000 square feet of office space on the ground floor with 8,000 square feet of office on the second and third levels...

Across the street, another three-story mixed-use building called the clock tower project at 221 S. El Camino Real will provide 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and another 21,000 square feet of office space spread between the second and third floors.

Office space is a hot commodity, particularly in downtown San Mateo where the vacancy rate rivals downtown Palo Alto at just 1.51 percent as of November, according to statistics from Colliers International.


...While each site belongs to a different owner, there are some similarities amongst the unique planning process the sites had to undergo. As former gas stations, each parcel had to receive clearance from the San Mateo County’s Environmental Health Division to ensure adequate cleanup or remediation was done related to the underground gasoline tanks."

DAILY JOURNAL: Progress on three corners site: Former gas stations near downtown San Mateo being developed

POLICE: Suspicious Circumstances Indeed... Human Leg Spotted on Side of Hwy

Monday Nov 30, 2015

Every cop could write a book. This incident was "abated/advised" so we're guessing things were not as they may have appeared at 1:45pm on Saturday:

"Paloma Av., Respondent is a passing motorist thought she saw a human leg right before entering NB Hwy 1- It's off to the side of the road."

POLICE: Saturday Nov 27 Police Reports

CONTEST: Hill's Bills! Enter Senator Jerry Hill's Write Your Own Bill Contest!

Monday Nov 30, 2015

State Senator Jerry Hill today announced the opening of his eighth annual “Oughta Be A Law…Or Not” contest for bill ideas from constituents, and encouraged Peninsula and Silicon Valley residents to participate.

“Here’s a great opportunity for constituents to share their outstanding ideas and get a firsthand look at democracy in action,” said Hill, D-San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. “We’ve had strong legislative successes with the ‘Oughta Be A Law…Or Not’ contest thanks to the many constituents who participate. This is an excellent way to help bring about positive change in California.”

Past winners have testified on behalf of their bill idea in Assembly or Senate committees during the legislative process, and many have also had their bill ideas signed into law.

The contest is open to all constituents of the 13th Senate District and allows residents to submit their ideas for improving the quality of life in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County and the state of California. Ideas can vary from local community improvements to statewide reforms. Applicants can submit their ideas for the creation of a new law – or the repeal or revision of laws already on the books.

The senator will select a winner, then introduce the idea as legislation. The person who submits the winning idea will have the opportunity to testify in Sacramento at hearings on the legislation.

Applications can be obtained by calling Senator Hill’s District office at 650-212-3313 or from his website at the link below.

SENATE: Senator Jerry Hill Opens 8th Annual Bill Idea Contest

Pacifica City Council's "Housing Crisis" Special Session This Saturday Dec 5 at 10AM, Ingrid B Lacy School on Palmetto

Monday Nov 30, 2015

Whether you're a tenant being evicted from Pacific Skies Estates or a Realtor protecting landlord's rights, don't miss the Pacifica City Council's "Housing Crisis Special Study Session" this Saturday at Ingrid B Lacy Middle School at 10am. Ingrid B Lacy Middle School address: 1427 Palmetto Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044

Google Maps to Ingrid B Lacy Middle School

Fair Rents 4 Pacifica Facebook page:

SMC Supervisor Horsley: County Moving Forward with Study of Adding Toll Roads to HWY 101

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

The City/County Association of Governments is seeking $9.4 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to study bringing toll roads to Hwy 101, according to SMC Supervisor Don Horsley, who is also on C/CAG.

'The average peak commute speed on Highway 101 is now about 25 mph', said Horsley...a carpool lane, or high-occupancy vehicle lane, will increase speeds by only about 3 mph during peak commute times.

The ultimate price tag for the project will be up to $225 million.

DAILY JOURNAL: Agency studies 101 toll lanes: Millions sought for early phases of bringing carpool/toll lanes to well-used highway

Pedro Point Grocery Outlet Poised for Dec 10 Grand Opening

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

The Pedro Point Grocery Outlet is on target for it's grand opening on Dec 10, 2015.

Internally, Safeway expects sales at the Linda Mar Safeway to drop 25% due to cannibalization from the Pedro Point Grocery outlet, and more than three employees have already jumped ship.

Linda Mar Safeway Burglarized Early Friday Morning

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

PACIFICA, Calif. -- Police are investigating a commercial burglary reported Friday morning in Pacifica after grocery store workers arrived to find that property had been taken overnight.

The incident was reported by workers opening the Safeway located at 1380 Linda Mar Center at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Unknown suspects entered the premises after closing and took an undisclosed amount of property, according to police.

Investigators are looking into the crime, and asking anyone with additional information to contact the Pacifica Police Department at (650) 738-7314

ABC7 NEWS: Pacifica police investigate overnight burglary at Safeway

EPOCH TIMES: Hotel Industry Admits it has an Airbnb Problem

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

Based on a report by the Hotel Association of New York City (HANYC), in the 12-month period starting in September 2014, Airbnb had a negative impact to the tune of $2.1 billion on the hotel industry and the broader economy of New York City.

HANYC’s study was the first-ever public disclosure of Airbnb’s impact on New York’s hotel industry. And it has highlighted the increasing tension between the hotels and the San Francisco-based online platform.

The direct impact of Airbnb on the New York hotel industry is estimated to be $451 million over the same 12-month period. The indirect impact is around $1.6 billion, which includes the loss of revenue in food and beverages, construction sector losses, and the economic impacts on wages and lost jobs.

In addition, the tax revenue loss is projected to be $226 million annually. The report concluded that 2,800 jobs were lost directly due to Airbnb.

Airbnb accounts for 8 percent of overnight stays in New York, according to HANYC.

How Is Airbnb Shaping the Hotel Industry?

Pacifican Andrea Aiello is Changing the Castro District as Executive Director of the CBD

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

The Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District (CBD) has been part of the neighborhood since 2005, when local property owners and community leaders formed it with the aim to strengthen and sustain the neighborhood identity, addressing safety, cleanliness, land-use, economic development, and future planning. A notable fixture at the CBD for eight years and counting is Andrea Aiello. She began as a consultant, and is now the Executive Director.

What are some of the challenges you see people face in the neighborhood?

The nighttime abuse. While the neighborhood is a nighttime entertainment center, I'm frustrated with the abuse that the neighborhood gets from that after the bars close, and people are over-drinking. I struggle with the fact that there is so much addiction within the LGBTQ community—substance abuse is such a big problem.
Other things, of course, include housing. It's tied into the changing neighborhood; people are losing their homes. There are people who are not housed whether they are homeless or aren't in a stable living situation, which is a citywide and regional problem. We are funding homeless outreach workers and additional law enforcement to make improvements in the neighborhood, but housing is really hard to come by. That's a city issue. We can work to pressure legislators and elected officials to fund more affordable housing, but it's such a huge challenge.

HOODLINE: Andrea Aiello Works To Build Castro/Upper Market Neighborhood Identity

GOFUNDME: Donations in Memorial of 17yo Joshua Dela Cruz's Life

Friday Nov 27, 2015

"Our brother Joshua, the youngest of 5 was suddenly struck by a young driver as he was walking home on November 23rd 2015 at 3:27pm on Skyline highway at a very popular intersection. Sometimes in life, people you love most leave and you'll never fully understand why.

Although my entire family is keeping very close and doing everything we can to provide for Joshua and my parents. Joshua was only 17 years old, he had his whole life ahead of him. Being the sweet gentle bear he was to all of us, we're all deeply mourning and trying to celebrate every year we were blessed to have him in our lives.

We'd like to set up this account for those who want to offer anything for our brother Joshua during this time of need. Nothing is ever too small, a simple message of love is enough.

Thank you all for the unconditional love and support that's been showered upon our family and especially to Joshua. "

GOFUNDME: Celebrate Joshua's life!

Fillipino American 17 yo Killed on Skyline at Glencourt Way Crosswalk

Friday Nov 27, 2015

Joshua De la Cruz Salas, 17, was killed Monday, November 22, when an SUV hit him in a crosswalk in this city a few miles south of San Francisco.

Salas was walking home from school and was in a crosswalk on state Highway 35, also known as Skyline Boulevard, near the intersection with Glencourt Way at 3:25 p.m., Pacifica police said.

Salas’ mother tried to find him when he didn’t arrive home on time and met police at the scene of the accident.

INQUIRER: Fil-Am teen killed in traffic accident in Pacifica

Chino Police Chief: Prop 47 Reduces Prisoners in Custody, Increase Theft on Streets 36%

Thursday Nov 26, 2015

Proposition 47 has succeeded in reducing the numbers of criminals in prison in California, but it has also led to more crime on the streets, Chino Police Chief Karen Comstock told the Chino city council Tuesday.

The referendum, passed by the voters last November, reclassified some felonies to misdemeanors, including forgery, check fraud, shoplifting and some thefts, including theft of a firearm, Chief Comstock said. Because the crimes are no longer felonies, the “third-strike” law does not apply, she added.

About 1,000 incidents of theft were reported in Chino during the first eight months of this year, the chief said, an increase of 36 percent over the 731 cases reported during the same period last year.

CHINO CHAMPION: Home News Prop. 47 leads to more crime, police chief says

Supervisor Don Horsley: El Niño King Tides Show Likely Effects of Sea Level Rise in the Future

Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

“The King Tides are gong to be an indicator of what exactly it’s going to be like in the future — King Tides are going to be the new norm and are going to have even more destructive power than today,” said Supervisor Don Horsley while watching the waves crash at Surfer’s Beach on the coast. “We’re looking at ways of being more resilient, protecting the coast and adapting to the future. This King Tide is a look into the future.”

The county is in the midst of yearlong study to determine what assets are vulnerable to sea level rise through a special task force dedicated to collaborating on preparing for the future of climate change. Surrounded by both a bayfront and coastal zone, San Mateo County has been deemed the most vulnerable in the state when it comes to sea level rise, said Hilary Papendick, climate resiliency specialist with the county’s Office of Sustainability.

DAILY JOURNAL: Officials: King Tides are the future of the coast

17yo Killed in Crosswalk by SUV as He Walked Home From School Identified as Joshua Delacruz Salas

Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

The SUV hit Salas in a crosswalk on state Highway 35, also known as Skyline Boulevard, near the intersection with Glencourt Way at 3:25 p.m., police said. The SUV driver made a left turn onto Skyline from King Drive and didn’t see Salas in the crosswalk, Pacifica police Capt. Joe Spanheimer said today.

Salas was pinned under the SUV and died at the scene.

The SUV driver, a man in his mid 30s, stayed at the scene and cooperated with the investigation, Spanheimer said. There was no indication he had been drinking or doing drugs. The boy’s mother tried to find him when he didn’t arrive home on time and encountered police at the collision scene. “It’s just tragic,” Spanheimer said.

SFBAY: Teen killed in Pacifica crosswalk identified

17 yo Pacifica Boy Killed by Car Exiting SamTrans on Skyline at Glencourt Way

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

A 17 yo boy returning from school was killed as he exited a SamTrans bus and was struck by an SUV driven by a thirty yo male on turning right on Skyline (Hwy 35) at Glencourt Way at around 3:25 p.m

Officers found the boy pinned underneath the vehicle and having suffered major injuries.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene... but the victim's name will not be released due to his age.

Pedestrian Killed in Vehicle Crash on Highway 35 in Pacifica: Police

SMC Agriculture Commission Quaranties & Treats Pacifica Citrus Trees due to Yellow Dragon Disease

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

SMC Agriculture Commission have quarantined all citrus plant material in Pacifica and employees will be going door to door next week asking resident's permission to hand spray their citrus trees for the Asian citrus psyllid bug, known to spread the citrus-killing Yellow Dragon Disease. Bugs were found on Gateway Drive in Pacifica about a mile south of where the first bug was discovered on St. Francis Drive in Daly City in late October.

Second devastating citrus bug found: Yellow Dragon Disease requiring north county quarantine

Imperial County Asian Psyllid Infestation Recommendations

Chevron Coming as Workers Remove Dave & Lou's Valero Signage from Fuel Canopy

Sunday Nov 22, 2015

Today workers removed the Valero signage from the overhead fuel pump canopy at Dave & Lou's at 505 Linda Mar Blvd.

We told you on Nov 4 Dave & Lou's had been sold to former Shell franchisee and current Chevron owner Keet Nerhan of Half Moon Bay on Nov 4.

We contacted Planning less than a week ago, at which time they stated there were no planning applications for 505 Linda Mar.

Pacifica's Johnstone McAuliffe Construction builds architect Michael Hennessey's $2.9M Minimalist Condo

Saturday Nov 21, 2015

Crisp finishes and clean lines dominate this minimalist condo that’s overhauled but not over the top. Silestone counters, rift-sawn German oak cabinetry, Lutron lighting and Italian porcelain floors highlight the unit’s offerings. Electronic window shades reveal Starphire windows facing the Golden Gate Bridge’s south tower, Alcatraz and the East Bay. Hydronic radiant heating warms the open floor plan, while acoustic paneling in the ceiling muffles unwanted noise. San Francisco architect Michael Hennessey and Johnstone McAuliffe Construction of Pacifica collaborated on the remodel inside Green Hill Tower. Amenities of the pet-friendly building include a doorman, one-car parking and guest parking.

Listing agent: Deborah Svoboda, Sotheby’s International Realty, (415) 901-1791,

Price Point: $2.9 million in Russian Hill

California Association of Realtors States Annual Appreciation of Homes in San Mateo County in Double Digits

Friday Nov 20, 2015

"The simple laws of supply and demand have driven the median single-family home sales price in Silicon Valley's most desirable communities — Atherton, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley and Woodside — to a staggering $3.23 million in the third quarter, according to MLS data, a year-over-year gain of 15 percent. Statistics from the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) also put annual appreciation in the double-digit-percent range in both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties as of August. Other middle-class buyers who want to stay in the general area may need to consider alternative local communities — even if they were born and raised in one that they love but can no longer currently afford. Some local homebuyers are having success by looking in more up-and-coming areas of nearby places like Redwood City, Pacifica and Half Moon Bay."

PALO ALTO ONLINE: Real Estate Matters: Behind the hype: An objective look at the Silicon Valley market

Montara Post Office Boxes Robbed for Second Time this Year

Friday Nov 20, 2015

Montara residents were greeted with an unwelcome yet not entirely unfamiliar surprise on Monday when dozens of post office boxes were discovered to have been broken into overnight. It was the second such break-in in recent months. “I saw that at least 30 P.O. boxes had been methodically opened and emptied of contents,” wrote Montara resident Craig Gansheimer in an email to the Review.

HMB REVIEW: Montara post office hit again Boxes rifled for second time this year

Pacifica Naval Officer Kai Martin named County Veteran's Commissioner to Help Returning Vets Overcome Challenges

Friday Nov 20, 2015

Kai Martin served in many different places throughout the United States as well as Asia, Germany, and Iraq.

His last mobilization was to Iraq in 2009. He’s a Strategic Sealift Officer specializing in marine transportation and logistics. He’s served as an operational planner for many years with area commands and in Iraq was the Commercial Operations Chief planning and executing on the reduction of forces there in 2009 and 2010.

One of the most critical issues currently facing our veterans returning home is overcoming challenges as they relate to transition. The ability to return home and adjust to a new life is not as easy as it may seem and there are multiple scenarios.

For example, there are those that are transitioning out of the service who likely have had multiple deployments, possibly just coming back from one; there are also reservists and National Guard members that are transitioning and re-acclimating who are in need of services. The primary needs immediately facing those returning home are housing, work/education and healthcare services," he said.

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Helping veterans make smooth transition home

Terra Nova Soccer Team Rallys Around Injured Teammate

Friday Nov 20, 2015

PACIFICA — Just before every Terra Nova football game, 10 maxims are recited to the team as a tradition of preparation.

The last couple of times out, a cell phone with the speaker turned on has been placed in a prominent position at that ceremonial moment so that a very important member of the team can listen.

Defensive tackle Mace Iaulualo was seriously injured in an automobile accident on Nov. 5, the day before Tigers beat Sequoia. Iaulualo was riding with his father in Pacifica around 7:30 p.m. when, according to coach Tim Adams, a car driven by a female in her early 20s speeding 50 to 60 miles per hour crossed a double line and hit their car head-on.

STANDARD TIMES: Highschool soccer: Terra Nova rallying round teammate injured in automotive crash

Turlock's Three-time champion Sandra Tovar wins at Pacifica Beautiful Brawlers Boxing Event

Friday Nov 20, 2015

Turlock's Sandra Tovar has been boxing for as long as she can remember and she is only getting better.

The 13 year-old Tovar met the Junior Olympics silver medalist Angela Murillo for a third bout this past Saturday. This time it was at the Beautiful Brawlers Tournament in Pacifica and Tovar didn't disappoint.

Tovar, who had lost to Murillo in their first meeting, went on to defeat her rival for the second consecutive time via unanimous decision in the 101# pound weight class of the 13-14 girls division...

Next for Tovar will be the 2016 Junior Open and Youth National Championships in Reno, Nevada from Jan. 3 to Jan. 9

Three-time championSandra Tovar wins at Beautiful Brawlers

GGNRA Extends Comment Period on Ocean Beach Fire Pits Until Dec 4

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) has floated plans to begin charging a $35 permit fee for 12-24 fire rings available for bonfires on Ocean Beach in San Francisco and today extended the comment period until December 4, 2015.

A publicly-stated attempt at recovering revenue from beach goers, it’s conceivable that the plan might be extended to other beaches under the GGNRA’s control.

GGNRA extends comment period for Ocean Beach fire permit proposal

Studio Production Filming at Tom Lantos Tunnels and Devils Slide

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

We received these photos of a Pursuit Systems Porsche Cayenne camera car with following director’s van of a major studio production filming at Devil’s Slide and Tom Lantos tunnels about noon today.

We’ve got calls out to San Mateo County for the inside scoop.

Shelly Ward Enterprises Pursuit Systems Porsche Camera Cars

Work Begins on Linda Mar Denny's, Routine Maintenance or Transformation?

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

September 19 we told you a contractor onsite had advised us the Linda Mar Denny’s was to become a Panda Express location shared with another company.

Today workers began work on the building, pulling down gutters and perimeter trim.

The workers were wearing gray uniforms atypical of contractors in the area, and may have been KIMCO vendors.

Get Free Flu Shots from San Mateo County!

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Get free flu shots in San Bruno, Daly City or South San Francisco.

No cost.
No ID necessary.
No appointments necessary.

SMC Free Flu Clinic Schedule

Coastal Commission: Pacific Skies Estates requires Coastal Permit

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

" A high-level California Coastal Commission official wrote to the Pacifica planning director questioning the planning department’s determination in 2013 that the renovation project at Pacific Skies Estates is exempt from the city’s coastal development permit requirements for repair and maintenance…

Coastal Commission’s Nancy Cave, North Central Coast District Manager, wrote to Tina Wehrmeister, Pacifica’s planning director on Nov. 4 raising a number of issues that may change the mobile home park owner’s renovation plans…

Wehrmeister and the owner’s representative, Carol McDermott, could not be reached by press time."

PACIFICA TRIBUNE: Coastal Commission staff objects to mobile home park permit exemption

US Representatives Speier, Farr, & Eshoo Step Up to Silence Noisy SFO Planes

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

"A high-tech fix to smooth the flow of San Francisco International Airport’s passenger jets has turned into an ear-deafening annoyance for thousands of residents. Under pressure from three angry Bay Area members of the Congress, the Federal Aviation Administration is in full damage-control mode, promising to rethink a plan that’s not working.…

The experience has provoked town meetings, airport protests and closed-door sessions between FAA officials and Reps. Anna Eshoo, Jackie Speier and Sam Farr, whose districts span a 50-mile stretch near the airport. This week, the agency promised a three-step plan to study the complaints and weigh any fixes…

Along with berating the FAA, the three members of Congress are pushing a pair of bills that would restore a noise-control agency within the Environmental Protection Agency trimmed away over 30 years ago and require aviation officials to take comments from local communities. In this case, local cities say they received little information before the new flight patterns went into effect."

SFO and FAA need to rethink noisy flight paths

SLIDESHOW: Little Devil’s Slide Bunker

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

Perched precariously atop Devil’s Peak, Little Devil’s Slide Bunker near Pacifica, CA was a a triangulation and observation station during World War II.

MERCURY NEWS: Little Devil’s Slide Bunker

San Mateo County Puts 45 Day Ban on Mobile Home Park Closures/Conversions

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

EDITOR’s NOTE: This county ordinance is very similar to the ordinance proposed last month by Councilmember John Keener. It applies only to unincorporated San Mateo County, SMC does not have jurisdiction inside Pacifica on this matter.
Eight mobile home parks in unincorporated San Mateo County cannot close or make major conversions for the next 45 days as the Board of Supervisors adopted a temporary urgency ordinance Tuesday. The ongoing housing crisis in the Bay Area has led to concern about the preservation of affordable housing in mobile home parks, according to a report by County Manager John Maltbie. The report notes that some mobile home park owners in the area have moved toward building high-density housing, in Palo Alto, or luxury manufactured homes on their properties such as proposed at the Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park in Pacifica.

DAILY JOURNAL: County bans mobile home park closures and conversions

String of Burglaries from South SF to Pacifica

Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

“A significant increase in home burglaries in South San Francisco has police and neighbors worried. That’s because the criminals seem to be getting bolder. South San Francisco police will hold a neighborhood meeting this Thursday at city hall to discuss the string of burglaries that extend not only to this city, but also to neighboring towns like San Bruno, Daly City, and Pacifica”

Rise in home burglaries has South San Francisco police, residents worried

2016 Date for Palmetto Streetscape Construction
Establishes Palmetto as "Downtown Pacifica"

Monday Nov 16, 2015

The 2212 Beach Blvd proposal drops word that the $1.7M phase 1A of the Palmetto Streetscape project, poised to begin construction in Jan 2016, will probably begin later in the year, effectively establishing Palmetto as ‘Downtown Pacifica’.

Palmetto "Main Street" & Streetscape

“The community has developed plans for an evolution of Palmetto Avenue into a Main Street with retail and restaurant on the ground floor and other uses behind and above. Streetscape upgrades from Clarendon in the south to Paloma in the north are scheduled to start construction late 2016. The streetscape will include improvements adjacent to the Beach Boulevard hotel and library site, with special emphasis at the corner of Montecito and Beach Boulevard, next to this site.”

Page 11 of the Beach Blvd RFQ details Palmetto Streetscape

Guest Opinion: Victor Spano riffs on Increasing Awareness of Palmetto Avenue

Monday Nov 16, 2015

By Victor Spano

Palmetto Avenue was once a "Main Drag" in old time Pacifica, connecting this area to Daly City and San Francisco prior to the construction of Highway One. It was the “Old County Road”. Old pictures hanging at City Hall reveal a quaint business district once existed and extended between Francisco and Oceana. But since the highway was built in the 60s, the visibility of Palmetto has diminished and many in town do not know it is there save for the Fog Festival. What might enhance year round curiosity and explorations by passers-by?

Business Route

Former City Manager Steve Rhodes had a great idea to work with Caltrans in installing “business route” signage which would direct traffic onto the Paloma and presumably Clarendon off-ramps Before he retired, he said that the timing of this signage would be dependent on Streetscape Improvements. I hope this idea is brought back, it was a good one. “Business Routes” are recognized by many travelers as places where they might find shops, services, lodging, etc. Designating Palmetto as a Business Route, and bubbling it into GPS systems will increase traffic onto Palmetto, and increase interest in the Pier, the promenade, the coming new Library, and other improvements along Palmetto.

Monument Sign for Highway One:

Up until a few years ago, there was once a monument sign at the intersection of San Mateo Avenue and El Camino Real in San Bruno, which gave a “branding” to San Mateo Avenue. I’m reminded that Palmetto Avenue needs such a monument sign saying something like “Historic Palmetto Avenue!Next Exit” installed along the highway on the IBL Middle School property’s eastern edge.

Joint Marketing Program for Palmetto

During the early 1990s, I helped organized a joint marketing program along Mission Street, Daly City We walked the street, visiting all merchants and recruited as many as we could to buy ads for a colorful map of Mission Street that was sent to all residents. It is a task to herd the cats of a bunch of merchants, but maybe this is something the Pacifica Economic Development Committee members could take on along Palmetto challenging some sort of joint advertising product which increases the awareness of Palmetto. A joint advertising campaign could also take the form of a Tribune ad or simple fliers listing and describing all Palmetto businesses.

Themed Directional / Informational Signage

One of my favorite experiences working in Economic Development was working a bit on the Daly City Top of the Hill Directional Signage project, also during the early 1990s. The design firm, Harry Murphy and Friends was very famous, he had designed many iconic San Francisco logos and interiors for retail stores, including Zim’s Restaurants. For Daly City he designed the white seagull on blue background motif, which was ultimately adopted for all the street signage. It was one of the last projects he would ever do, he passed away shortly after completion of the designs. You could not have met a nicer guy, he was a consummate post 60s/70s Porsche driving friendly hippie. The signage he designed on Top of the Hill directs drivers to public parking, and other amenities. A similar Themed Directional / Information Signage project could direct people around “downtown Pacifica”. It could feature the Mermaid logo or something equally catchy to Daly City’s seagull to capture imaginations and draw people to Palmetto.

[Editor's note: The "Mermaid Logo" belongs to the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce.]

Victor Spano: Full Text and Additional Pictures

#8 Terra Nova-Pacifica falls to #1 Notre Dame-Belmont Tigers in Central Coast Section Division IV volleyball playoffs

Monday Nov 16, 2015

Notre Dame-Belmont is the prohibitive favorite to win the Central Coast Section Division IV volleyball playoffs. The top-seeded Tigers swept No. 8 Terra Nova-Pacifica in Saturday’s quarterfinals 25-10, 25-13, 25-12. Notre Dame (26-10) meets No. 5 Sacred Heart Prep-Atherton (19-10) in Wednesday’s semifinals at Notre Dame at 7:30 p.m.

CCS volleyball: Notre Dame, Menlo School on track to meet in Division IV final

Pacifica’s Nick Reese one of eleven Pacific University Players Honored by All Northwest Conference

Monday Nov 16, 2015

Five Pacific University football players earned First Team All-Northwest Conference honors and five Boxers were named to the Second Team for the squad, selected by the league’s coaches.

11 Pacific players honored by NWC

Boxing Promoter Blanca Gutierrez Brings Boxing to Pacifica’s Moose Lodge!

Monday Nov 16, 2015

Boxing promoter Blanca Gutierrez brought another exciting night of action back to Pacifica as she and Baby Face Boxing hosted their annual “Beautiful Brawlers” event from the local Moose Lodge on Saturday. Since 2011 – the same year her famous boxing father Javier “Baby Face”Gutierrez was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame - Gutierrez has hosted four previous successful installments of her all-female amateur boxing event, showcasing the best young talent from the Bay Area and throughout the world as well.

SFBAY: Baby Face Boxing Delivers Big for ‘Beautiful Brawlers’

Coastal Commission: Unpermitted Dana Point Beach Gates Get Stay Until Dec 30

Monday Nov 16, 2015

The California Coastal Commission on Friday granted Dana Point an extension until the end of the year to remove gates that restrict public access to Dana Point’s popular Strand Beach.!In a Nov. 3 letter to Dana Point officials and Edward, Charles Lester, the California Coastal Commission’s executive director, called for the removal of the gates. Lester said the two gates at Mid-Strand represented “unpermitted” restrictions that had been in place for more than six years. As part of the Coastal Act, any development done without a Coastal Development Permit can result in fines as high as $30,000 for each violation and an additional $1,000 to $15,000 in daily fines.

Coastal Commission: For now, electronic gates giving access to Dana Point-s Strand Beach can stay

Delay in Dungeness crab season takes toll on West Coast

Sunday Nov 15, 2015

California has delayed the Nov. 15 start of its commercial crab season after finding dangerous levels of a toxin in crabs. Officials in Oregon and Washington are testing crab samples and will decide soon whether to open their coastal season by Dec. 1 as planned. ! In California, crab fisherman are bracing for a tough season. “Needless to say, this is devastating,” said Steve Fitz, who owns Mr. Morgan Fisheries in Half Moon Bay. Crab represents the bulk of annual income for many in the fishing community, he said. Still, he’s optimistic that toxin levels will go down and the season will open soon.

Delay in Dungeness crab season takes toll on West Coast

Pacifica Quarry: Squinting and Pointing with John Zentner

Sunday Nov 15, 2015

We trekked out to the quarry and spent an afternoon grilling Project Manager John Zentner on his developer Eenhorn's plans for the quarry, sticking cameras into culverts, squinting and seeing the likely future. There will likely be three groups of apartment buildings (only Group 1 is shown). Parcel is 88 acres, 20 of 36 acres of flat lands will be converted to wetlands for sale as credits using some of the 450,000 gallons of treated sewage each day Calera Creek Reclamation Center pours back into the ground (Zentner's numbers). North Coast County Water District owns that water. Whether it's current treatment level is acceptable habitat for the federally endangered species Zentner has spotted on the property is a matter of debate. All building will be on the "hills" rather than the "flats". Five units of residential housing will be placed over the top on the ocean side of the hill's peak. On visual inspection, the culvert in question appears to be CSP, galvanized, corrugated steel pipe in good condition on the interior, covered only at the Southern end with a small amount of dry standing sediment inside the pipe (culvert). Zenter stated the long trenches being dug by excavator were done for soil samples and stated he would get back to us with the name of that process.

Week Long "Thing on the Beach" Horror Movie Shoot on Pacifica State Beach Nears End

Wednesday Nov 11, 2015

Ten Most Beautiful Towns in Norcal

Tuesday Nov 10, 2015

Pacifica, a six-mile stretch of a city, is located in San Mateo County, on the coast of California between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. Highly regarded as a popular surfing destination, the city is made up of several small valleys amongst Sweeney Ridge to the east, Montara Mountain to the South, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Most visitors and locals spend time at Rockaway Beach, known for its scenic overlook, shopping and restaurants, or Mori Point, a well-known and loved hiking trail right next to the Pacific. No matter where you end up in Pacifica, you’re guaranteed an excellent view.

CULTURE TRIP: the 10 most beautiful towns in northern california

2nd US Navy Sub-Launched Trident Missile passes Pacifica

Tuesday Nov 10, 2015

On Monday, the Navy released a statement saying it had conducted a second Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea. Both missiles, the statement noted, were launched from the Pacific Test Range off the southern California coast and landed “in the Eastern Missile Range near Kwajalein…”

DAILY MAIL: spectacular launch of nuclear-capable Trident missile over Golden Gate Bridge

USGS: New Pacifica Sensors will lead to Real-Time, Proximity-Based SMS Landslide Alerts

Monday Nov 09, 2015

The United States Geological Service is testing briefcase-sized green or white landslide detectors on hillsides in Pacifica to measure earth movement in a limited test that will lead to real time, proximity-based SMS landslide alerts through the National Weather Service.

Pacifica was one of four zones in the entire US chosen exclusively in California for this project.

“After four years of drought, the earth in these areas is very dry, with as low at 10 percent moisture content.

As rain falls on the ground this winter, the soil will soak up the moisture like a sponge.

“That then creates positive pressure, which is like the pressure you feel in your ears at the bottom of a swimming pool,” Stock said. “That pressure creates landslides.”

kron4: landslide dangers around the bay area

Coastal Commission: Pacific Skies Estates Project Requires Coastal Permit

Monday Nov 09, 2015

The California Coastal Commission has officially determined that the Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Home Park on Palmetto requires a Coastal Development Permit. "However, it is our opinion that Pacific Skies Estate's renovation project constitutes a complete redevelopment and cannot be considered a repair and maintenance as contemplated by 9-4.4303(h)(6)(viii)... The project does not propose to repair and maintain development in its current legally established form; rather it proposes to change it completely, including installing all new units and infrastructure...Again, this is complete redevelopment of PSE, and the exemptions afforded certain minor improvement s under the Coastal Act and the Commission's regulations (and by extension the LCP) simply do not apply. In addition, even if it could be categorized as a form of potentially exemptible development under the Coastal Act, the regulations, and the LCP, the Coastal Act and the regulations do not allow such exemptions for blufftop development."

COASTAL COMMISSION: Coastal Development Permit Requirements for Pacific Skies Estates

Coastal Commission: Pacific Skies Estates Project Requires Coastal Permit

Monday Nov 09, 2015

“However, it is our opinion that Pacific Skies Estate’s renovation project constitutes a complete redevelopment and cannot be considered a repair and maintenance as contemplated by 9-4.4303(h)(6)(viii)ō The project does not propose to repair and maintain development in its current legally established form; rather it proposes to change it completely, including installing all new units and infrastructureōAgain, this is complete redevelopment of PSE, and the exemptions afforded certain minor improvements under the Coastal Act and the Commission’s regulations (and by extension the LCP) simply do not apply. In addition, even if it could be categorized as a form of potentially exemptible development under the Coastal Act, the regulations, and the LCP, the Coastal Act and the regulations do not allow such exemptions for blufftop development.”

COASTAL COMMISSION: Coastal Development Permit Requirements for Pacific Skies Estates

Police Reports: Pacifica Man Spots US Navy Missile

Saturday Nov 07, 2015

Compiled Police Reports from Saturday, Nov 7 including:

We believe this was related to the US Navy missile many Pacificans viewed flying over:

“18:45 Suspicious Circumstances 1511070201:
Occurred at Crespi Dr & Peralta Rd, Pacifica. Seen over an hour ago. Large green beam of light with something white behind it in the sky. Was seen going up and down in the sky. Has not seen it since. Disposition: Log Note Only.”

police report: sunday nov 8 2015

Mystery Light off Pacifica Coast was Navy Test Missile

Friday Nov 06, 2015

After hours of speculation and finger pointing by meteorologists, astronomers and military officials, the Navy confirmed a submarine had fired an unarmed missile off the coast of Southern California, creating a bright light that was visible as far away as Nevada and Arizona.

Click here to watch the video from Twin Pines observatory in Belmont

City Council Rules & Ethics Amendments seeks to Limit Councilmembers’Rights

Friday Nov 06, 2015


Maverick’s Surf Festival gets Coastal Commission Thumbs Up

Friday Nov 06, 2015

“Organizers of the renowned big wave surf competition Titans of Mavericks received the thumbs up from the California Coastal Commission Thursday just in time as forecasters are boasting a promising El Niño.

Cartel Management, which took over and rebranded the event, was ordered to apply for a Coastal Development Permit through the statewide agency responsible for overseeing land use along the coast.

Although the contest has been held in conjunction with gnarly waves breaking just north of Pillar Point Harbor near Half Moon Bay for more than 15 years, this was the first time organizers were required to obtain a permit from the Coastal Commission. ”

DAILY JOURNAL: Titans gets Coastal Commission approval: Permit issued for Mavericks surf competition

KTVU Films Three Humpacks off Pacifica Coast

Friday Nov 06, 2015

“Summer of Whales” may be old news to Pacifica residents, but: “Sky FOX spotted three whales Friday afternoon swimming off the Pacifica coast. According to the Greater National Marine Sanctuary, they appear to be humpbacks.

The trio was seen around 12:45 p.m. spouting water from their blowholes about the Pacific”

KTVU: 3 Whales spotted off Pacifica coast

Sanchez Art Studio has new Director Cindy Abbott

Friday Nov 06, 2015

“As of Oct. 14, Executive Director Kathleen Salvia, of Pacifica, retired from the art center and handed over the reins to 19-year Pacifica resident and new executive director, Cindy Abbott...Salvia, hired in 2006, was honored for her dedicated and creative leadership over the years. Among her numerous achievements, in 2008, she created an arts education partnership between Sunset Ridge Elementary School, Pacifica School District, and the Sanchez Art Center that is called Sanchez Goes to School.”

RealtyTrac: Average San Mateo County Home Sale Profit is $391,017!

Wednesday Nov 04, 2015

An obscure article in a Florida paper pulls out the most expensive housing market in the nation: "RealtyTrac said the heftiest profits in the nation went to sellers in northern California. Sellers in San Francisco cashed in an average gain of $463,505, RealtyTrac said. In San Mateo County, which includes Menlo Park and Pacifica, the average profit was $391,017."

PALM BEACH POST: typical county home seller profit of $24k suggests market normalcy

Coastal Commission: Pacific Skies Estates Renovations Requires Coastal Permit

Wednesday Nov 04, 2015

We have been advised that the California Coastal Commission mailed a letter to the City of Pacifica yesterday Tuesday Nov 3 2015 regarding Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park.

That letter allegedly states PSE will require a Coastal Development Permit for their renovations, which the Planning Department had previously determined was unnecessary.

The likely resolution will be a hearing where both sides will present their arguments in November or December 2015.

We have requested a copy from the city and will post it when it arrives.

We have no information on how this may affect the pending evictions of PSE tenants.

Pacific Skies Estates $42M Deal likely Most Expensive Mobile Home Park Puchase in US history

Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

1446537630 Mobile home park purchases are typically benchmarked by a ratio of purchase price per number of units. The Carlyle Group's $42M purchase price of the 93 PSE units would place that ratio at $451,613 per lot. This month's Carlyle Group's $180M Plaza Del Rey purchase in San Jose is benchmarked at $250,000 per lot. Hometown America's Prescott Arizona purchase benchmarked at $121,000 per lot.

The Carlyle Group's $42M purchase price of the 93 PSE units would place that ratio at $451,613 per lot.

This month’s Carlyle Group*rsquo;s $180M Plaza Del Rey purchase in San Jose is benchmarked at $250,000 per lot.

Find Out Which Flight is Consistently Producing Excessive Noise Over Your Home!

Sunday Nov 01, 2015

If your home is experiencing excessive noise you can identify the SFO flight over your home with one click in real time at:
Wolfram finds the flight over your house!

If you want more complete aircraft data check out:
Find out which SFO flights are over your house right now!
Email us at if you’ve got a flight on a consistent time/day that is repeatedly bothering you and we’ll shed some light of day on it.

Wolfram finds aircraft over your house right now!

Flight Aware: See real time flight maps over your home!

Jim Wagner: Leading Pacifica Realtors against the Evictees of Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Homes

Monday Oct 26, 2015

Local mortgage banker Jim Wagner of WJ Bradley in Pacifica has been leading SAMCAR members in their fight against Rent Stabilization/Control and the now-up-to-73 homes of disabled seniors, veterans, and other tenants of Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park, including at least four who have lived there more than 26 years.

Wagner retired from his four year board position at the Chamber of Commerce last May to focus on his political action committee titled the "Pacifica Business & Community Political Action Committee", and has hosted at least four events with SAMCAR (San Mateo County Association of Realtors), usually at his Terra Nova Blvd office.

Wagner also founded the Pacifica Realtors Community Service Yahoo group where he encourages Pacifica realtors to oppose rent stabilization for Pacifica Skies Estates renters and provides talking points for Realtors including "Rent control disproportionately harms the poor"

National Science Foundation: Fog is Vector for Deep Water Mercury Transmission at Montara Lighthouse

Friday Sep 18, 2015

National Science Foundation: Fog is Vector for Deep Water Mercury Transmission at Montara Lighthouse Wednesday Sept 2 2015 A National Science Foundation study found that the average monomethyl mercury concentration in fog water samples from seven locations including Montara Lighthouse was five times higher than the highest levels recorded in rain water, and samples found in the whiskers of coastal mountain lions were ten times higher than inland mountain lions.

So "Could fog be a vector for not only mercury, but other toxic elements?

"We really don't know," says Weiss(atmospheric chemist Peter Weiss-Penzias of the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC)). "The potentially far-reaching consequences of these results, however, underscore the need to collect fog water in various locations along the coast."

National Science Foundation: Mercury-laden fog swirls over coastal California, scientists find.

National Science Foundation: Mercury-laden fog swirls over coastal California, scientists find

Is Half a Panda Express coming to Denny's Linda Mar?

Friday Sep 18, 2015

We were first saw contractors at the old Denny's Tuesday morning about 10am. Contractors later in the week suggested a Panda Express shared location was coming to the old Denny's location. Fact checking that claim shows that Panda Express distribution is currently capable of serving the area. We prefer their "Innovation Kitchen" style restaurants and hope they'll consider going this direction in Pacifica. Panda Express Innovation Kitchen on YELP. ( PS, if you haven't joined our YELP army yet email us at We're helping out small Pacifica-based businesses we like on occasion.)